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Publication numberUS1592292 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1926
Filing dateDec 15, 1924
Priority dateDec 15, 1924
Publication numberUS 1592292 A, US 1592292A, US-A-1592292, US1592292 A, US1592292A
InventorsBooty Philip C P
Original AssigneeAnson Frary C
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US 1592292 A
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Juy 13 1926o P. C. P. BGOTY TOOTHBRUSH Filed Dec. 15, 1924 Patented July 13, 1926..

UNITED. STATES l 1,592,292 PATENT carica.





l Application sied December 15, 1924. seriai No. 755,581.

My invention relates to improvements in a toothbrush of the type wherein the brush is made separable from the handle or holding member therefor. whereby upon the brush wearing down so that it is no longer effective-"or Vbecoming soiled, it may be disj carded and a new one substituted.

One object of my invention is to provide an improved one piece holdingmember for the brush of such construction that it may be manufactured expeditiously at low cost and entirely, if desired, from a relatively inexpensive moldable material such as celluloid, yralin or the like. l

Anotlier object of my invention is the rovision of a holding member for the brush of such construction that the member will take a frictional gri upon the' edges of the backof the brus which will be ample to hold the brush properly when handled or in use when the latter is inserted thereinto, without the necessity of employing any special fastening devices for that purpose.

The invention consists in the novel constructions and arrangements to be hereinafter described and claimed for carryingI out the above-stated objects and such other objects as will appear from the following description of a certain preferred embodiment illustrated in the accompanying drawin s, wherein- 1g., l is a perspective view of a toothbrush construction embodying the principles of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view, on an enlarged scale, of a. fragmentary portion of the.

brush 'holdin Figs. 3 an on the lines 3-3 and 1 -4, respectively, Fig. 2; and

tig'. 5 is a perspective view of a brush adaptedto be inserted in my improved brush holding member.

Like characters of reference designate like parts in the several views.

Referring now to the drawings, the brush holding member 7 isA preferably integrally formed with and on one end of a handle member 8. The brush holding member is formed with a loop 9 which is arranged to surround the edge portions of both sides and one end and also a substantial portion of the other end ofthe back 10 of the brush 11. The loop is formed so that the member 4 are sectional views taken opening therein is somewhat smaller than the back of the brush; consequently the loop has to be sprung, opened or made larger when the back of the brush is pressed into it. To permit of the necessary expansion of the loop to receive the back of the brush,

`the end of the loop adjacent the shank of the holdin member is 'interrupted which is preferab y accomplished by providing the holding member 7 with a longitudinally extending slot l2 which opens into the adl lerably v formed, however, of a mol able material such, for example, yas celluloid, pyralin or the liket The tufted back niemf ber may be ofany preferred construction.

In order to give the requisite strength to thehandle portions at opposite sides of the slot 12 so as to enable them togrip the back eectively,` I have made the slot 12 substantially equal in length to the width of the loop and the handle portions at the open end of the slot are comparatively wide and heavy'relative to the other parts thereof whereby the handle portions do not require any external reinforcement for enabling them to function as described.

The brush is readily pressed into the 'loop against the shoulder 13. The inherent tendency of the loop to spring back into its initial shape results in the inner sides of the loop taking a reliable frictional lgrip on the edges of the back of the brush which is ample to hold the brush securely when the device is handled and when the brush is in use on the teeth. W'hen a brush becomes unfit for further use, it may be removed readily by pressing on the back of it and a new one may then be substituted.' It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that the construction of my improved.' brush holding member is such. that it may be expeditiously manufactured with a minimum' of forming and finishing operations and of a material such as Celluloid, pyralin or the like. Such materials are highly desirable because they are relatively inex pensive, readily obtainable on the market, means for limiting the movement ofthe possess sullicient strength and elasticity for back member into the loop, the loop When thev purpose, and are easy to handle in car` placed under tension by thel insertion of the rying out the manufactured operations. tufted back being adapted by itself to fric- Furthermore, the finished article. is light tionally hold the tufted back firmly in posiin Weight, attractive in appearance, requires tion therein.

no-special treatmentl or care to maintain 2. A toothbrush comprising a handleproit in a' sanitary condition and produces no vided at one end with a non-metallic socket unpleasant sensation should it strike the member in the form. of a closed resilient teeth while they are being brushed. loop, said socket member being further pro- I, do not intend to limit my invention to vided with a slot opening into the loo to the details of construction shown and derender the loop expansible, a tufted ack 40 scribed, except only in so far as certain member Aadapted to enter the loop at one of the appended claims are specifically so face thereof and bein slightly larger than limited, as it will be obvious that modificasaid loop to tension t e loop when pressed tions may be made Without departing from into operative position therein, and stop the principles of my invention. means in the form of an inwardly projectl claim: ing perimetrical shoulder extending con- 1. A toothbrush comprising a handle pro; -tinuously along the sides and theclosed end vided at one end with a non-metallic socket of the loop for limiting the lmovement of member in the` form of a closed resilient the back member into the loop and reinloop, said socket member being further proforcing the loop, the loop when placed unvided with a slot opening into the loop to der tension by the insertion of the tufted render the loop expansible, a tufted back back being adapted by itself to frictionally member adapted to enter the loop at one hold the tufted back firmly in position .face thereof and bein slightly larger than therein.

said loop to tension t e loop when pressed into operative position therein, and stop PHILIP C. P. BOOTY.

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U.S. Classification15/176.5, 15/167.1
International ClassificationA46B7/04, A46B7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B7/04
European ClassificationA46B7/04