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Publication numberUS1594863 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1926
Filing dateFeb 5, 1926
Priority dateFeb 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1594863 A, US 1594863A, US-A-1594863, US1594863 A, US1594863A
InventorsArthur Warner
Original AssigneeR H Beaumont Co
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Tram-car equipment
US 1594863 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug'. 3 9 v I A. WARNER TEAM CAR EQUIPMENT Filed Feb.l 5,'1926 3 Sheets-Sheet l Aug. 3, 1926.

A. WARNER '863 Tmm CAR EQUIPMENT Y Filed Feb. l5, 11926 s sheewshat 2 Aug. 3 1926. y 1,594,863

A A. WARNER TRANI CAR EQUIPMENT Filed Feb. s. 1926 s sheets-sheazs l i 2s 2l l 23 24 l, I// l l l Y 25 I l] I y F/G .7. F/sf.

Arm/Mfr Patented tug-g. 3, i920.


.f'aqipneationf-aieaanebruary 5, 192s.. seriai- No. 86,125.

: #The :principal objectf of :the present z innention is to provide an improved construction und: arrangeinentzwhereby'i thefshock occur ring when year'gaterollers ineetz-theudumping 5 caniisis minimized Aand absorbed.V by 'the cams. @aneth-eri object ot'ithefinfventionzisto-provide `for properly opening thefgatesot' 'oarsrhavwing .comparatively i large longitudinaljduinping openings.

f @ther objeetsot :the:inventiontwill appear from the 'following descriptionatnitheaend ot' .which `thel inventioniwillioe claimed.

.Statedzin :general terms,s'theinvention: may abe :said to comprise. trainfcarprovidediwith i a dumping agate structureimovable..crosswise of. ithe ldireetion of i motion 1' otylethe :.:car and.A a f dumping camzhaving ai .worlringcfiaee generally inclined. to the perpendicular.and

ro'f. which a. part. is substantially `stra'ighttand arranged at` high levell andofawhich aapantis warped and extended downward andiinward .toward :ithe middle- Q fthe itramway.

`'The invention. also .rcomprisesuthe improvements ato. be ,up resently: s described @and ffinally claimed y:Refarting.stortheidnawiirgs iormingmpart lhereof-- oFigure liisra sidefview :withrsparts'zrbrolien :.:away and. of @somewhat diagrammatic character of tram car equipment embodying eatnresi of .the intention.

Fig. 2 is an end view7 partly in section ot the same showing two gates.

Figs. 3 and 4 are a plan and an elevation of the dumping cams shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing a single gate.

Fig. 6 is a view similar, so far as it goes, to Fig. 5 showing two gates geared to get-her.

Fig. i is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing a modification of the gate structure in which .there is a single gate.

Fig. 8 is a view similar to Fig. 7 showing two gate structures, and

Fig. 9 is a View of a tram car having a plurality of dumping openings.

Referring to Figs. 1 to 4, l is a tramway upon which the car 2 travels. The car 2 is provided in its bottom with a dumping opening provided by inclined side walls 3 and straight or vertical end walls 4. 5 and 6 are gates or gate structures adapted to cover and uncover the. dumping opening in the car.

:These ateaistructuresi 5. rand.; .6 :are movable vrefrosswise ioiithe'idirectioni of@ mot-ion :oiitthe 1 car. SFO-rf rthis i purpose they aarejgpivoted ron ;anaXis'sTran-ging intliatz direct-ion. Thegate -fistructuresf `and 6. areaghowngas io itheuvarivtety iwlri ch iel'ose `'by. gravityf and fr they i are ,'Ltlieretore 'selfsclosing. ..The dumpingzteam f'structnre'` happensjtofrbe mounted upon a L'. mov ableftnames .carried byrollers 9 xin'. order 1'; th-atithe dumping pointioambe shifted; iorithe 1,rluinping.;ca-nr might' liust as well beijniounted Lon. a-.iiredsstructnre llllhes;.dumping cam has its high part or working face disposed at .-:van angler ori inclination itocthew erticaLori perv-.pendiculaiz p art *orf vportion Hot/ith isl tace -fl0iisf=substantially straight :andnarrangedAV at ra-.high .levelfzandf aiijiortion.A l1: isrwarpied .and extends downwa'rduand iinwardwtoward' the '.iniddle ttheztnainway. ifllaedumping cain iis'. therefore :operatifve crosswise; otvthezitrainx way .and :itam-ay i be said-'tto '.bea ottthei general form of a parallelogram having v.iwedge ilshapeda rends; 12:" arencamfrollers with Awhich the gategstructures. 5i, andi sarez. equippeduand f-:fwithiwhichsthe dumpingy ear. cooperates.

. .eilt ,sisfwellito bear: ini mindi that theuam'onnt :rot ;.openingrinovement4 tot-the gate structure is large Lbeoausethef.;=,opening ins: the, 1' bottom yso irreadyitdischarge tand 1..1because :with 5.a. large topening the lsiden ,alisiniay bersteepiproviding prompt discharge. However, in the de scribed construction the dumping cam does not induce much shock or collision between the gate and cam because a gentle curve or warping can be employed on the cam an because the shock is absorbed within the cam, that is, the cam acts as a knife edge to pry the parts oi' the gate structure apart.

The construction and operation of the modification illustrated in Fig. 5 are as have been above described except that use is made of a single gate structure 12a pivoted at 13. on an axis ranging in the direction of motion of the car, and use is made of one wedge cam structure 14 of the construction above described. f

The construction and mode otoperation of the modification illustrated in Fig. 6 are as above described except that use is made oi one wedge cam structure 14: and of two gates 1.5 and 16 respectively pivoted on axes i7 and 18, ranging in the direction of motion of the car and geared together as at i9 so deor that the cam 14, operating on the gate l5 through the gearing 19 operates the gate structure 16.v

The construction and mode of operation of the modificationv shown in Fig. 7 are as above described except that the gate structure 2O is movable on rollers and a roller way 2l' laterally of the tramway, and it is moved by a cam structure 22 of the type above described.

The construction and mode of operation of the modification shown in Fig. 8 are as above described except that there are a pair of roller gates 23 and 24 movable laterally of the tramway and there is a cam structure 25 substantially as shown in Figs. 3 and 4.

In Fig. 9 there is illustrated a tram car substantially the same as shown in Fig. 1`

except that it is provided with a plurality of pairs of gates and with a plurality of openings for discharge. The cam structure employed with this multiple dischargetram car is substantially that shown inFigs. 3 and 4.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which the invention relates that-modications may be made in details of construction and arrangement andin matters of mere form without departing' from the spirit of the invention which is not limited to such matters or otherwise than as the prior art and the appended claims may require.

l. In tram car equipment the combination of a car provided with a dumping gate structure movable in a direction crosswise of the direction of motion of the car, and a dumping cam having its high part disposed at an angle to the 4perpendicular and adapted to operate said gate structure.

2. In tram car equipment the combination of atramway, a car movable on the tramway y and having a dumping gate structure movable in a direction crosswise of the direction of motion of the car, and a dumping cam operative crosswise of the tramway and adapted to operate the gate structure.

' 3. In tram car equipment the combination of a car provided with 'a pair 'of self-closing dumpinggates pivotally connected with the car on an axis rangingin the direction of motion of the car, and a cam of the general form of a parallelogram having wedge shaped ends and -adapted lto ,operate said gates.

4. In tram car equipment the combination of a tramway, a car movable on the tramway and having a pair of gates operable and closable in a direction crosswise of the tramway, and a cam of which the ends are disposed inwards and upwards in respect to the tramway and of which the middle portion is disposed above and generally parallel with the tramway. l

5. In tram car equipment the combination of a tramway, a tram car having a self- .closing gate structure openable and closable by movement crosswise or' the direction of the tramway, and a wedge cam extending from the middle portion of the tramway laterally outwards and upwards into parallelism with the tramway and constituting means for positively opening said gate structure.

6. In tram car equipment a tramway, a laterally elfective dumping cam having wedge shaped ends disposed generally centrally ofthe tramway, and a tram car having a seliiclosing gate structureflaterally movable in respect to the tramway and adapted to be pried open and to'be permitted to close by the wedge shaped portion of the cam.


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