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Publication numberUS1596384 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1926
Filing dateMar 30, 1926
Priority dateMar 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1596384 A, US 1596384A, US-A-1596384, US1596384 A, US1596384A
InventorsWilliams Rose
Original AssigneeWilliams Rose
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Shoe buckle and supporter therefor
US 1596384 A
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Aug. 17,1926. 3 1,596,384

R. WILLIAMS SHOE BUCKLE AND SUPPORTER THEREFOR Filed March so, 1926 J 10 6 7 I 120077! tam Patented Aug. 17, 1926.




My invention is a shoe buckle supporter adapted to be attached preferably to womens low shoes or slippers to allow interchanging of buckles or other ornaments. I

An object of my invention is a type of buckle supporter which may readily be attached to and detachedfrom womens low shoes or slippers at the instep, so that ornamental buckles may be attached thereto.

A further object of my invention is to devise abuckle supporter which may be read ily and rigidly clamped to the shoe so that buckles and other ornamental devices may slip over the. top of the same and be supported inproper position.

Another detailed object of my invention is to form the supporter of metal with clamping strips adapted to engage both the insideand the outside of a slipper or low shoe at the instep and with a face plate extending upwardly, the face plate being adapted to support buckles or other ornaments by having same slip over the face plate and having a finger extending upwardly from the rear of the face plate and engaging the back of the buckle restraining same from slipping off and holding it in the proper desired position relative to the shoe. I

In constructing my invention I utilize preferably sheet metal or equivalent mate: rial forming a return bend in the metal so that part of the metal will fit outside of the shoe and the other part on the inside. The face plate is adapted .to extend in a sub stantially vertical direction or at any desired angle relative to the shoe. A tongue is pressed out of the metal and is adapted to engage the back of a buckle when slipped over the face plate. The buckles are not necessarily made of metal but may be made of any'suitable ornamental material with a pocket-like structure formed therein so that the face plate will extend upwardly into the pocket; it being manifest that many types of ornamental so-called buckles may be utilized.

My invention will be more readily understood from the following description and drawings, in which;

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a shoe or slipper with a buckle held in place by my buckle supporter;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the buckle supported with a buckle held thereon in the Application filed March 30,1926. Serial No. 98,523.

plpsition when attached to the instep of a s oe;

Fig. 3 isa side view of the buckle supporter disengaged from the shoe and partly bent into shape; v

F ig. 4 is a developed view of the buckle supporter before bending into the desired shape;

Fig. 5 isa face View of the supporter with a buckle thereon, taken in the direction of the arrow 5 of Fig. 2, indicating the'shoe as being broken and the buckle having a broken-out section;

Fig. 6 is a bottom view of a buckle of the type utilized.

Referring to Fig; 1, theshoe is designated by the numeral 1, having'the instep" portion 2 to which a buckle supporter indicated dotted by the numeral 3 is attached.- this supporter being secured at the instep of the shoe. A buckle 4 ofornamental material is secured to the buckle holder, it being understood that the buckle may be of any suitable ornamental design and of any suitable character which will fit the supporter.

The blank for making the supporter and manner of bendingis shown in Figs. 3 and 4. The buckle supporter is preferably formed as. above mentioned of sheet metal or other equivalent material and has a lower clamping tongue 5 preferably having a point 6 at one enamo outside corners 7, and being drawn in to the indented portion 8. The dotted line 9 indicates the line of folding or bending. as shown in Fig. 8. The upper clamping portion 10 spreads out, having wide corners 11 substantially the same width apart as the corners 7. This. is adapted to fold on the dotted line 12 as indicated in Fig. 4, the foldibeing shown in Fig.3. The faceplate portion 13 extends in an upper direction as indicated in Fig. 2. W hen the lower clamping tongue and the upper clamping section are secured to the instep of the shoe, the upper edge 14: of the shoe fits into the bend or fold 9.

The blank is cut with parallel cuts 15 and an end cut 16, thereby forming a finger 17 which may be drawn out of the slot formed .by the above mentioned cuts.

The type of buckle is indicated in Figs. 1, 5 and 6, the particular illustration show ing a fan-shaped decorative device which is formed with a pocket 18 in the center; this pocket being indicated in Fig. 5 by the stitching lines19 forming the confines of the pocket. Such pocket preferably is of such size as to form a tight fit over the face plate 13. The buckle device is slipped over ing section will have a spring tendency to draw together, thereby clamping .the material of the instep of the shoe and holding the supporter tightly in position. Also the finger 17 may be of resilient material pressing against the back of the buckle as indicated in Fig. 2 and thus preventing the same from slipping off the face plate.

As an alternative manner, the supporter may be made of quite soft metalwhich may be readily pressed by the fingers into gripping relation with the material of the instep of the shoe and the finger 17 formed of pliable metal so that it may be pressed against the buckle. These are optional manners of making the device.

Although my construction of buckle supporter is of a simple character, it will be apparent that it may be materially changed in shape and also various details altered to adapt it for different types of shoes, and for different mannersof clamping to such shoes. Such changes however, would be within the spirit of my invention as set forth in the description, drawings and claims. 7 v

Having described my invention, what I claim is:

' 1. In a device of the character described, a member formed of a single piece of sheet material, said member being bent upon itself and adapted to form a clamping portion for engaging the shoe and having a portion which provides a means of attachment for a buckle or the like, and a tongue projecting from the said member and extending from the clamping portion to the rear of the buckle attaching portion to form a brace for the latter.

2. A buckle supporter comprising in combination a shoe having an instep portion, a buckle supporting device having means to engage the inside and outside of the instep of the shoe, a face plate extending upwardly from the instep, a buckle device inserted over the face plate, and a bracing finger attached to the instep engaging means engaging the back of the buckle.

1 3. A. shoe buckle support having a lower clamping tongue and an upper clamping portion connected together, to engage the ina shoe, a face plate extending upwardly from the upper clamping portion, a buckle fitting over the face plate and a bracing finger attached to the lower clamping tongue 'en gaging the back of the buckle.

4:. A shoe buckle supporter having in combination a sheet metal supporting device having a lower clamping tongue and an upper clamping tongue having a return bend at the junctiom the tongue and the upper clamping portion being adapted to engage the instep portion of a shoe, a bracing finger formed by cuts in the metal, a face plate extending upwardly from the upper clamping portion, and a buckle device having a pocket, the pocket fitting over the face plate and the bracing finger engaging the back of the buckle.

5. A buckle supporter comprising a de side and outside of the instep portion of vice formed of sheet material, one end of said material having a reverse bend forming a lower clamping tongue and an upper clamping portion adapted to fit over the instep of a shoe from the edge of the shoe, a face plate extending upwardly at an acute angle from the upper clamping portion, there being slits formed in the sheet and a bracing finger pressed out from said'slits', the bracing finger being attached at substantially the return bend of the lower clamping tongue and the upper clamping portion, the tongue being adapted to engage a buckle supported on the face plate. In testimony whereof I have signed my named to this specification.


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