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Publication numberUS1593014 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1926
Filing dateOct 12, 1925
Priority dateOct 12, 1925
Publication numberUS 1593014 A, US 1593014A, US-A-1593014, US1593014 A, US1593014A
InventorsBushmiller George J
Original AssigneeBushmiller George J
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Massaging and exercising apparatus
US 1593014 A
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July 20 1926. 1,593,014 G. J. BUSHMILLER MASSAGING AND EXERCISING APPARATUS Filed Oct. 12, 1925 Patented July 20, 1926.


xa'ssaeme am) nxanorsme arram rus.

Application filed October My invention relates to a new and useful massaging and exercising apparatus in which the body isplaced upon a series of supporting elements and moved thereupon whereby the weight of the body and the movement thereof upon these supporting elements produces a most. effective massaging and manipulation of the body, the concussions and vibrations resulting from the movement of the body upon and over these supporting elements" producing a most beneficial and stimulating efi'ect upon the body and stimulating a blood circulation and breathing action which leaves a person in wonderful condition thereafter.

"It is well known that vigorous massaging of the body, and especially of those parts of the body which are overweight by reason of fat, is an effective method of reducing without' injury to the system. By my improved system of massaging the body, the weight of the body upon the massaging elements tends to automatically determine thep'ressure to be used in said massaging operation and to make possible for the person himself to do the massaging and exercising in his own strength and according to his own power'of endurance.

I am aware that many different forms of apparatus can be devised embodying my invention, but in order to explain the invention, I have illustrated one practical form or embodiment thereof in the accompanying sheet of drawings, which I will now-describe.

Figure 11s a perspective view of oneembodiment of my invention, showing the massa 'in elements-and the su ortin frame I: b h

' thereof, lifted from the base upon which it may be supported in many uses; a

Figure 2 is a detail view of a hand grip mounted on the side of the base; 1

Figure 3 is a detail'view of grip exerciser on one of the bars to be grasped by the hand of the user;

Figure 4 shows a detail of an exercisingdevice connected with the apparatus;

Figure 5 shows a foot board with foot stirrups pivotally mounted thereon;

Figure-6 shows four different rollers or massaging elements usable in the apparatus; Figure 7 is a smaller view showing the apparatus elevated at one end for running action, something after the manner of a tread mill.

1:2, 1925. Serial Io. 62,014.

Referring now in detail -to the drawings, I will describe the embodiment of the invention shown for illustrative purposes. A

base having the sides, 10, 10, the ends, 11, 11,"

and the short legs, 12, 12, is shown in Fig. 1, the side having the recesses, 10, 10, formed therein, and being provided, each with an adjustable hand grip shown in detail in Fig. 2, and comprising a pivoted member, 13, having the disc portion, 14, turningon a corresponding disc member, 15, secured to the side, 10, with holes, 15, around its edge, to receive a holding pin, 16, mounted on the disc portion, 14:, of the member 13, whereby said member, 13, can be raised to a vertical position and be there held, as shown in full lines, or it can be lowered into the horizontal position along side the side member, 10, as indicated in light broken lines. The upper end of said member, 13, is provided with an adjustable handle, 17, which can be turned 20, to normally hold said handledown on ,the holding pin, 19. Two of these hand grips are provided, as indicated.

'The'massaging apparatus comprises two side members, 21, having U-shaped bearing sockets, 21, therein, and within which are seated a series of roller elements, 22, having axles or trunnions, 23, to fit into the bearing sockets; It will be understood. of course, that any desired form of bearing support can be used for these massaging elements. 'It will also be seen, Fig. 6, that I have provided a series of different kinds of elements which can be used as may be desired. A roller, 24, is shown provided with project-ions or teats, 21, for contact with thebody.

A roller having a concaved form. as 25, is also shown, while roller, 26, having a convexed form is shown and a roller, 27, having r the side frame members, 21, 21, and is provided on its face with two foot stirrups or loops, 32, 32, swiveled thereto. to receive the. feet of the user and to permit the feet to be.


A pair of exercisers consisting of handles, 33, cords. 34. pulleys. 35. 36, and 37, and a spring. 38.11ttached at 39. to the inside of the side member, 21, the end of the cord or cable. being also secured to the inside of the'side member, 21, as shown.

Said exercisers are attached to the head frame. lOi the cross bar of which is provided with a head clearance loop. 41. and said cross bar is provided with two hand grip exercisers or strengtheners, as 42, having the springs. 43, adapted to be comI ressed by the grip of the hand as the user of the apparatus grasps with both hands the cross bar. 40. at the opposite sides of the clearance loop, 41, as will be clear from the showmg.

A middle section of the massaging apparatus, designated 44, is mounted on adjustment screws, 45. with hand wheels, 46, whereby said middle section can be slightly elevated, as indicated in light broken lines, Fig. 1, when it is desired to give special treatment to any particular part of the body without massaging other portions thereof, as in treating enlarged stomach areas, or hips, or the middle of the back.

In. Fig. 7, I have shown the end of the massaging apparatus provided with supporting and adjustable legs, 47, adapted to be adjusted and rested upon a cross bar, 48, in the base, whereby to support said massaging apparatus in an inclined position, as shown, for running, or feet treatment, and this purpose, a hand loop, 49, is provided, with its ends telescoped down into the sides of the head frame 40, as will be clear from the showing. Thus the user can stand upon the rollers and take a running action thereon. while holding to the hand loop, 49.

Thus I have provided a very complete and eflicient massaging and exercising apparatus which can be maintained in the home, or club, or gymnasium for use of those who desire a general body massaging in connection with such exercises as can be taken thereon. using both the arms and the legs to move the body weight upon and over the various massaging elements or rollers.

These massaging'rollers will be made of soft spongy material, something like the ink rollers of large printing presses whereby to yieldingly yet firmly contact with the body without bruising the same, and the form of the rollers can be selected as may be best suited for the parts of the body to be treated and the intensity with which it is desired to massage the same, and while I have shown and described one practical apparatus, I am aware that changes in details and arrangements can be made without departing from the spirit of my invention, and I do not, therefore, limit the invention to the showing made for descriptive purposes, except as I may be limited by the hereto appended claims.

Iclaim:. y

l. A device of the character shown and described including a supporting frame. a roller containing frame therein, means for adjusting said roller frame in said supporting frame, means for adjusting a portion of said rollers to different levels in said roller frame, and hand and feet elements for use by the user in moving his body upon said rollers, said rollers being of composition matter of flexible character.

2. In a massaging and exercising apparatus of the character shown, a frame hav ing therein a series of massaging rollers to receive the human body directly thereupon. said rollers being of softmassaging material, means for adjusting some of said rollers in said frame to-ditferent levels, and means for gripping with the hands to move the body thereupon.

3. In a device of the character referred to. a base frame, a roller frame adapted to tit therein, means for adjusting one end of said roller frame to different elevations, massaging rollers in said roller frame. and means for adjusting some of aid rollers in the roller frame to different levels relative to other rollers therein.

Signed at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California,'this 6th day of October, 1925.


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