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Publication numberUS1594471 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1926
Filing dateApr 2, 1923
Priority dateApr 2, 1923
Publication numberUS 1594471 A, US 1594471A, US-A-1594471, US1594471 A, US1594471A
InventorsShort Charles R
Original AssigneeGen Motors Res Corp
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Engine-valve mechanism
US 1594471 A
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Aug. 3 1926. 1,594,471

C. R." SHORT ENGINE VALVE MECHANISM Filed April 2, 1923 iw- M i l 35am Patented Aug. 3, 1926.



Application flled April 2, 1923. Serial- No. 629,330.

The present invention relates to improvements 1n lnternal-combustion engines and i more particularly to valve operating ineclr anism therefor. I

Among the objects of the invention is to facilitate lubrication of certain parts of engine valve mechanism with which difiiculties have heretofore been encountered.

Further objects. and advantages of the present invention will be apparent fromthe followingdescription, reference being bad to the accompanying drawings, wherein a preferred form of embodiment of the present invention is clearly shown.

the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a vertical section of a portion of an engine involving the structure of the present invention; p

Fig. 2 is a vertical section of the sleeve fitting over the upper end of a pushrod;

Fig. 3 is a detail ture in Fig. 2; V

. Fig. 4 is a plan view of the detail shown in Fig.3; and V Fig. 5 is a part vertical section of a modified form of the invention.

In the drawings a portion of one cylinderof an engine is shown which cylinder is provided with over-head valves of a common In Fig. 1 the cylinder is provided wiel'an integral head 11 in which is formed a valve seat 12- cooperatingwith valve 13.

The valve 13 is of the usual form and op-' erates in aguide 14 extending through the .wali of pipe 15 which may be either an intake or exhaust pipe. The stem of valve .13 has the usual washer 16 at its upper end and secured from longitudinal movement thereon by a washer 17 and spring 18. The latter serves to retain the valve seated in the conventional manner. 7

Mounted upon the head of the cylinder is 'a suitable bracket 20 supporting ashaft 21 carrying rocker arm 22. Therocker arm 22 has one end resting upon the end of valve stem. 13 and at its other end carrying means cooperating with push rod.30 by means of which the rocker arm is caused to actuate the valve. v 4 Push rod is provided in the usual manof a part of the strucner with a tappet 31"coacting with cam 32 upon the cam shaft of the engine. The pis ton and piston rod are indicated at.35 and 36 respectively.

The push rod 30 is as shown in Fig.1 65 provided at its upper end with a sleeve member 40 adaptedto be securely fastened thereto. The upper end of sleeve member 40 is drilled to receive a plug 41 of oil absorbent metallic bearing material, which plug is placed into the :portion shown and is provi ed in its upper 'end with a hemispherical depression serving as a seat for a' ball shaped piece 45 carried by the rocker arm 22. This ball shaped piece 45 is a portion of pin 46 which extends through the end of'the rocker arm and is threaded at the end opposite the ball and provided with a nut for the purpose of adjustment. 7

In a modified form of the invention the 7 sleeve 40' is attached to the push rod 30 and the pin 46 is provided at itslower end with ball 45' which is of a material such as is used for plug 41. I

In producin the pin 46', the ball 45' is first made an then brazed or otherwise secured to a tongue 48 on the lower endof pin 46'. Additional securing means may be January 19, 1923; filed by Harry M. Williams and Alfred L. Boegehold. This material is preferably a porous bronze alloy .containin a supporting filler material and is of sucE porosity that it will absorb several per cent of oil. By usin such a material'as this the rubbing sur aces may be kept well lubricated and a reserve supply of lubricant retained in one .of the sur aces themselves so that'infrequent attention on the part of the operator is not apt to result in undue-wear of the parts. While. the form of mechanism herein shownand described constitutes a preferred form 'of embodiment of the invention, it

is to be understood that other forms-might of porous metallic bearing material, Said be adopted, all coming within the scope of plug having its upper end concave in form 10 the claim which follows. and shaped to form a seat for a downwardly What I claim is as follows: extending coactingportion carried by a i A push rod for internal-combustion envalve operating rocker lever.

gine valve operating mechanism having at .In testimony whereof I hereto aifix my its upper end a separate cup-shaped member signature.

open at its upper end and containing a plug CHARLES R. SHORT.

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U.S. Classification123/90.61, 29/888.2, 403/131
International ClassificationF01M9/00, F01M9/10
Cooperative ClassificationF01M9/10
European ClassificationF01M9/10