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Publication numberUS1595585 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1926
Filing dateJun 20, 1924
Priority dateJun 20, 1924
Publication numberUS 1595585 A, US 1595585A, US-A-1595585, US1595585 A, US1595585A
InventorsLuther Swan Harry
Original AssigneeLuther Swan Harry
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US 1595585 A
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H. L. SWAN Aug. 10 1926.

SCHEDULE Filed June 20, 1924 N M m22.. HEEL ormzmm n .ll En v n2 D2DWHONN-N mf. N NN M N N m22., Zi

mum .Si 52, w22. 2 Ew .Si 52.

ZL, Y :Jn/vanto Cil Patented Aug. 10,- 19:25.

rvnNrrsn. srres HARRY LUTHER SWAN, or Java', s ,enrn DAKeTA.


Application filed .Tune 2.0, 1924. i Serial No. 721,339.

rlhis invention relates to, a schedule whereby it is possible readily to determine where and whenthe respective members of a league or association are to meet, and while the schedule can be used for many purposes it is primarily designedl for use as a base ball schedule. Y

One ofthe objects ofthe invention is to provide, in compact form, a means for visually indicating these dates on which each team plays at home and abroad, the teamplayed on each date, and certain data of interest tothe follower of the game, as for example, whether a double header is to be played, whether the day is a Sunday or a week day.

Another objectis to provide a schedule which can be made up in very compact form so as to be printed on a relatively small card and can be conveniently carried. 4

lllith the foregoing and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, the invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying drawing, which is a face view of a schedule, the preferred form of the invention has been shown.

Referring to the drawing by characters of reference l designates a card or the likev provided with a number of divisions 2, one of which is provided for each team appearing on the schedule. In the present instance four of these divisions have been shown and each division is designated not only by the name of the tea-m to which the division belonfrs but also by a number employed to designate the team. Where four teams are included in the schedule the four names appear in connection with the respec tive divisions 2 and one of these names has associated with it the numeral 1. Another name has associated with it the numeral 2 and the remaining names have associated with them the numerals 3 and il, respectively. These designating numerals have been indicated at 3 and the naines of the teams have been displayed at 4.

The divisions 2 are in superposed relation and each division is divided into columns 5 extending transversely of the sheet, there beeach column and the ing in each divisiona number -of transverse columns equal to the number of months in which games are to be played. The naines of these months are arranged at one end of he transverse columnsas shown at 6.V Parallel lines 7 are arranged. vertically upon the divisions 2 so that tee columns 5 of each division are divided into spaces equal in number to the number of the days of the months. Thirty-one spaces are provided'in vertical rows of spaces are designated by a series of numeralsarranged consecutively from l to 3l along the top edge of the card as shown at 8.

or indicating gaines t-o be played at home and gaines to be play-ed abroad 'color can be used. For example and as shown in the drawings, the spaces designating those dates er. which a particular game is to be played away from home, can be left white while those spaces provided for dates on which games are to be played at yhome can be colored red. To indicate the team played on each date the team designating numerals are used. schedule is provided for a team bearingthe name Aberdeen and separate schedules are provided for the other teams named respectively lVatertown, Mitchell and Soo Falls. The Aberdeen schedule has the date indicating spaces colored or not colored according to whether the games are to be played at home or away from home. In the drawing, for example, the spaces indicating the 16th and 17th of May are colored red. This is to indicate that on those dates the Aberdeen team is to be at home. These two spaces are provided with numerals 2. 2 is the designating numeral of the VVatertown team. It will be obvious, therefore, that on lliay 16th and 17th the Aberdeen team'is to play the l/Vatertown team at home. This arrangemen is followed throughout the schedule of each team. Vhere Sundays occur that fact may be indicated by drawing a circle within the spaces as shown at 9 and if is intended to play a double header on any particular date a suitable sign such as the letter D shown at `lO can be used.

Suitable space may be left on the card for the display of information about the schedule, advertising` matter, etc., this space being indicated at 11.

l. A league playing schedule comprising For example in the drawing ay a sheet having 'appropriately designated separate divisions for the respective members of a league7 each division being divided into appropriateljfv designated columns to indicate the months of the playing season and each column being divided into appropriateiy designated date spaces for indicating the d ays oit the month, there l'iei'ng` a designating character applied to each division and distinctive of one oit the members of the league, the member desig; ating' character of each division being' distributed in the date spaces ot each et the divisions to indicate when the respecive inernhers et the league are to he brought into jeint f at home or abroad, said date spaces or ca division being et different appearances to indicate rcspectivel)T games to he played at heme and abroad.

Y A. league playing` schedule cmnprisingT a sheet having appropriately designated separate divisions for the respective ineinbers 'of the league, each division being divided into appropriately designated columns to indicate the months of' the playing' season.

and each column being divided into appropriately designated date spaces for indicating' the days of the month, there being' a designatingy character applied to each division and distinctive 'of one o'l the members ot the league, the member designating character ot each division being distributed in the date spaces of `each of the divisions to indicate when the respective members of the league 'are to be brought into 0in play at home or abroach said date spaces of each division being` ot dilierent appearances to indicate respectivelyv gaines te he played at heme and abroad, and means 'displayed in certain 'ot the date spaces 'tor indicating' to the user t the scl'iedule sheet nata ilertaining to the mates to which gaie means are applied, the naines ot the members et the league being f Lheet With their respective t esignating numerals.

In testimony that l claim the 'foregoing as my own, I have hereto affixed my signature.

jhslayed on the HARRY LUTHER swr-iN.

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