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Publication numberUS1591550 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1926
Filing dateNov 13, 1925
Priority dateNov 13, 1925
Publication numberUS 1591550 A, US 1591550A, US-A-1591550, US1591550 A, US1591550A
InventorsRosenthal Aaron E
Original AssigneeClarin Mfg Co
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Removable foot for supporting legs
US 1591550 A
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July 6 1926.

A. E. ROSENTHAL REMOVABLE FOOT FOR SUPPORTING LEGS Filed Nov. 13 1925 ber, or othersuitabIe and non-abrasive material, which will notinjure the floors and will lend a slight- Piitented-July 6, 1926..

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Application filed November 13, 1925. Serial m. 68,818.

My invention relates to a removable foot for a supporting leg, and more particularly for the leg of a chair which is rovided' with tubular portions; and the main ob ect ame chair leg to hold the-foot in positionthereon.

' Other ob'ects' and advantages will become apparent rom the following" description taken in connection with the accompanying u drawing, in which,

Fig; 1 is a side view of a chair with my improved'foot mounted inposition on the of said chair;

le igfl is an enlarged view, partly broken m away, showing-*the clamping or gripping enagement of the arms .on said foot within t e tubular portions of the chairleg;

Fig. 3 is a cross section on line 3-3-of 2;and;

Fi I %ig. 4 is a vertical section through the foot.

The form of construction illustrated comprises a .floor enga 'ng portion or block 6, which; is preferab yconstructed of rub to the chair leg. Said amount of resilienc lso has the lower edges bloc k preferably a u and; corners rounded oil or smoothenedso as to'- revent scratching or marring polished oors rugs, etc.'

A metallic member, which is preferably U-shaped or inthdform of a bent rod, has

a its bi ht or intermediate portion 7 embedded within the block 6, and said member has arms or parts 8 and 9 extending) upwardly from said block. Said rubber lock is preferably 'moulded or formed upon said metallic member under ressure and heat,

so as to be substantially nte'gral therewith.

Said metallic member is {Zgnade of slightly resilient material, and referablyqha's one arm curved, as indicate at 9, and has the ends inclined and the entire arm. arranged so as to enter the tubular. portions 10 of thechair legs 11 and to firmly engage and clamp the walls in said tubular portions and pliable or resilient A suitable bearing member 12, preferably in the form of a metal washer, is placed on each arm 8- and 9- and is preferably embedded in the top of block 6, to prevent r the bottom of the metal chair leg from cutting into the rubber or pliable material or the block 6 and from working its way downinto. said block.

This foot, as above disclosed, provides a particularly desirable and practical foot of this type of chair leg with tubular portions,

and has combined the qualities of being inexpensive in constructlon, readily attachable to the chair leg or removable therefrom, and also provldes resiliency to the.

chair leg and chair and entirely prevents" marring orscratching ofthe floor, and as it is -c0nstructed of rubber it furthermore afiords traction and gripping power and thereby prevents slippin of.v the chair on smooth and highly polis ed floors.

What I claim as my invention to' secure by Letters Patent is 1. In combination with a supporting leg having tubular portions, a foot having a block of resilient material, a member havclam t e foot inposition thereon. 2'. n combination with a supportingleg having tubularportions, a foot-havlng a blockof resilient material, a metallic member havingiapart embedded in said block and having arms extending therefrom to enter said tubular portions, one of said and desire bular portions to Zing a part embedded in said block and a having resillent arms eifitending therefrom 'and en aging in said t arms being. curved and both of said arms: bein arranged to clamp the walls of. said tubu ar portions and retain the foot inposition thereon.

3. In combination with a supporting leg having tubular portions, a foot having a block'of rubbermaterial, a member of rigid material having a part embedded in said block and having arms extending therefrom into said tubular portions, said arms bein bentand arranged to clamp the walls of sai tubular portions, and a member "on each arm and being embedded in the top of said block to prevent the edge of the leg' from cutting into said block.

4. In combination with a supporting leg l having tubular portions; a foot comprising hQldithe foot firml butremovablyin posia block of rubbermaterial, a U-shaped'metion'on'said chair egs- ,tallic memberhaving its bight embedded in no to fi rmiy engage the walls of said tubular pertlons, and a washer on each arm and.

memao being embedded in the top of said block to prevent the edge of the leg from cutting into said block.

hi testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification248/188.9, 16/42.00R, 297/463.1, 182/108
International ClassificationA47B91/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47B91/04, A47C7/002
European ClassificationA47C7/00B, A47B91/04