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Publication numberUS1594015 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateJan 19, 1926
Priority dateJan 19, 1926
Publication numberUS 1594015 A, US 1594015A, US-A-1594015, US1594015 A, US1594015A
InventorsMclaughlin William
Original AssigneeMclaughlin William
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Beverage cooler and dispenser
US 1594015 A
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W. MQLAUGHLIN BEVERAGE COOLER AND DISPENSER Jul 27 192 Filed Jan. 19, 1926 v Patented July 27, 1926.

j iss ms .wiLLI Ant McLAUGiILImon Los nenLEs, ,en romjmg i BEVERAGE COOLER nn 'nrsrnns nn.

Application filed ilanuary 19, 1926. Serial No. 32,215.

My invention is a beverage cooler and dispenser adapted to contain liquids which have a certain amount of sediment'andin which it is desired to in dispensing. j

Anobject of my invention is to provide a beverage cooler and dispenser inattrabstir up the sediment tive form, particularly for dispensing beverages containing 'a' considerable portion of sediment such juices. 1 p I A further object of my invention is to provide cooling-devices such as ice con-' vided on a horizontal line below'the neck, the bottom portion of'the bottle forming a liquid receptacle, the upper portion of the. bottle with a typical metal cap forming a top closure. A stem extends downwardly throu h=the top' closure or cap and is supporte by the foot which rests on the bottom of the lower portion of-the bottle.

Ayoke is attached to the stem and has suspended therefrom a pair of ice containers preferably formed of'glass. gThe stem is jointed having a bayonettype of joint so that the upper portion with the-neck portion of the bottle maybe disconnectedand a renewed supply of the beverage or'ice inserted in the bottle structureor the ice containers without removing the latter if unnecessary.

A'handle on the upper; end of the stem I allows the stem and theice containers to stood from' the following description and be rotated to stirth'e contents of the bottle. j

My invention will bejmore readilyunderdrawings in which Figurel isa side elevation ofmy cooler and dispenser. j c

'Fig. 2 is a vertical section therethrough. Fig. 3 is a horizontal section on 'theline Fig. 4 is twoxviewsof the bayonet joint.

for the stem.

My beverage cooler comprises a structure simulating a soda Water bottle as indicated generall by the numeral 1 having a lower or bott e portion 2 for containing ,7 the beve g a seek porti na e as] orange and i'other fruit beverage cooler. and c fitted together tongue joints. Amp 5 which simulates the ordinaryfmeta'lcap of a soda water bottle is secured to the top of the neck and througha foot 8 forms the base. -A supporting stem 9 ,extends upwardly from the base and has a bayonet joint 10 connecting'it with the operating stem 11, the latter having transverse pins 12 toengage the bayonet joint;

A handle 13 issecured to the upperfend of the operating stem and "mayibe used for raisingand lowering same or for rotat- 7 ing it. A yoke 14 is "secured to the, stem 9 preferably above the joint 4 and has a pinrali tyof openings 15 in which are suspended the ice containers l6; these'-latterhaving a rim'17-to allow their support'from the yoke. themeans' for A spigot-or the like 1 8 forms dispensing the liquid.

and dispenseris; substantially as vfollows: 'By meansof the:bayo netjconnection of has an" aperture 6 there- I I 60 A stand designated generally by the numere-1 7, for insertion in the bottle, having The-manner otuse; of mybeverage cooler the operating stemtlI-and the supporting stem 9 the bottleneck may be removed lifting the ice containers therewithii desired or'the operating stemcan be detached from the supporting stein .allo'wingfree removal of the bottle neck and the handle;the ice containers being removable than by the-up per'end ofthe supporting stem. This allows thoroughcleansing ofthe lower or bottle portion of the dispenser. .The ice may be filled in the ice containers either while therev is beverage in the bottle or beforethe Yinsertion' of the" ice containers in position.

The ice containers are supported on the supporting stand onwthe bottom of the bottle wherethere is substantially no weight from the containers on' the bottle neckor the joint. when it is "desired to 'stir j the liquid the handle is rotated, thus rotating theuice containersythe supporting stem and thefoot. Thisthoroughly'agitates the s'edi5 ment and-jbrings-the cooling ice containers into intimate contact;- with'theliquid to be dispensed, thereby thoroughly cooling same.

It is preferable to make the dispensing bottle of glassand the ice containers also of 'glass as athese are more attractive-to the public and causeinore ready sales than the enclosed. containers in which the: contents 519; is are Invisible. Reve end? agitate the beverage.

.acter, nevertheless it Will be apparent that it may be changed in general construction or specific details to suit particular types of liquid dispensers, such changes being within the scope of my lnventlon as set forth n the description, drawings and claims.

It will benoted that the neck portion 8 has considerable outward bulge above the joint v4: to allow :for stirring the beverage by reciprocating the stand with the ice-containers up and down.

7 Y When agitated .in this lllZtIIIlG1' -tl18 foot 8 thoroughly SilllS the contents of the dispenser.

Having described my invention, what I claim is:

l. A beverage cooler comprising in combination :a liquid receptacle, a stand supported in said receptacle and a plurality of ice containers insertable through the top of the receptacle and movable therein to 2. A beverage cooleras claimed in claim 1, in which the stand is supported on thebase 'Of the receptacle and 'is provided with :an

upward extension to allow rotation of the stand and the containers.

3. A "beverage cooler and dispenser eomprising in combination a structure simulating a bottle having a lower portion forming a liquid receptacle and an upper portion forming; a neck separable one from the other, a stand in the receptacle portion "having a plurality of ice containers supported thereby and means extending through the neck to rotate "the ice containers.

4. A beverage cooler comprising in combination a structure simulating bottle having a lower portion forming a beverage receptacle, an upper "portion forming a bottle neck, the lower and upper portions being separable. a cap on .theneck portion, a stand supported in the lower portion having a yoke and a plurality of ice containers depending from the yoke.

A. beverage cooler as claiined in claim 4, having in addition an operating stein extending downwardly through the c ap d'etachably connected'to the stand, said operating stem being adapted to rotate the ice containers.

G. A liquid beverage cooler and dispenser comprising in combination a bottle-like structure having a lower portion forming a beverage receptacle, an'upper portion forming a neclnacap on top of the neck, the neck being separable "from the lower portion, a stand having a ifoot mounted in the beverage receptacle, the foot resting on the base of said receptacle, a supporting stem extending upwardly from the base, a yoke mounted on the stem, a plurality of ice containers depending from the yoke, an operating stem detachably connected to the supporting stem, and extending upwardly through the cap and ineanson theupp'er end efthe operating stein to rotate the stand and ice containers.

7. in beverage cooler anddi'spenser, a liquid receptacle, a stand having a foot resting on the base of the receptacle and a siiipporting stand v extending upwardly from the base, a yoke attached to the supporting stand and extending horizontally thcr om, a plurality of tubular ic'e eontainers depending from the yoke into the liquid receptacle and means to rotate the supporting stand.

8. In a beverage cooler-and dispenser claimed in claim 7, having in addition a closure element resting on the top ott the beverage receptacle having an opening through the top andan operating stem extending downuardly through said opening and detachably connectedto the supporting stein forming the means for rotating the supporting stem and stand.

9.111 a beverage cooler and-dispenser, a support for ice containers cornp'r is' ncent'ra-l support g stand a ioot term g :abase therefor, said "not being adapted'to stand on the base of the liquid receptacle, a yoke "attached to the upper portion of the supportingstem having at'plurality of openings and ice containers inserted through said openings and depending from the yoke.

10. In a beverage cooler and dispenser claimed in claim '9, having in addition an operating stem detachably' connected to the supporting stein, said operating stein being adapted to extend upwardly through a "cover for liquid receptacle and forming means exterior to the cover for rotating the ice containers. j I

In testimony whereof I have "signed my name to this specification.


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