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Publication numberUS1593452 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1926
Filing dateMay 14, 1925
Priority dateMay 14, 1925
Publication numberUS 1593452 A, US 1593452A, US-A-1593452, US1593452 A, US1593452A
InventorsHertzman Aaron
Original AssigneeHertzman Aaron
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Adjustable cap
US 1593452 A
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.1 m mm m .w WmMm In m 4 N An M mm 5 3m IN HU F July 20 1926.

wlTNEsEs Patented July 2@, 1926.



Application filed May it, 1925.

My present invention relates generally to caps of the type embodying a stiffened v1sor and a flexible body whose forward portion 15 normally secured usually by means of a snap button and eyelet, to the visor, and my present invention relates more particularly to that type of adjustable cap of the above general structure, designed to permit of various head sizes by virtue of ad usting straps attached at their rear ends to the sides of the cap body and having their opposite ends overlapping and adjustably connected at the front of the cap beneath that portion of the cap body which is normally attached to the visor.

The primary object of my invention has to do especially with the connection of the adjusting straps and seeks to provide s mple inexpensive connecting means which will avoid all danger of bulkiness at the front of the cap, which provides for ready adjustment and against danger of displace ment in use, and which may be readily and easily manufactured at small cost and applied quickly and easily to the adjusting straps themselves.

In the accompanying drawing which illustrates my present invention and forms a part of this specification,

Figure 1 is a front elevation with the body of the cap detached from the visor in order to show the adjusting straps and their connections,

Figure 2 is a horizontal sectional view through the front portion of the body of the cap along the line of the adjusting straps,

Figure 8 is a perspective view of a portion of the connecting plate secured to one of the straps,

' Figured is a vertical section through the adjusting plate taken substantially on the line 4-l of Figure 3, v

' Figure 5 is a horizontal section through the adjusting plate taken substantially on the line 55 of Figure 3, and

Figure 6 is a detail perspective view of the hook engaging member.

Referring now to these figures, and par ticularly to Figures 1 and 2, I have shown a cap including a flexible body 10 and a visor 11, the latter more or less stiffened in use and provided with a snap button at its forward central portion as at 12 to cooperate with an eyelet 13 at the central forward portion of the body of the cap whereby con- Serial No. 30,309.

relation at the front of the body whereby their overlapping ends will be concealed when the front of the body is snapped in connection with the visor.

According to my invention, an elongated attaching plate 16 is secured to the forward end of the adjusting strap 14 as by means of rivets and the like or stitching through end openings 17 of this plate, as shown particularly in Figure 3. According to my invention the attaching plate 16 has therealong a series of integral upset portions forming a line of spaced apart integral hooks 18, each of which is preferably labelled as at 19, to denote its respective head size, and each of which is bowed intermediate its ends as at 20 in order that it may not only receive a hook engaging member thercbeneath, but will also clasp and confine such hook engaging member to avoid danger of its accidental displacement.

The hook engaging member as shown in Figure 1 and seen more particularly in Figure 6 is preferably in the form of a plate 21 having attaching apertures 2:2 whereby it may be secured by riveting or stitching to the forward free end of the adjusting strap and having at one side an extension 23 adapted to project beyond the free end of the strap and open for ei'igagement over a selected hook 18 of the series of hooks of the attaching plate 16.

It is obvious that in use the hook engaging member will be placed over and drawn beneath that hook 18 of the series which represents the desired head size with the parts engaged and it is furthermore obvious that when once properly engaged be neath the proper hook member 18 the bowed portion of the latter will hold the hook engaging member securely against danger of shifting or accidental displacement.

It is also obvious that in so far as manufacture of the fastening means proposed by my invention, the attaching plate 16 may be readily stamped out in a single operation during wnieh it may also be impressed with the l ead size opposite the integral struck up hooks 18. It is ap iiarent that the hook en: gaging inen'iher 21 may he formed in an equally simple inexpensive manner so that as a whole the adinstahle connecting means will not onl he efieetive and e eient in use but will be simple, economical and quite as durable as is neeesearrwhen the life of the average cap taken into consideration.

I claim:

A fastener "for the adjusting straps of adjust-a )lO caps consisting of an attaching plate adapted to he secured to one. of the said stray having a lengthwise series of integral struck up hooks in spaced apart relation and in a line opening toward one end of the plate, said hooks representing varying head sizes and each having an elongated yielding body provided with an inwardly bowed portion intermediate its ends, said attaching plate having various head sizes iii-ipressed thereon opposite the hooks and a hook engaging member adapted to be secured to the tree end of the other strap for engagement with a selected hook member and adapted to be confined beneath the engaged hook member by 'irtne of the bowed portion of the latter.


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U.S. Classification24/592.1, 2/195.2, 24/697.2, 24/DIG.430
International ClassificationA42B1/22
Cooperative ClassificationY10S24/43, A42B1/22
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