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Publication numberUS1596805 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1926
Filing dateOct 21, 1925
Priority dateOct 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1596805 A, US 1596805A, US-A-1596805, US1596805 A, US1596805A
InventorsAntranig Chakarian
Original AssigneeAntranig Chakarian
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Shoe heel
US 1596805 A
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Patented Aug. 17, 1926.



Application tiled October 21, 1925.

This invention relates to shoe heels, and an object of the invention is to provide a shoe heel construction by means of which any unskilled person may remove a worn heel and replace it with a new one, may reverse the position of the heels in case the heel becomes Vworn excessively on one side.

More specifically, the invention com rehends the provision of a heel lift having a depending flange from which pin projects. and also a hinged member having a plurali ty of pins thereon, the said pins being' adapted to engage in suitable recess in a removable heel portion which may be made either of leather, rubber, or analogous material.

Other objects of the invention will ap-l pear in the following detail description, and in the accompanying dra-wings wherein Figure l is a longitudinal section through the improved heel showing it in closed position.

Figure 2 is a plan view of the heel lift with the removable heel section removed.

Figure 3 is a detail view of the removable heel section.

Figure e is a cross section through the heel.

Figure 5 is a side elevation of the completed heel.

n Figure 6 is a view showing the application of the hinge,

Referring more particularly to the drawings, the improved shoe heel structure comprises a lift 1 which is attached to the sole of a shoe in the usual manner, such as by nails, screws, or the like. A depending` flange 2 is formed upon the lift l and extends about the curved sides of the lift, leaving the forward end of the heel free, so as to permit the insertion of the removable 4heel portion 3 in the recess formed by the flange 2. rFhe removable heel section 3 has an overhanging flange a which overhangs the edges of the flange 2 and also overhangs the edges of the hinged locking member 5 when the latter is in its closed normal position.

Serial No. 63,963.

rlhe member 5 is connected by means of spring hinges 6 of any approved construcion, with the lift "l, and it has a plurality of pins 7 thereon for projecting from its inner surface, which pins are adapted to seat in recesses 8 in the removable heel l. The removable heel 4 is provided with a recess 9 at the center of its rear portion which receives a pin l() that projects through the t 2, and thus when the removable heel is in position and a hinged locking member 5 is closed, the pins 7 and lO will engage in the recesses ,8 and 9 and lock the heel 4 to the lift l.

lt is to be understood, that lthe heel IlV may be of leather, rubber, or the like.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying draw` ings, it will be apparent that the removable heel 4lmay be removed or replaced or changed by any unskilled person without requiring the services of a skilled Shoemaker or shoe repairer, and that the heels may be changed at any time or any place desired, without inconvenience, and furthermore, that the removable heel sections 4 may be purchased in a store at a relatively lcw cost. lt is, `of course, to be understood, that the invention may be constructed in various other manners, and the parts associate-d in different relations, and therefore, l do not desire to be limited in any manner, except as set forth in the claim hereunto appended.

l/Vhat l claim is: ln a shoe heel, a lift, a flange about` the side edges of said lift and forming` a recess, a removable heel in said recess and having an annular flange overhsingingl the edges of.

said first named flange, a locking pin carried by said flange for engagement in the removable heel section, and a lcckin member hinged to the front edge of the lirt and provided with a plurality of pins for engage-- ment in the removable heel sectien te lock it in place.

In testimony whereof l aliix my signature.


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