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Publication numberUS1597042 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1926
Filing dateMar 4, 1926
Priority dateMar 4, 1926
Publication numberUS 1597042 A, US 1597042A, US-A-1597042, US1597042 A, US1597042A
InventorsBeebe Stuart J
Original AssigneeBeebe Stuart J
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US 1597042 A
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Aug. 24 1926. v 1,597,042


Filed March 4, 1926 Patented Aug. 24, 192 6.




My invention relates to improvements in gauntlets and particularly gauntlets having an elastic means for in-- suring a snug fit. I

The main object of my invention is to provide improved means to prevent the puckering of the c'ufl of gauntlets which are drawn about the wrist of the wearer by an elastic member through the use of a flexible strip interposed between the cuff and hand covering portion of the gauntlet.

In workmens gauntlets it is desirable to have some sort of elastic retaining member about the wrist of the gauntlet to prevent particles of dirt from entering therein and to prevent the gauntlet from sliding off the hand of the wearer. Many types of workinens gauntlets have a canvas hand portion and a cuff of somewhat stiffer, heavier and less flexible material to aid in drawing the also to maintain gauntlet over the hand and the shape of the end about the wrist. Difficulty has been experienced in the use of an elastic member about the wrist of this type of gauntlet due to the fact that the cuff portion is also drawn by the elastic member and becomes puckered, misshapen and broken after a short period of use, shortening thelife of the gauntlet, and detracting from its appearance, the ease with which it may be put on, and reducing protective efficacy.

In my improved type of gauntlet these defects are overcome, the tendency of the elastice to pucker the cuff after some wear is eliminated, and a longer wearing, more practical gauntlet is provided. This is accomplished by means of a strip of flexible material interposed between the hand covering portion of the gauntlet and the stiffer cuff portion. This flexible strip also permits free movements of the hand in the use of the gauntlet and still gives the elastic back feeling.

Further objects and advantages of my invention will readily become apparent through the following description and accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is aplan view of the back of a gauntlet embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a side elevational view of the gauntlet, and i Fig. 3 is' a cross sectional view of a portion of the gauntlet taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1 and illustrating the manner in to workmenss, cuff.

Application filed. March 1, 1926. Serial No. 92,125.

which the flexible portion is joined to the Referring now to the drawings in which like reference characters designate like parts, throughout the several views the numeral 10 indicates in general the bod or hand covering portion of a gauntlet w ich may be made of canvas or other suitable material and may be constructed in any preferred manner. The body 10 consists of two pieces, a leather palm piece 11 and a back portion 12, the pieces being joined together" by stitched seams .13 as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, or in any other suitable" manner.

The pieces 11 and 12 terminate in parallel edges at the wrist portion of the glove and have a flexible strip 15 of canton flannel or some similar material joined thereto by means of a stitched seam 16. The flexible strip 15 extends completely around the wrist of the gauntlet. A cuff 17 is joined to the flexible piece 15 by a seam 18 similar to the seam 16.

An elastic member 20 has its ends suitably secured in the opposing seams 13 of the body 10 at the Zwrist portion of the gauntlet and is drawn across the back portion 12 thereof as shown in Fig. 1. This elastic member 20 draws the seams 13 together and thereby maintains a snug fit at the wrist when the glove is bein worn. This elastic member prevents any dust, dirt or like matter from entering the gauntlet and also prevents the gauntlet from tending to slide off the hand. By the use of a flexible piece of soft material 15 the tendency to pucker takes place in this flexible member as indicated by the numeral 22, thus preserving the shape of the cuff 17 of the' gauntlet. The flexible strip 15 extends completely around the wrist, allowing an unhampered movement of the hand in any direction without disturbing the position of the cuff. This also eliminates wearing of the nap of the coat sleeve when the hand is turned.

The advantages of the invention rising from the use of this flexible strip of material primarily provide a longer wearing and more desirable gauntlet. The use of the flexible strip allows the wearer to enter his hand into the gauntlet free from all 0bstructions and eliminates the tightening of the cuff of the gauntlet;

g It is to be understood that my invention is not limited to the specific design illustrated in the drawings but is limited only by the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A gauntlet comprising a seamed hand covering, an elastic member secured to the seams ofthe hand covering to draw said coverino snuglyabout the wrist, a stiffened cufl' member, and a strip of flexible material extending, completely around the wrist interposed between and joining the hand covering and cufi' member to prevent puckering of the cuff member.

2. A gauntlet, comprising ahand covering, an elastic band fastened atits ends and lying across the back thereof to draw the covering about the wrist, a stiffened cufi' portion, and a strip of flexible material'joining the hand covering and cufi portion and extending completely around the gauntlet to compensate for the drawing of the elastic band and prevent puckering of the cuff portion.

3. A gauntlet comprising a relatively stiff cufi' portion, a hand covering consisting of a back and palm secured together by stitched seams at the edges thereof, an elastic band secured to said seams and stretched across the back portion of the hand covering to draw the seamed edges of said hand covering together and thereby provide a snug fit in the-hand covering, and a strip of flexible material secured between said hand covering and the relatively stifl cufi' portion and extending completely around the wrist to compensate for the drawing effect of the elastic band and to prevent puckering of the cuff member. 7

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 1st day of March; 1926.


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U.S. Classification2/162
International ClassificationA41D19/015
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European ClassificationA41D19/015