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Publication numberUS1593500 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1926
Filing dateJul 9, 1921
Priority dateJul 9, 1921
Publication numberUS 1593500 A, US 1593500A, US-A-1593500, US1593500 A, US1593500A
InventorsLucian Mantell
Original AssigneeLucian Mantell
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US 1593500 A
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July 20 19266 L. MANTELL SPRINKLER Filed July 9, 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 1- v nvantor Lu aim Jfazz fall atiornqy x 0 Q Q m on .2 ll h lnfl k N I M m l I I J \N I L T .v F A i a w M L. MANTELL.

SPRINKLER July 20 1926.

Filed July 9, 1921 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 P A T arr orri LUGIAN MANTELL, OF NEW YORK, N. Y.


Application filed July 8, 1921. Serial No. 488,542.

One of the objects of the invention is to provide a sprinkler comprising a hollow body having nozzles radiating therefrom and constructed with a passage-way running therethrough which may be telescoped upon any existing projection 111 a room such as gas pipe or an electric condrut and become an ornamental part thereof.

Another object of the invention is to provide a rotatable sprinkler comprising a hollow body having nozzles with vanes on the interior thereof said rotatable hollow body being actuated by the jet of incoming water to rotate said body.

A still further-object of the invention 1s the provision of a rotatable sprinkler having a plurality of swivel joints in difierent planes with single means external to the sprinkler for simultaneously adjusting the ti htness of the several joints.

With the above and other objects in view my invention consists in the improve s rinkler illustrated in the accompanying rawings, described in the following s eclfication, and particularly claimed, an 1n such variations and modifications thereof as will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which my invention relates.

In the drawings accompanying and forming a part of this specification, and wherein the preferred em odiment of my mvention is illustrated:

Fi re 1 is a sectional elevation showing one orm of my improved sprinkler.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the same. 0

Figure 3is a cross section taken along the lines 33 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a slightly modified form of my invention shown in cross section.

Referring now to Fi e 1 which shows a form of my improve sprinkler, the base 20 is provided with the externally threaded annular flange 21 which engages the domesha ed casing 22 having its lower end open and slightly rabbeted as at 23 forming an annular mm for the reception of the hollow glo ular sprinkler head 24. Said sprinkler head is adjustably attached at its lower end to a hollow threaded conduit 25 which passes through the dome-shaped portion and through the support 20. To the outer end of sa1d conduit 1s threadedl secured the convex bearing member 26 a apt- 'ed to rotate within the concave depression 27 formed in the upper face of the support in Figure 4 the support such as t 20 cooperating therewith to form a swivel joint. Secured externally to the outer walls of said conduit are the vanes 28 which lie in the path of the incoming jet of water from the tangentially arranged pipe 29, as best shown in Figure 3,

The globe-shaped sprinkler head 24 is provided with a number of radially extcnd lng nozzles 30 arranged in several planes about the surface thereof each provided wlth a fiat slot shaped opening 31 preferably arranged in a vertical plane. The function of the slots is to permit the water to issue therefrom in fan shaped jets. The surface of the sprinkler head is provided also, in the spaces between the nozzles with vertically and horizontally arranged slots 40 and 41, and with various small apertures 42, saidislots andapertures producing jets. of various shapes which commingle with the fan-like jets from the nozzles; ensurin a thorough distribution of the water on ail sides of the room to be sprinkled when the sprinkler head is rotated. The globular sprinkler head 24 is made in two parts threadedl connected together at 32 to facilitate t e practical manufacture of the same. The lower end of the conduit 25 is preferably provided with a kerf 33 which is adapted to receive a tool by means of which the conduit 25 is held stationary while the tightness of the joints 27 and 23 is regulated by turning the globular head relative to the conduit.

In the modification of the sprinkler shown }pipe 38 represents a fixed e pipe of a gas jet or electric fixture which may be found already installed in the room in which it is desired to place the sprinkler device when the latter is used as an adjunct to a fire extinguishing system. When mounted u on said pipe or conduit the sprinkler head becomes an ornamental portion of the same and its function is not readily uessed from mere casual inspection. In t e modification shown in both Figures 1 and 4, the base 20 is shown as securable to any suitable support by means of bolts or screws passing through the apertures 39. It is well within the scope of the invention, however, to modify the form of the base and the means of securing thesame to suit the peculiar exigency in each case. 4

Aside from its particular use as a fire extinguishin apparatus the sprinkler is readily adapts. le to use in any of the fields with adopting all utility in which a sprinkling device is applicable. The modification as shown in Figure 1 is especially adapted to use as a lawn sprinkler as well as a fire extinguishing apparatus, as it may be placed in inverted position upon the ground and a stake of smaller diameter than the internal diameter of the conduit 25 pushed through the conduit 25 and into the ground securing the sprinkler in place and preventing its overturn when the hose to which it would be attached is moved.

While I have above described what I have found to be a very practical embodiment of my invention, it is nevertheless to be understood that the sprinkler may also be exemplified in numerous other alternative constructions and I accordingly reserve the right of such legitimate changes as may be fairly embodied within the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

Having described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A sprinkler comprising a hollow base, a hollow shaft journalled in said base and extending therethrough, a perforate jacket surrounding said shaft and secured thereto forming with the outer wall of said shaft a water chamber communicating with said base, vanes within the hollow base and secured to said shaft, a water inlet communieating with said base to direct a jet of water against said vanes, and an end-thrust hearing on said shaft engaging the side of said base opposite said perforate acket.

2. A sprinkler comprising a hollow base having an open end, a hollow shaft journalled in said base and passing therethrough, a perforate jacket surrounding said shaft and secured thereto at one end forming with the outer wall of said shaf u a water chamber, the upper end of said jacket being open and registering with the open end of said hollow base, means secured to said shaft for rotating the same, a water inlet communicating with said hollow base, and an endthrust bearing on said shaft engagin the side of said base opposite said per orate jacket.

3. In a sprinkler, a support, a bearing in said support, a shaft ournalled in said bearing, said support being rovided with a threaded annular flange a ho low bushing engaging said fiange at one end and open at the other forming with said support a 1101- low chamber, a perforate jacket surrounding said shaft and in registry with the open end of said bushing making a swivel joint therewith, vanes in said hollow bushing secured to said shaft and a water inlet communieating through said bushing with said acket.

4. A sprinkler comprising a support, a bushing secured to one side of said support having an end open in a plane normal to the longitudinal axis of said support, a bearing on the other side of said support, a shaft journalled in the bearing forming a joint therewith and passing through the open end of said bushing, a perforate sprinkler head surrounding said shaft and adjustably threaded thereon at its outer end, the inner end of said sprinkler head abutting the open end of said bushing to form a joint therewith, and means for holding said shaft stationary while the sprinkler head is screwed more or less closely thereon for simultaneously adjusting the play of said joint.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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International ClassificationB05B3/04, B05B3/02
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