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Publication numberUS1595002 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 3, 1926
Filing dateDec 20, 1922
Priority dateDec 20, 1922
Publication numberUS 1595002 A, US 1595002A, US-A-1595002, US1595002 A, US1595002A
InventorsIda Davis
Original AssigneeIda Davis
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Book cover
US 1595002 A
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Aug. 3,1926. 1,595,002

I. DAVIS BOOK COVER Fild Dec. 20. 1922 i Idajav 's INQ ENT OR .gfl ff u I WITNESSFS ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 3, 192%.

i El i? .Fih'ltlhl.



Application filed December 20, 1922. Serial No. 608,029.

The objectof my said invention is the provision of improved book cover equipped with a marking tongue and with a pocket to receive and neatly hold the said marking tongue when it is not desired to use the same.

To the attainment of the foregoing, the invention consists in, the improvement hereinafter described and definitely cl In the accompanying part of this specification Figure 1 is a view showing my novel book cover with the tongue. extended.

Figure 2 is a view showing; the tongue as disposed in the pocket and out of the way.

Figure 3 is a view showi 0 the cover in use on a book, and with the to. gue as p tioned for marking purposes bi of the book.

Figured is a section taken through the cover with the tongue in extended position.

Similar numerals of reference designate corresponding parts in all of: the views of the drawings.

My novel book cover is formed of tough paper or of any other material compatible with its purpose.

Among other features the co comprises a back portion 1,


V and a portion 2 at one side of the back portion 1; the said side portion 2 being closed at its end 3 and at its outer edge 4 and being' open at its inner edge as designated by 5. Manifestly the said side portion 2 is adapted to sheath and snugly lit 7 and adequately protect one of the covers ot the hook illustrated.

In addition to the said back portion 1 and side portion 2 the cover comprises a side portion 6 which is extended in V- shaped configuration as designated by 7 to form a marking tono'ue the said tongue l eing tapered to a point at its outer end as designated by 8. Disposed at the inner side of the side portion 6 and connected at its ends to the ends of the side portion 6 is a strap 9 which is slightly less in width than the side portion 6 and is adapted to rest at the inner side or" the other cover of the book. In other words the strap portion 9 serves in connection with the side portion 6 to sheath the other cover of the book. On the inner side of the strap portion 9 and aproximately afiixed thereto is a substantially V-shaped pocket 10 which is designed to receive the outer end portion of the markin tongue 7 when the said tongue 7 is not in use.

My novel cover is applied to a boo. the manner illustrated and ween the to 7 is not in use it serves to close the outer 'e of the sheath formed by the side por- 6 and the strap portion 9, and in that covers and protects the outer edge of the book cover disposed between the portions 6 and 9. When i is desired to use the marker 7 it withdrawn from the pocket and is pressed between the leaves of the hook at the desired point.

It will be manifest from the foregoing that my novel protective cover is susceptible of being quickly and easily applied to a book cover is not liable to casual displacement. However. when desired the cover may be expeditiously and easily removed from a book and is readily applied to another book. It will also be manifest that without appreciably increasing the cost of the cover, the marking tongue 7 and the pocket for use in connection therewith materially increase the range of usefulness of the cover.

I have entered into a (:letailed description of the construction and relative arrangement of the parts embraced in the present and pre ferred embodiment of my invention in order to impart a full, clear and exact understanding of the said embodiment. I do not desire, however, to be understood as confining my-- self to the specific construction and relative arrangement of parts inasmuch as in the future practice of the invention various changes and modifications may be made such as fall within the scope of my invention as defined in my appended claim.

Having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by LettersPatent, is

A protective cover for book covers con sisting essentially of a back portion a portion formed with one side or" the back portion and'close-d at its ends and at its outer edge but opened at its inner edge to receive one flap of the book cover, a side portion at the opposite side of the back portion and terminating at its out-er end in a \l-shaped extension adapted to serve as a marker, a strap portion parallel with the side portion second mentioned and disposed at and that when properly applied the the inside thereof, said strap being conneeted at its ends to the ends of the second named side portion and adapted in conjunction therewith to sheathe the other flap of the hook cover, and a substantially ii-shaped pocket secured to the inner side of the strap and adapted to reeeive the end portion of the marker when said marker is not in use as a marker, and also being adapted to retain the marker in 10 position over the outer edge of the flap second mentioned for the protection thereof. in testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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