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Publication numberUS1593075 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1926
Filing dateJun 16, 1925
Priority dateJun 16, 1925
Publication numberUS 1593075 A, US 1593075A, US-A-1593075, US1593075 A, US1593075A
InventorsHensley Kimbro
Original AssigneeHensley Kimbro
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Dirigible headlight for locomotives
US 1593075 A
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Jul 20 192 1,593,075

' K. HENSLEY DIRIGIBLE HEADLIGHT FOR LOCOMOTIVES Filed June 16. 1925 K ji /281g Quorum Patented July 20, 1926 7 i i H idi i fE S i l fitt ng:



Application filed June 16, 1925. Serial No. 37,504.

This invention relates to improvements in understood of course that the headlight is dirigiblc headlights and is more particularly adapted to swing on the upper end of the adapted for use upon locomotives. post about a vertical axis.

AS is well known, the curves of railroad Arranged on the bottom of the headlight 6 tracks are banked, that is to say the outer casing adjacent the rear end thereof is the rail of the curve is suitably elevated with segn'iental beveled gear t. Adapted to mesh respect to the inner rail, whereby the car or with this segmental beveled gear is the comloeomotive is tilted laterally while round plementary segmental beveled gear 5 which ing the curve. These conditions are utilized is supported on the forward end of the os- 10 in providing a. means for effecting the autocillatory shaft 6, the same being journaled matic movement and control of the headadjacent its respective ends in suitable bearlights so that the rays from the headlight ings 7 provided in the upper ends of the will at all times be directed onto the tracks. spaced supporting brackets 8 and 9 respec- A further object of the invention is to tively, the latter being secured at their lower 15 provide a dirigible headlight for locomotives ends on the rear portion of the base. A colwhich includes a pendulum, the same delar pin is secured on the rear end of the shaft pending from an oscillatory shaft, suitable 6 so as to prevent the accidental displacement means being associated with the headlight of the shaft from its bearings.

and the shaft whereby the movement of the Depending from th i t di t ti headlight on its vertical axis will be conof the oscillatory shaft 6 and adapted to trolled by the oscillatory movement of said swing between the supporting brackets t5 shaft. and 9 is the pendulum 11 A further object is to provide a dirigible Normally the parts of my improved headlight for locombtives of the above mendirigiblc headlight are disposed in the man- 25 tioned character which is simple in construcner shown in Fig. 2 wherein the pendulum tion, inexpensive, and furthermore adapted 11 lies in the same vertical plane with the to the purposes for which the same is desigsupporting brackets, and this position is t d maintained so long as a locomotive is travel- Other objects and advantages of this ining on a straight stretch of tracks. hen 35 30 vention will become apparent during the the locomotive rounds a curve and consecourse of the following description. quently tilts inwardly of the curve on ac- In the accompanying drawing forming count of the fact that the outer rail of the part of this specification and in which like track is higher than the inner rail the numerals are employed to designate like pendulum 11 will swing correspondingly 30 parts throughout the same: thus causing the shaft 6 to oscillate and Figure 1 is a side elevation of the dirlgisimultaneously swinging the headlight 3 0n ble headlight embodying my invention. its vertical axis through the medium of Fi 2 is a sectional view taken a roXi the intermesl'iine ears l and 5 so that the mately on line 22 of Fig. 1 looking in the rays of light from the headlight will be 4o direction of the arrows, and directed onto the tracks while the locomotive Fig. 8 is a similar view lllustrating a modis making the turn. ilication. After the locomotive has passed beyond In the drawing wherein for the purpose of the curved portion of the track, it is of illustration is shown the preferred embodicourse apparent that the pendulum 11 will ment of my invention, the numeral 1 desigswing back to its initial position simulnates the base which is secured on the front taneously returning the headlight to its norof a locomotive in any suitable manner. Semal position on the post or stanoard 2 so cured at its lower end on the forward end of that the rays of light will be projected the base 1 is the vertical post or standard 2 straight ahead. so and rotatably supported on the upper end of In Fig. 3 of the drawing, the oscillatory this post or standard is the headlight desigshaft 6 is supported adjacent its respective nated generally by the numeral 3. As the ends in a pair of cars 12 which extend upheadlight may be of any conventional conwardly froni the sides of a suitableconstruction, such as is now ordinarily used upon tainer 13 whlch is supported on the rear as locomotives, a further detailed description portion of the base 1, container be ng thereof is not thought necessary, it being adapted to be filled with a liquid prefer heavy oil and the pendulum 11 extends through the cut out portion 14 provided therefor in the top of the container, the weighted portion of the pendulum being adapted for swinging movement in the body of oil placed within the container.

It will thus be seen from the foregoing description, that a dirigible headlight has been provided which is of such construction as to enable the same to be readily and easily installed on the front of a locomotive and will furthermore at all times be positive and efficient in its operation so as to insure the proper illuminating of the tracks ahead of the locomotive.

lVhile I have shown the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is to be under stood that various changes in the size, shape and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of the ap pended claim.

lVh-at is claimed is A dirigible headlight for locomotives comprising in combination, a base, a vertical post supported thereon, a headlight casing adapted to swing on a vertical axis on the upper end of said post, a closed liquid container mounted on the base rearwardly of the standard, a pair of upstanding ears formed on the forward and rear ends of the container, the top of said container being pro vided with a transversely extending slot, an oscillatory shaft journalcd at its respective ends in said upstanding ears, intermeshing segmental gears carried by the bottom of the rear portion of the headligln casing and the forward end of the oscillatory shaft respectively, and a pendulum depending from the intermediate portion of said oscillatory shaft through the slot in the top of the casing, the lower end of the pendulum being operable within the liquid in the aforementioned container.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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