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Publication numberUS1594081 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateAug 26, 1924
Priority dateAug 26, 1924
Publication numberUS 1594081 A, US 1594081A, US-A-1594081, US1594081 A, US1594081A
InventorsDuzer Lyle J Van
Original AssigneeDuzer Lyle J Van
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Stud wrench
US 1594081 A
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July 27 1926.

L. UL VAN "DUZER STUD WRENCH Filed August 26, 1 924 1 N VEN TOR.



Patented July 27. 1926.

UNITED STATES LYLE .1. van nuznn, or LOS menus, CALIFORNIA;

srun WRENCH.

Application filed Au stus, 1924.- Serial no. 784,248. 1

Ifhis invention relates to wrenches.

The general object of the invention. is to provide a stud wrench which is adapted to engage a stud or other member to facilitate its removal.

One of the specific objects of the invention is to provide a wrench comprising a member having a hollow end for the recep tion of a part-to be removed and wherein the end is provided with a gripping menu-- her for engaging the article to be removed.

Another object of the invention is to provide astud wrench "including a hollow body parttogether with a removable and reversible gripping member provided with teeth and adapted to engage the stud to facilitate its removal.

Other objects of the invention will be apparent from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein Fig.1 is an elevation, partly in section showing one em bodiment-of-my invention; Fig. 2 is a sectional view on line 22, Fig. 1 with theengaging member in 2 .gelevation; Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2

showing the method of operation; Fig. .4

is an end view of the gripping member; 'Fi

.5 is a view similar to Fig. 1 showing amo ification of the invention; and Fig. 6' is a 0 top plan view of a modification. a

Referring to the. drawing by reference characters, I have shown. a wrench embody ing the features of my invention at 10.

This wrench, as indicated, comprises a as body portion which may be a hollow seamless'tube 11. This tube is indicated as provided with apertures '14 and 15- at'i end. A handle member .16 having end beads 17 is arranged to extendflthrough the 'apertures14.a nd 15. Theend f1 8'of the handle 'is' indicated ascurved. so that the' handle may-be moved to'the dotted line position shown at 19 to facilitate'carrying the tool. i

4 The lower end of the tube 11 is provided with opposed. round apertures 20.. 7 Within these apertures I insert a gripping member 21. This gripping member 21 as shown comprises a piece. of steel which is -cylindri-- 60 cal so that it can rotate in the apertures.- This member 21 is suitably hardened and A has teeth or serrations 22 upon its gripping face. The gripping member 21 is provide with a head 21f to' prevent its accidental removal in one direction from the apertures 20. Aipart of the wall defining each aperwrench engaging portion 32 on the upper ts upper f ture '20 is tangential to the inner surface of the tubular body whereby a straight line engagement is effected between the gripping member and the body. It is unnecessary to remove material from the inner wall'of the body 10 to 'do this. The serrations 22 may. be inclined as shown for a purpose to be presently described. The endmfthe grip ping member 22 is provided with an aper- 05 ture through which a cotter pin or other, fastening member 24 extends.

In using my wrench the hollow lower end is placed over the stud or other .article intended to be removed and the tube is then rotated by means of the handle 16.. rotation causes a gripping action to be brought-about-betweenthe inner surface of the tube .11 and the teeth or serrationsv 22.

As a consequence, the stud 25 may be 'removed .thus allowing the gripping member 21 to be removed and to be reversed with the other end directed through the apertures 20. This reverses the gripping action so. that the stud can be replaced' It will benoted that the apertures 20 are shown as each in alignment. one with the other but with their centers ofiset'to one side of the center of the axis of thetube 11.

Referring to the' modifications shown in" Figs. 5 and '6 it will be'noted that in this .case the body portion 30 is provided with a collapsible handle 31 and with a square.

end. The stem. 30 is fitted 'withi'n'a body 33 and is secured, tightly therein by means of a fastening member 34. The lower end of'the body-33 is. recessed as at 35 to re- 'ceive. the article to be operated upon. The

lower end of the body 33 is provided with '95 recesses to receive the gripping member 37 The gripping member37 and its operation. is similar in all respects to that of the memnber 21 previously described. e I

From the foregoing description vit will be apparent that I have provided an improved" stud wrench which is adapted to operate quickly and easily and which can be very' economically. made and which is highly efli cient in use. a a I 106 Having thus described my invention, I .claim: 1

"A'stud wrench comprising an elongated tubular body portion having a handle thereon, a pair'of aligned roundapertures, adjacent one end of said tubular body .portion, said. apertures having their axes 9E- set from theaxis of saidtubular body portion, a, substantially. cylindrical gripping member having teeth thereon, said member being fitted in said'apertures and rotatable therein said teeth being arranged in an inclined plane,esaid gripping memberhaving a. head at one end and having a removable fastening member at the other end thereof,

whereby the gripping member can .be reversed, a part of the wall defining said apertures belng tangential to the inner surface of the tubular body whereby a straight line engagement is'efiected between the. gripping mem terial from the inner wall of the body.

' In testimony whereof, I hereunto aflix my signature.


er and the body without removing ma-

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