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Publication numberUS1594152 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 27, 1926
Filing dateNov 8, 1923
Priority dateNov 8, 1923
Publication numberUS 1594152 A, US 1594152A, US-A-1594152, US1594152 A, US1594152A
InventorsChason Daniel H
Original AssigneeSinger Mfg Co
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US 1594152 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented July `27A-,1926. i

yfIJANmL H. oHAsoNfoEE'LIzABETH,NEW issie-ivo@ maritieme QOMBANY, EmzABETHf y Jim-SM, A -Cemfommli .New

This Yinventioiix' relates to loc-ks, more paitielllaiflvof `the cabinet type, andhas `for an u ebjeobtofpiovide a 'leek-o1".simpleandjsturdv colistrmtgion which isl inexpensive f to menu'- f feel/nge and which 'is yiuilikelv to get out of ondenyevenefteiiong use;

Another'ob .ect-` offtheN invention is v13o pro'- eennobibe removed excepting when' the-'parts of the lock are in full'locking.poeitioiilif `.Mplje 'zpaitioul'arlvg thexrliiiventionl has for amobieetctoprovide a lock :elapfqedilto 'lock the @cover member ofra sewing' machine joer-l 'i-ymg ,zefasefofthe leaser lnoeitnloei" Withsuel-i. af -hlgllirdegree-Hof 'seeurity asf: to. practically elimiueate f .danger i voi the: *base :f element heimeehime isbeing gcerried;

f. hlliwentlonffls'preemblv- 'embodied in.. e leek having* a'4 easing ownedl of two 3 meting sheetrmetalffsecinnewwhieh are s eouredtgotered Llov -aI-co-Irespoiidingfollower oer-tied AAo ye .loci-"responding bolt, k The1 koeuil-slots preferably lieve eccentric porjioiis foimov; ing the .bolts i'nto an-d. out .ofslockipg ,position and Vconfientrie lpoiitions for holding theibolts l ,securely in lobkill'g -wposition -SO that'Terry reeis Whiehjmay y y h be exerted ,upon theoolts inlojoki'ng .position willihave no tenderie'y to hieli 'they arel likely [to be sulo'e ,e when applied, 'seyfto e 'Sewing "'fhri'e ying cese auch 'strains having' v110 j'lde 1to1 'tu'pii" the cam-'Glielo Y The casing ing;A ille finveii e tielly .the Same Widbi Af betten -und'eistancliiigf of-the invention iie Sie Teve'ree elevation f 'Fig- "3 1s ai view ef'i'niilarqto-v-'Figa eea-te @he -fifefefrea embodiment eey-th' inlposed A"lou none-11o .of the boite eS-9 and-,110 he'mting easing v j 1 0-uis fpiiect repitetlie'eame direction-but f are' OPPQStelyf .and l "Q'tlvardlv hooked yfit- 1erdepression and@ super; "'Tsligiped olejo'ressiogijreoiify sions 7 and has a peripheral bearing therein confining said cam-disk in operative position. v

The cam-disk 13 is formed with similar cam-slots 14 having concentric portions 15 and such slots are entered'by the follower projections 16 struck up from the bolt-heads 9. The disk 13 is formed with a key-slot 17 andthe bolt-heads 9 are formed with key clearance slots 18. The rear wall 6 of the casing is formed with a key clearance hole 19 and the front wall 5 is formed with a key-hole slot 20.

It will be observed that the key 21 cannot be removed from t-he lock except when the slot 17 is turned in register with the slot 20, under which conditions the followers 16 are in the concentric portions 15 of the camgrooves 14 and the bolts shot to full locking position, Figs. 1, and 6. When the bolts are not in full locking position, the flat key 21 is disposed at an angle to the key-hole slot 20, igs. 4 and 7, and cannot be removed from the lock.

The casing section 6 is formed with ytongues 22 and a small rounded indentation or projection 23. The tongues 22 are folded around the notched edge portions 24 of the casing section V5 to hold thesections together and the projection 23 resiliently enters either of the apertures 25, 26, in the cam-disk 13 to hold the latter in either unlocking or locking position; the wall portions of the casing between the tongues 22 being springy enough to resiliently force the projection into said apertures. l

The extremities of the bolt-stems which project through the aperture 2 in the faceplate 1 are adapted to enter the usual slotted keeper-plate 27 and, when the bolts are shot, the shoulders 12 securely lock the keeperplate 27 and face-plate 1 in superposed relation.

.When applied to a portable sewing maf chine outfit the present lock will eliminate danger of the base-sect-ion dropping away from the cover-section as the bolts must be shot to full locking position before the key can be removed. The bolt-shifting motion transmitted from the cam-plate 13 to spread the bolt extremities is irreversible when the concentric portions of the cam-slots are in engagement with the followers 16.

It will be understood that various modiiications, rearrangements and reversals of parts may be made by those skilled in the art within the scope of the invention.

Having thus set forth the nature of the invention, what I claim herein is 1. A lock comprising a slotted face-plate, a casing having internal slideways overlapping one another and disposed substantially parallel to said face-plate, a plurality of bolts having angularly related body and stem'portions, saidv body portionsbeing fitted in overlapping relation to said slideways, the stem portions of said bolts project-ing through the slot in said face-plate and having oppositely hooked extremities, and means for shifting said bolts in said slideways. n

2. A lock comprising a slotted lace-plate, a casing having internal slideways overlapping one another and disposed'substantially parallel to said face-plate, a plurality of bolts having' angularly related body and stem portions, said body portions being fitted in overlapping relation to saidr slideways, the stem portions of said bolts projecting through the slot in said face-plate and having oppositely hooked extremities, and a key-operated cam-plate disposed between the overlapping portions` of said bolts and formed with cam-slots, said bolts each having a :follower portion entering a respective cam-slot in said plate. l

3. A lock comprising a slotted face-plate and casing, a pair of bolts movably mounted within said casing, said lbolts at all times projecting in the same general direction through said slot-ted face-plate and having oppositelyhooked extremities, and a slotted cam disk having a peripheral bearing `within said casing and connected to move said bolts in opposite directions, the slots in said camincluding eccentric bolt shifting portions and concentric bolt locking portions.

4. A lock comprising a casing, a pair of flat bolts and a fiat cam-plate disposed in flat-wise superposed relation within said casing, said cam-plate being positioned between said bolts, and an operative connection between said cam-plate and each of said bolts.

5. A lock having a casing comprising two mating sheet-metal half-sectionseach formed with a circular depression and a T- shaped depression, overlapping and' deeper than said circular depression, T-shaped bolts disposed in the T-shaped depressions in the respective half-sections of the casing, anda key-operated cam-disk disposed between said bolts in the cavity formed by the circular depresslons in said casing sections, said camdisk being connected to operate said bolts.

6. A lock comprising a slotted face-plate,

a casing joined edgewise to said face-plate and formed with internal slideways substantially parallel to said face-plate, a pair 'of -shaped bolts having their heads disposed respectively in said slideways and their stems projecting externally of the casing through the slot in said ,tace-plate and formed with locking' shoulders, and key-operated means in said-casing connected to move lsaid bolts in opposite directions along their slideways.

7. A lock comprising a slotted face-plate, a casing formed of two mating'sheet-metal halves secured together and joined edgewise yto said face-plate, said casing havinginter- 1,594,152. f y '8U' nal vslidetvays disposed'substantially parallel to said face-plate, a plurality of bolts fitted to said slideways Within said casing and having hook portions projecting .through the slot in said tace-plate, and key-operated means for shifting said bolts, said last-mentioned means and the casing having regis-y tering keyslots, the'keyslot in the casing i permitting removal of the keyuonly when the" 10 l bolts are in lookin position.'

8,` A lock comprising a casing, ahoirculary plate having cam-slots and a v]`peripheral bearing Within said easing, 1a pair of bolts mounted Withinsaid easing; one on each side of said cam-plate, said bolts havingy followers entering said cam-slots.

9. Aylock comprising a slotted face-"plate-'4 bolts connected to belactuated bynsaid cam,-

Adisk'and having opp'ositely hooked portions and/casing,v a cam-disk having a peripheral bearing. withinsaid casing, anda pair. of Y 20v projecting exteriorly of saidy casing through i tending throughV lthe slot in" said face-plate.' .In testimony kwhereof, I' have signed vmy namejto this specification. v f y l t l l DANIEL H; CHASON.

and disposed on" oppositey sides oiksaid cam-ly disk and havingf'hooked stem portions*` eX-

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U.S. Classification70/82, 70/83
International ClassificationE05B63/00, E05B63/12
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