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Publication numberUS1595929 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 10, 1926
Filing dateFeb 6, 1925
Priority dateFeb 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1595929 A, US 1595929A, US-A-1595929, US1595929 A, US1595929A
InventorsRhodes William P
Original AssigneeRhodes William P
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Knockdown screen
US 1595929 A
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W. P. RHODES KNOCKDOWN S GREEN Filed Feb. 6 1925 INEN'OR I William PR/wdes.

QWITNESS S BY wax g ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 1d, 192%.



Application filed February 6, 1925. Serial No. 7,414.

This invention relates to screens and particularly to folding screens of the type which consists of a plurality of leaves hinged together in such a manner that when 5 opened at anai'iglethe same is supported firmly from the floor or other supporting surface.

One of the outstanding objects of the present invention is to provide an improved folding screen of th knockdown type which admits of the ready separation or assembly of the frame parts or units so that the screen may be conveniently housed in a minimum space when knocked down.

As a further object the invention com prehends a knockdown folding screen which admits of the removal of the leaf covers or panels for th purpose of washing or cleaning the same or renewing the same when worn or damaged.

As a further object the invention comprehends a folding screen structure which is comparatively simple in its construction, inexpensive to manufacture, which is strong and durable and which is attractive in appearance.

WVit-h the above recited and other objects in view, the invention resides in the novel construction set forth in the following specification particularly pointed out in the appended claim and illustrated in the accompanying drawings it being understood that the right is reserved to embodiments other than those actually illustrated herein, to the full extent indicated by the general meaning of the terms in which the claim is expressed.

In the drawings- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a screen constructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view on an enlarged scale through the screen frame and illustrating the units and parts thereof in assembled relation.

Referring to the drawings by characters of reference 10 designates the outer frame standards and 11 the intermediate frame standards which are preferably in the nature of rods of wood, metal or any other suitable material each of which has a threaded upper terminal. 12 and a threaded lower terminal 13. Each of the lower terminals 13 is threadedlv engaged in the threaded socket 1% of a base 15 which is provided with a soft yieldable tread 16 on its under side to prevent the scratching or marring of the floor or other supporting surface. The upper threaded terminals 12 are threadedly engaged in the threaded recess 17 of an ornamental knob or cap 18. Each outer standard 10 is provided adjacent its upper and lower threaded terminal with inwardly projecting radial threaded sockets 19 and 20 for receiving the threaded outer ends 21 and 22 of the upper and lower cross rails 23 and 2 1. The inner threaded terminals 25 and 26 of the cross rails 23 and 2% threadedly receive in the terminals 27 and 28 of eye members 29 and 30 which are engaged respectively over the upper and lower ends of the intermediate standards 11 whereby the rails 23 and 24 and outer standards 10 are hingedly connected for swinging or folding movement with respect to the intermediate leaf or section of the screen. In order to define the intermediate leaf or leaves and to hingedly join the intermediate standards 11, intermediate upper and lower cross rails 30 and" 31 are provided which are also formed with threaded opposite terminals 32 engageable in the threaded sockets of the terminals 33 of the eye members 34. The panels or coverings for the intermediate and outer sections or leaves of the screen are hemmed or otherwise provided with tunnels 36 through which the upper and lower cross rails 28 and 30 and 2 1 and 81 are threaded or trained so that the panels are stretched vertically between the cross rails throughout the width of the sections or leaves. In order to prevent the tension of the material from which the panels or sections are constructed from drawing downwardly and upwardly on the inner ends of the outer upper and lower cross rails and the intermediate upper and lower cross rails, collars 37 are provided which are fitted on the intermediate standards 11 and secured in place by set screws 38. In order to further maintain the outer ends of the outer cross rails 23 and 24 in a right angular relation to the standards 1.0 and to relieve both the standards and cross rails of undue strain, substantially T-shaped sleeves 39 are provided the vertical heads 40 of which are slipped over the standards 10 and the horizontal stems 41 of which receive the outer threaded terminal of the cross rails.

0 screen.

the eyes from the intermediate standards.

All of the parts may be readily disassociated and packed in a minimum of space for storage or shipment. When necessary, the panels or coverings 35 may be removed and replaced after cleaning or washing or new panels or coverings associated with the From the foregoing it will thus be seen that an extremely simple and inexpensive screen structure has been provided.

I claim:

In a knockdown screen of the folding type, a plurality of outer and intermediate standards, upper and lower horizontal cross rails detachably connected with all of the standards said cross rails being pivotally connected to the intermediate standards and including threaded ends screwed into the outer standards to afford a rigid connection, and collars loosely fitting the outer standards, said collars being formed wit-h laterally disposed sockets through Which the threaded ends of the cross rails are passed and entered into the outer standards whereby the connection of the cross rails with the outer standards is concealed and strengthened by the collars.


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