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Publication numberUS1593637 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateMay 19, 1917
Priority dateMay 19, 1917
Publication numberUS 1593637 A, US 1593637A, US-A-1593637, US1593637 A, US1593637A
InventorsCharles F Miller
Original AssigneeMarvin Smithey
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Metering and registering device
US 1593637 A
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Original Filed May-19, 1917 wueh foi idf (2V/MV Patented July 2'?, 1926.


oneness s. MILLER, or Lenoesfenn, ennnsrnvnne? Asistentes, gev Mesnil ess-mn# MENTS, sro MARVIN eisernen, on nswnnercnvinnn, vencimie.


Application led Hay 1B, 1.9i?, Serial No. 189,882. Renewed Jennery 3, 1925.

lt is highly cleslrable the of automobiles or motor cars, in addition to title trip end total-mileage registering insolitiA tlie organization shall be a minimum, to the ends that cost of manufacture may be low, involving as that consideration does, the number ci: parte to be made and time required for assembling them, anti that liebility to demngement may be eliminated and thus the device be efficient and dependable and annoyance, or inconvenience, and expense of repair avoided. In making my in vention, I have had tliese inipm'tesit consid eiations in mind, anti have profluced e. de vice which fills these requiren'ieiits.

in the accompanying Cirevvings,` ilins.

trate my invention embodied in e levies cle signed especially for motor truck use, but without intending to limit myself to en wenn bodment of my invention only to that per tieular ease. 1 In such drswings-- Fig. l is n perspective view illustrating Fig. 2 is a front elevation thereof with s portion of. the' cover' broken away;

Fig. '3 is a vertical section on the line 3-'3 of Fig. 2; i

Fig. 4 is a horizontal section on the line 4 -4 of Fig. 2.

' In the embodiment of my invention shown in the drawings, I show six odometers, two

of which respectively register the trip and 'b total mileage and each of the four others registers the mileage of one of the ioni' tires, end all of which receive motion from the seme shaft (the usuel. flexible shaft), which is geared to one of vthe wheels of the Vcar. In addition to the six odometers, I proe vide two counters or registers, one for reg" isterine; the gasoline supply in gallons, and the other for registering the oil supply in quarts, and these two counters 4are manually operative since 'their function is notdependent on the mileage of the cars and they simply are registering devices that are. operated when tbe fuel end, eil supplies are replenished te register the ernennt plaeed in the tenir or containen For supporting and housing the mechanism I lprovisie e. boxlike casing 10? having e back, top, bottom endtwo sides and with a front wall in the form of an openable cover il, which is hinged' et the top, so that it swings open from the bottom and at the bottom a keyopereted lock 11 is preferably provided so as to prevent unauthorized access to the interior of the casing. Seid cover l1 is vuti-t lized es tliel face plete er dial of the instrument, it being provided for that purpose with narrow horizontal glazen slots or win dows 12 through which may be seen the registration of the odometers or counters, there being printed adjeoent each slot the clesignation of the odometer or counter, such' as the Words, Trip,l"Total, 'Iire'Nol, Tire No. 2, Tire No. 3, Tire No, lli@ Gasoline, and @il The odometers or counters shown are o the side by side,

of the adjacent odometer' of the vertice strries so that motion transmitted to one Spur gear of the series will be. transmitted to the others. By the irect meshing of the spur gears of adjacent odometers, the numerals rings oi adjacent odometers rottein opposite direction and this necessitates the reversal of the direction of the index numbers oii the rings, but obviously it is" immaterial in what direction the series oi numel's on a ring move, since the thing ci? im.-

pertence is the exhibition of a number et the y display o ening. I ein thus enabled to clispense Witi an intermediate idler gest with the result that the nnn'iber of v'petits is rea duced ancl compaotness of the mechanism secured. i

- The driving shaft 15 is passed vertically through the bottom of the casing and in the latter has 'a worm 16 which meshes with a Worm wheel 16* iourneleri on a horizontal. stud shaft 17 rojeeting inward. from the back wall of t e easin -.Upon the` outer side of said wormwhee is a crowngeiir 18

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