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Publication numberUS1596287 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1926
Filing dateAug 6, 1925
Priority dateAug 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1596287 A, US 1596287A, US-A-1596287, US1596287 A, US1596287A
InventorsClemens Mieczkowski
Original AssigneeClemens Mieczkowski
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Shoe repairer's sanitary waiting chair
US 1596287 A
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Patented Aug. 17, 1926.



Application ledV August F ig. 3 is a bottom plan view showing they connection between the bottom plate and supporting base;

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detail View principally in section taken on the line 4 4 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary detail view showing the mounting of the clamping blade.

The numeral 6 indicates a relatively high chair having arms to one of which is secured a magazine rack 7. A flat bottom plate 8 is rigidly securedto the legs of the chair 6 just above the lower ends thereof and is provided at the sides of said chair with npturned guide flanges 9. A supporting base is mounted on the bottom plate 8 for a forward and rearward horizontal sliding movement from a position directly under the chair 6 to a position in which it projects forward thereof. The flanges 9 guide the supporting base 10 for a straight line movement and the forward and rearward movements of said base are limited by a headed stud 11 on said base at the rear end thereof which works in a slot 12 in the bottom plate 8.

A pair of laterally spaced rearwardly inclined foot supports 13 are mounted on standards 14 secured to the supporting base 10. Located between the standards 14 and rigidly secured thereto is a foot rest 15 that has substantially the same rearward inclination as the foot supports 13. A foot shield 16 is rigidly secured to a pair of posts 17 on the supporting base 10 forward of the standards 14and projects rearward above the foot rest 15 and is rigidly secured to said standard and forms a cross-connetion between the posts 17. A holder 18, for a roll cf paper, in the form of a roller has a relatively large diameter is provided tri ,iene 1Q YjGarnalen in open REPAIRERS SANITARY WAITING CHAIR.

Ae, 19,725. serial No. 48,558.

formed in the inner faces of theposts 17. A clamping blade 21 is carried by a pair of arms 22 rigidly connected by a cross-tie rod 23 hingedly mounted on the Linder side of the foot shield 16 for radial movement toward and from the holder 18 and parallel to the axis thereof. encircling the cross-tie rod 23 has one of its ends anchored to said rod and its other end engaging the foot shield 16 as a base of resistance.l This spring 24 is under strain to move the clamping blade 21 radially toward the holder 18. The clamping blade 21 is of such length that its ends project outward of the arms 22 so as to engage the posts 17 as stops when the holder 18 is removed from said posts.

A roll of paper 25 is mounted on the holder 18 and has its outer end portion looped around the foot rest 15 and secured by theclamping blade 21 against the periphery of said roll to afford a sanitary cover 26 for the foot rest 15. Secured to the front edge` of the foot shield 16 is a handle 27 by which the supporting base 10 may be slid either forward or rearward on the bottom plate v8.

When a customer is desirous of having a pair of shoes repaired, he gets into the chair 6 and places his feet on thel foot supports 13 in order that the repairman may unfasten and remove his shoes. The customer then places his feet on the foot rest 15 which is covered by the sanitary cover 26 to keep the customers stockings clean. lVhile the customer is sitting in the chair 6 in his stocking feet` his feet are kept Ifrom view by the foot shield 16. The customer can entertain himself while his shoes are being repaired byreading the daily paperor looking over a currentperiodical that is kept in the magazine rack 7. After the customer leaves the chair 6, or before another customers shoes are removed, the repair man pulls out the sanitary cover 26 and tears the same oif at the clamping blade 21 which acts as a tearing edge therefor1 thus again covering the foot rest 15 with a new sanitary cover by A coiled spring 24v elements mounted thereon are carried tberefoot supports, a foot rest between tbe foot with under the chair so that they are ensupports, a foot shield over the foot rest, a tirely out of the Way, thus permitting the removable sanitary @over `for the `foot rest, Chair to be used as a general purpose chair, and a base movably mounted on the chair, 15 and when thus adjusted it will not take up said foot support, foot rest and foot shield any more room than an ordinary chair. being mounted on the base for movement Then the oliair is thus adjusted, the work of from an inoperative position under the clearing the loor for sweeping or scrubbing chair to an operative position in front of is greatly facilitated. the same. 20 10 lVliat I Claim is: ln testimony whereof I affix my signature.

A chair having a pair of laterally spaced CLEMENS MIECZKOVSKI.

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U.S. Classification297/223, 297/423.1, 297/222
International ClassificationA47C15/00, A47C1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47C15/004
European ClassificationA47C15/00P