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Publication numberUS1593985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateMar 24, 1923
Priority dateFeb 8, 1923
Publication numberUS 1593985 A, US 1593985A, US-A-1593985, US1593985 A, US1593985A
InventorsNielsen Alfred
Original AssigneeElek Citets Et Francis Sonnich
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Socket and plug connection for electric circuits
US 1593985 A
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July 27,; 192 1,593,985


- PATENTJ'OFF 1; were sonmcnsnn a oo., or cnnrsrmnm; nonwa'v. socxnr am: rnuecomcrron 0a 'nmcrnrc cmcu'rrs Application fled larch 24, 192;, term :0. 027,235, and m myremws, 192a.

The present invention. relatesto the type of electric plug and socket connections which comprises. a central lug, having two radial .contact pins, and w ich-fits into a central recess in the socket, the radial contact arms of the plug'being brought in engagement with contact surfaces in the socket upon being rotated a certain angle after its introduction in the socket. The invention has for its object to provide a plug and 'socketconnection of this type, having means for momentaneous closing and interruption of the 'current, sa1d means acting also to prevent unintentional touching of t e contact surface 1ns1de the socket. v

On the drawing: a Fig. 1 is an axial sectional'viewthrough the socket embodying the present invention. Fig. 2 is a lan view of the same with the plug remove Fig. 3 is a detail view of the'mechamsm for instantaneous closing and interruption seen from below and Fig. 4 is a detail axial section through the mechanism of Fig. 3. I I

A is the plug, which has a cylindricalextension, carrying two radial contact arms a, b of copper, brass, aluminium or the like connected with the current leads. The plug with its radial arms a, b, is adapted to be introduced in the socket through a corresponding opening in the socket cover.

I Inside the socket there is provided two contact members d, 6, with which the contact arms a, b may be brought in engagement by-turnin'g the plug about its axis at a right angle. The contact members (.1, e are connected. with the main lines. The above mentioned construction of plug and socket connection is a well known type and does not form any part of the present invention.

The socket is provided with an intermedi-- ant I partition f, having a central opening and at the underside of its intermediant partition there is mounted in accordance with 3 and v4 comprises-a central rotatable memher 2, having on its circumference two camsor bosseso, n, which are adapted to be .en- I gaged by correspondingcams or bosses l, m, 5

'vided according to the present invention 0 with a central rod 1' angular or flat in cross section and extending upwardly towards the opening inthe socket cover and adapted to fit into a correspondingly shaped opening 8 in the plug, thus connecting the plug with B5 I the rotatable member 12, when the plug is. introduced in the socket. For bringing the plug contact arms a, b-into'or out of engagement withnontact members 11, e, the bosses n, :0 on rotatable member p will have to be. brought past the bosses l, m on arms g, h, which causes a snapping movement to.

take place at the point where the contact arms a, b, are brought into or out of contact with contact (1,0. a

Besides servingthis purpose. the central rod or pin r obstructs the opening in the, socket leading to .the interior thereof, and thus prevents unintentional touching of the contact members (1, e inside the socket.

Claims:- I II I I I 1. In a plug and socket connection for electric circuits,'a plug having radial contact arms, a socket having contact surfaces into and out of engagement with which said contact arms are adapted to be moved by turning the plug about its axis after its in-' troduction into the socket, means located. I within the socket for causing instantaneous I engagement and disengagement between the plug contact arms and the socket contact. surfaces, andmeans including a coupling rod in the socket for establishing an operative connection between the plug. and said means when the plug is inserted in the socket. 2. In a plug and socket connection for electric circuits, a plug having radial contact arms, a socket having contact surfaces into and out of enga ement with which said contact armsare a apted to be moved by turning the plug about its axis after its innrnnn'mnsnn, or cnms'rrmu, nonwair', Assrenon ro nnnxgnrcrrnrsrrnmaar" I i i .troduction into the socket, niehns compristhe plng, the plu havin a recess adapted her for causing instantaneous engagement in the socket.

ing a rotatable spring controlled cam rnemto receive said r when't e plug is inserted and disengagement between the'plug contact In testimony that I claim the foregoing as arms and the socket contact surfaces, and a my invention, I have signed my name,

coupling rodassociated with said rotatable member extending in the axial direction of ALFRED NIELSEN.

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U.S. Classification439/180, 439/338, 439/333, 200/51.9
Cooperative ClassificationH01R13/71
European ClassificationH01R13/71