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Publication numberUS1593832 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateJul 2, 1925
Priority dateJul 2, 1925
Publication numberUS 1593832 A, US 1593832A, US-A-1593832, US1593832 A, US1593832A
InventorsMae Larson Rosa
Original AssigneeTheodore H Larson
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US 1593832 A
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R.; LARsoN July 27 DOUCHE Fiied July'z, 1925 Patented July 27, 1926.




Application filed July 2, 1925.

This invention relates to improvements in douches and more particularly in the type of douches adapted for cleansing the vagina to remove secretitious matter in cases of leucorrhea and the like.

In my copending application, Serial No. 698,048, filed March 10, 1924, I have described a douche having a rigid tube on which are assembled separately formed annular and radial wipers. In my present invention, I have formed the tubular nozzle of relatively flexible material and I have formed the annular and radial wipersas an integral unit adapted to be removably 5 mounted on the tube.

This invention therefore has for one of its objects to improve generally' the prior construction of douches. i

It is a further object of this invention to provide a douche that may easily and safely be manipulated by the unskilled to cleanse more efficiently than heretofore.

Other and further important objects of this invention will be apparent from the dis closures in the specification and accompanying drawings.

The invention, in a preferred form, is illustrated on the drawings and hereinafter more particularly described.

On the drawings:

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a device embodying the principles of my invention.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary section showing parts in elevation, of the device inserted in the vagina, and conforming to the curvation thereof.

Figure 3 is an enlarged section taken on line IV-IV of Figure 1.

As shown on the drawings:

There is shown a douche 2 comprising a tube 3 formed of relatively flexible material, such as rubber, and having a passage 4 extending the length thereof. The tube 3 is sufliciently flexible to conform with the natural curvature of the vagina 1 (Fig. 2) without being at all flimsy. The rear end of the tube 3 is provided with an enlarged portion forming a sloping shoulder 5 and an annular retaining groove 6 in said enlarged portion. An annular flange 7 is formed adjacent said groove 6, said flange haying a sloping face 8 on the side of the groove and a vertical face 9 on the other side. The face 9 Serial No. 41,035.

forms one wall of an angular groove 10, the other wall being formed by the base'of a tapering head 1l. A bulb 12 of soft rubber is provided withan inner terminal flange 1,3 adapted to fit in said groove 10 to secure said bulb to the tube 3. The bulb 12 serves to hold the cleansing liquid, which is drawn in by the usual method of squeezing the bulb with the tube 3 dipping beneath the surface of the liquid.

A flexible and elastic sheath 14 is adapted to fit over the tube 3. Said sheath 14 is preferably formed of soft, high quality rubber andv comprises a tube portion 15 conforming to the shape of said tube 3 and adapted to be drawn thereover. A series of small pimples or protuberances 16 formed on the tube 3 aid in holding the sheath in position against relative rotation. A disk shield 17, formed on one end of the sheath is adapted to abut the flange 7 and to be reinforced thereby and is provided with a constriction 18 adapted to lit into the groove 6 and thus retain the sheath in position. The shield 17 also serves to limit the insertion of the douche into the vagina. It will be noted that the end of the sheath 14 extends slightly beyond the end of the tube 3 to provide a cushioning effect. Holes 21 are formed in the end of the sheath to allow passage of the medicated fluid. A series of annular disks 19 and radial fins 2O are alternately formed on the sheath 14 to provide eflicient wiping action. 'Ihese disks and fins are sufficiently thin and feather-like at their edges to render them extremely flexible and yielding. As the nozzle of the douche is advanced into the vagina, the disks 19 are bent backwardly 3) until 'they abut the radial fins 20, which prevent their entire collapse. During the advancing movement of the douche nozzle, the annular disks 19 collapse sufficiently to make the in* sertion of the nozzle a very simple matter. l/Vhen the douche is fully inserted a manual twisting or rotary movement should be given the douche, whereby the radial hns 2O are caused to scrape the vaginal walls. The cleansing liquid is now forced through the tube .3 and out of the divergent holes 2l in the end of the sheath 14 by squeezing the bulb 12. The cleansing fluid washes away the secretitious matter already loosened by the wipers and with the removal of the| douche from the vagina carries such matter out of the canal. The Withdrawal of the douches causes the annular disks 19 to bend in the reverse direction and to complete the scraping and wiping action. It Will be noted that the construction of the radial and annular Wipers is such that the radial fins 2O support the annular disks 19 when said disks are bent in the reverse direction and prevent the collapse of said disks. As a result the disks 19 perform a ver complete and efficient scraping action during the removal of the douche.

The douche may be readily taken apart for thorough cleaning. As there are only the three parts, it is a much simpler con'- struction than formerly, Where the Wipers were all separately assembled. In place of the bulb 12 may be substituted a flexible tube connected to a reservoir containing the cleansing fluid.

It is thus apparent that a very simple and efficient type of vaginal douche has been provided and one that is especially adapted to be used by unskilled persons Without any danger attendant thereon. The use of my douche leaves the vaginal passage in a clean and sanitary condition.

I am aware that numerous details of construction may be varied through a Wide range Without departing from the principles of this invention, and I therefore do not purpose limiting the patent granted hereon, otherwise than necessitated by the pri I claim as my invention:

1. A device of the class described comprising a tubular member, a sheath removably mounted on said member and protuberances formed on said member for preventing relative rotation of said sheath.

2. A device of the class described comprising a exible tubular member, a sheath for said member and Wipers secured to said sheath.

3. A device of the class described com` prising a iie'xible tubular member and a shealth of soft, liexible material removably mounted thereon and having integral Wiping means.

4. A device of the class described, comprising a tubular member, a sheath remov ably mounted on said tubular member, a shield on said sheath and means on said member adapted to cooperate with said shield to limit the insertion of said member.

5. A douche comprising a flexible tube, a bulb detachably secured thereto and a sheath formed with integral Wipers of soft, elastic material said sheath being adapted to be removably mounted on said tube.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name.

Rosa MAE LAnsoN

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