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Publication numberUS1590982 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1926
Filing dateMar 15, 1924
Priority dateMar 15, 1924
Publication numberUS 1590982 A, US 1590982A, US-A-1590982, US1590982 A, US1590982A
InventorsMorris Evan B
Original AssigneeMorris Evan B
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Farrowing house
US 1590982 A
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June' 29 1926. 1,590,982

E. B. MORRIS FARROWING HOUSE Filed March 15 I 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 June 29,1926. 1,590,982

E. B. MORRIS FARROWING HOUSE Filed March 15, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Marr/S,

Patented June 29, 1926.



Application filed mm. 15, 1924. semi m. ($90,552.

My invention relates to farrowing houses or similar animal shelters provided with means for furnishing artificial heat to the young. It is the object of my invention to provide a simple and economical structure of this kind, adapted to acconunodate a plurality of sows and their litters, each being kept separate, and the several litters having access to separate warmed spaces or compartments, from which the sows are excluded, so that the young pigs are protected from injur by the sows. A further object of my invention is to provide means by which a single heating device may serve to provide heat for a plurality of separate pens or compartn'ients communicating with the several main pens in which therespective sows and litters are confined. A further object-of my invention is to provide in a structure of this class means by which an attendant may feed and inspect all of the animals and take care of the heating means,- without disturbing the animals. A further object of my invention is to provide a struc ture especially adapted for the purposes mentioned, which may be readily transported for short distances in its erected form, and which may be taken apart or dis-assembled for storage or transportation for considerable distances, the principal component parts of the structure being flat panels or members which may be piled together, and which may be easily and securely connected with each other when erecting the structure for use.

A farrowing house .embodying my invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a horlzontal section of the house, Fig. 2 is a perspective view thereof, Fig. 3 is a vertical section, and Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view of the central hover and attendants platform which constitute the cover of the heated compartments.

In carrying out my invention I prefer ably provide a hexagonal building structure which is made in separable sections or panels, there being six side-wall sections 1 of rectangular form, a corresponding number of triangular roof-sections 17 and the hexv agonal floor-section 18. Each of the sidewall sections 1 has a window 8 and a small hinged door 9, the latter being for access of the animals to the several pens formed within the structure. One of the side-wall sections has also a door 7 for use by the attendant. The vertical frame-members or studs at the edges of the sections 1 are secured the building for short distances without taking the sections thereof apart.

Within the described building I provide a plurality of removable partitions 2 which extend in from the side-walls toward the center, to form aseries of substantially triangular pens of which the outer ends are formed by the respective side-walls. ()ne special partition 16 is provided as represented in Fig. 1, said partition and the adjacent regular partition 2 forming between them an alley or passage extending in from the door 7 to the attendants platform or walk around the heater. The partitions 2 at their inner ends are detachably connected with vertical posts 12 which are set uniform- 1y about the center of the building, said posts extending from the floor to the roof and being detachably connected therewith. Adjacent to the floor, partition-members 11 are extended in from the posts 12 t0 the center of the floor, said members being in effect low extensions of the main partitions 2, and the spaces between them forming continuations of the main portions of the respective pens. At the center said members 11 constitute a support for the heater, which may be a small oil-burning stove. The outer portions of the members 11 support the walk or hexagonal platform 3 which is disposed immediately within the circle of posts 12. The opening through the central part of the platform is covered by the hover. 4 which incloses the stove and serves to reflect the heat therefrom down into the apical portions of the pens between the partition members 11. The hover has a central opening 6, and the stack or smoke-pipe 20 from the stove may be extended through the same and on upward through the ventilator 10, as shown in Fig. 3. Cross partitions 5 are extended between the posts 12 above the level of the Walk or platform 3, said partitions forming the inner ends of the main pens, to which the sows are confined. The low pen-extensions formed beneath the platform 3 and hover, and separated by the members 11, are uniformly warmed by the heating means, and are freely accessible to the young pigs, while said partition members, a platform support-' the adult animalsare excluded therefrom and thus prevented from injuring the young.

At the side adjoining the entrance alley from the door 7 the cross-partition 5 is made shorter than the others, to allow free access to the walk or platform 3, from which the attendant may inspect and feed the animals in each pen, without disturbing them b passing through the pens, and may also ta e care of the stove or eater.

It will be seen that the described structure provides a plurality of separate pens, each suitable for one sow and her litter, and each pen having an artificially heated portion to which the youngpigs may freely enter and from which the sow isexcluded because of the small height thereof. The use of. a single stove or heating device for all of the pens enables economical use of fuel, while supplying all of the heat required for the several litters of pigs. By the removal of the mam partitions 2, all of the pens may be combined to form a colony-house, which may be heated, if desired, by leaving in place the structures within the circle of posts 12. When heating is notnecded, the posts and other central structures may also be removed, to provide additional floor-space for the colony-house.

Now, having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a farrowing house, a plurality of low partition members extending radially from a common center, heating means including a hover supported upon the central portions of ed upon the outer portions of said members, and means forming a plurality of pens communicating respectively with the spaces be tween the low-partition members beneath the platform and hover.

2. In a farrowing house, means forming a plurality of pens having side portions which extend radially of a common center, low extensions of said pen side portions continuing therefrom respectively to said center, whereby to divide the space about said center into a plurality of compartments each communicating with one of the pens, and a heating means arranged symmetrically to the several compartments.

3. In a farrowing house, the combination with a building structure having a roof, floor, and side-walls; of a plurality of vertical posts spaced about a central point in said building structure, partitions extending from said posts to the side-walls to form a plurality of main pens, cross partitions extended between the adjacent posts to form the inner ends of said main pens, a heating means arranged within the polygonal space defined by said cross-partitions, and low parspace adjacent the floor mto a plum lty of compartments adapted to be warmed by the heating means, the cross artitions'terminating above the floor whereby to form bpenings of restricted height connecting the main pens and the respective heated compartments.

4. In a farrowing house, a polygonal building structure, artitions extending in radially from the si e-walls thereof to form a plurality of substantially triangular pens centrally disposed heating means arrange to warm the adjacent apical portions of the several pens, and means for excluding large animals from said apical pen-portions while allowing access of small animals thereto.

5. I11 a farrowing house, the combination with a building structure having a roof, floor, and side-walls; of a lurality of partitions extending in from t 1e side-wall toward a common center whereby to divide the floor-space into a plurality of substantially trian 'ularpens, doors in the side walls affording access to each of said pens, means for excluding large animals from the adjacent apical portions of the pens, said means permitting access of small animals to said portions of the pens, and a heater for warming said portions of the pens.

6. In a farrowing house, the combination with an inclosure having a roof, floor, and side-Walls; of a plurality of main partitions extending from the side-walls toward a center and dividing the floorspace into a plurality of pens each hav- 1ng a portion adjacent to said center, a heater arranged at saidcenter and adapted to warm the adjacentportions of the pens, a walk supported upon the partitions about the heater, and cross partitions extending between the main partitions upwardly from said walk, said cross partitions and walk be1ng arranged at a height from the floor suitable for excluding large animals from the warmed portions of the pens while permitting smaller animals to pass beneath said walk and partitions into the warmed penportlons.

7. In a structure of the class described, a polygonal building, a plurality of radially extending partitions removably disposed therein for dividing the same into substantially triangular pens, and means for ex- 'cluding from the central apical portions of the pens animals of a size larger than a determined minimum, said means covering the central space common to the apical portions of the several pens and thereby serving'to retain in said common space the body-heat from the smaller animals of all of the pens.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.

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