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Publication numberUS1594151 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateSep 9, 1925
Priority dateSep 9, 1925
Publication numberUS 1594151 A, US 1594151A, US-A-1594151, US1594151 A, US1594151A
InventorsChance Lloyd B
Original AssigneeChance Lloyd B
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Hand shield and knife support
US 1594151 A
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Jul 27,192 1,594,151

; L. B. CHANCE HAND SHIELD AND KNIFE SUPPORT Filed se t. 9. 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 gwuentoc 1 diva/v05,

cz w 45 :01 we July 27 1926.

1,594,151 L. B. CHANCE HAND SHIELD AND KNIFE SUPPORT Filed Sept- 9, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 gwuentoz Z. 5. Chi/m2,

' adjusting means for the knife support. so. that the knife may beheld effectively in the mostconvenient position for 'the operais illustrated in the accompanying draw: e

Patented Jul 7,19


HAND sHInLn AND x'nrrn surron'r.

Application filed September9, 1925. serialntpsasn; I

The purpose of the invention is to provide a device adapted to coverthe knife-carrylng hand in the-operation of cutting grains, such as milo maize, kafiir, cane and other headed grains, and at the same time aid as a means for supporting the 'knife; 'and to, provide tion. y x

With this purposein View, the invention Qconsists in a construction and combination of parts of which a preferred embodiment ings, wherein Figure 1 1s a side elevational view show-I ing the invention applied in operative posi tion on the hand.

in the region of the thumb to provide Figure 2 is a top plan view of the invention. o Figure 3 is a bottom plan view.

Figure at is a transverse sectional view on provided with a wrist strap '3 for encom-.

passing the wrist of the user, the wrist strap being provided with appropriate buckleset for firmly securing it to the wrist.

The knife 5 which is to be gripped'Iby the fingers and thumbhas its blade 6 projectingthrough the shield 1, the latter being slit I opening for the passageof the blade. 1 "on top of the shield 1 is mounted the knife supporting plate 7 having a slit'8 formed there incorresponding to the slit in the shield,{ with the edges of thefslit deflected out wardly. Theknife supporting plate is re-' tained .in position on the shield by means of screws 9 threadingly engaged with the plate'and insertable through the holes 10 5 is a longitudinal sectional view on a center ing plate.

formed in shield, so that the supporting I platemay be mounted in various angular one wayor the other in the cutting operation since the blade passes through the slit thus is mounted to oii'erthe necessary resistance to preventithe bladeturning. "Also the plate, through the shleld, tends to take from thefingers and to transfer to the wrist the pull imposed on the knife by the cuttingoperation. e

The invention having been'described, what is claimed as newv and useful is: 1. A dGVl'CQ,'fOI the purpose indicated comprising a knife supporting plate pro-' positions toia'ccord withithe normal angular position of the knife blade as held. by the user. The knife'suppor'ting' plate being held by the shield, the hand is relieved of the strain tending to turn" the knife blade to e 8, formed in the supporting plate and the f latter being carried by. theshield, the plate I videdwi'thfla slit or slot for the passage of. V

the knife blade, means for mounting the r same on the hand in theregionof the thumb and forefinger to prevent turning movement of the'plate with'respect to the hand, and

of theplate on the'mounting means.

2. A device for :the purpose indicated comprising a hand shield having means for means for angularly' varyingfthe position connecting it with the wrist and one of the fingers of'the hand and to cover the edge -of the hand at theforefinger and the thumb,

and a knife supporting plate mounted on the shield in the region of the thumb-and provided with a slot or slit for the passage of ayknife blade:

.3. A device forfthe comprising'a hand shield having means for connecting it withthe wrist andoone of the purpose indicated fingers of the hand and to cover theedgeof the hand at the forefinger and the thumb,

and a knife supporting plate mounted on the shield in-the region of the thumb and provided with a slot or slit for the passage of a knife blade, the plate being adjustable r to various positions angularlyon the shield.

4:. 'A' device for the purpose indicatedf j v comprising a shieldhaving a wrist strip and a loop for engagement by one of the fingers of the hand to dispose the shield in covering position at the edge of the hand at the forefinger and the thumb, a knife supporting plate mounted on the shield in the region of the thumb and provided With a slot for the passage'of the blade of a knife grippedby the hand, and bolts attaching the plateto the shield, the latter being provided with a plurality of holes selectively engageable by the bolts to vary the position of the shield.

In testimony whereof he aflixes his signature.


plate angularly with respect to the 10

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U.S. Classification2/16, 30/298
International ClassificationA41D13/05, A41D13/08
Cooperative ClassificationA41D13/084
European ClassificationA41D13/08B4