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Publication numberUS1592813 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1926
Filing dateMay 12, 1926
Priority dateMay 12, 1926
Publication numberUS 1592813 A, US 1592813A, US-A-1592813, US1592813 A, US1592813A
InventorsWhitney George W
Original AssigneeWhitney George W
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Game apparatus
US 1592813 A
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July 13, 1926. 1,592,813


ems APPARATUS Filed v 12, 1926 Tij'iu.

INVENTOR- GEORGE W. WHITN Efl ATTORNEY Patented July 13, 1926.



Application filed May 12, 1926. Serial No. 108,446.

This invention relates to a game apparatus.

The features disclosed in thisapplication include features disclosed in my pre viou-sly filed companion application Ser. No. 77.762 filed December 26, 1925, and'in addition certain other features, the fundamental principles of the device disclosed in both of these applications being the same and the present application disclosing in ad dition some improvements in construction.

The earlier application disclosed a container of cylindrical form of transparent celluloid and having transparent celluloid ends which were hermetically sealed to the container; it also disclosed the container as completely filled with liquid and game pieces of less specific gravity than the liquid disposed within the liquid; in addition to this it disclosed a band within the container which served to strengthen the transparent celluloid cylinder and also to cause the tumbling of the game pieces through the liquid.

The improvements which are included in this .application in addition to what is disclosed in the earlier application comprise means for permitting the container to be completely filled with liquid and means for preventing the contact of the container ends with the surface on which it is laid thus eliminating the possibility of abrasion of the surface with the con-sequent impairment of its transparency.

The invention will be more clearly understood from the following description of the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification in which there is disclosed a specific embodiment of the invention.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is an elevational view of the game apparatus partially broken away to show in section the construction of the same and the manner in which the game devices or flotation members .are disposed in service: and V Figure 2 is a plan view of the same.

The numeral 1 indicates the cylinder which is composed of transparent material preferably celluloid. Around the interior of the cylinder and mid-way its length there is disposed a belt or band 2, the purpose of which will be presently described. The cylinder 1 is closed at both ends by meansof transparent celluloid covers or ends 3 which are cemented or otherwise secured to the cylinder and render the container so formed hermetical and capable of holding liquid. The container is filled with a suitableliquid in which float the game devices 5. The gamedevices are shown in the form of dice and have a specific gravity less than that of the liquid 4. Belts or bands 6 extend circumferentially around the exterior ends of the container. Ornamentary stones 7 of any suitable variety may be embedded in the bands 6 and belt 2 to render the apparatus more pleasing to the eye.

In the manufacture of the apparatus. the cylinder 1 is first formed and the belt 2 is inserted therein midway between its ends. The game devices are then placed in the cylinder and the covers 3 cemented in place. A small hole 8 is punched in the wall of the cylinder, preferably near the end of the cylinder and the air within the cylinder exhausted and liquid simultaneously forced therein. When the liquid completely fills the container the hole is plugged up in any suitable way. Finally the belts or bands 6 are placed over the ends of the cylinder and the stones 7 added. The hole referred to is covered by one of these bands.

In using the apparatus, the game devices '3 at all times seek the upper level of the liquid and are forced lightly against the upper cover 3. hen the container is inverted, the game devices float to the other end of the container at the same time twisting somewhat so as to expose a different side to the cover. In their upper progress they strike the belt 2 which imparts to them a considerable gyratory movement to increase the chance feature of the game. This game apparatus is consequently adapted to be used in the game of dice. it being only necessary to invert the container to obtain the same effect as results from throwing of the dice.

The purpose of the belts or bands 6 is to prevent contact of the cylinder 1 and covers 3 with the surface on which the container is laid and thus prevent the cylinder 1 and the covers 3 from being marred and soiled due to such contact. They serve in effect to maintain the transparency of said cylinder and covers and to enable the game devices therein to be readily visible at all times.

Many alterations and modifications in the above described structure and method of manufacture may be madewithout departing from the spirit of the .invention and I desire to be limited by the prior art and the scope. of the appended claims.

What I claim is: V

1. A game apparatus of the class described including a container consisting of a thin transparent celluloid body portion having transparent celluloid ends hermet ically sealed thereon, a liquid completely filling said container and floating game pieces disposed in said liquid.

2. A game apparatus of the class de scribed including a container consisting of a thin transparent celluloid body portion having transparent celluloid ends hermetically sealed thereon, a liquid completely filling said container, floating game pieces disposed in'said liquid and means for causing the game pieces to tumble in their movements through the liquid and for imparting rigidity to the cylinder including a belt extending inwardly from the Wall of the cylinder.

3. A game apparatus of the class described including a container comprising a transparent celluloid body portion, transparent celluloid ends hermetically sealed thereon, a liquid completely filling said container, floating game pieces in said liquid, said cylinder having an opening near one end thereof, a plug in said opening and a band surrounding the cylinder, said band projecting beyond the end or" the container and overlying the plug.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification this 7th day of May, 1926.

noaen W. WHITN

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