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Publication numberUS1597280 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1926
Filing dateFeb 2, 1926
Priority dateFeb 2, 1926
Publication numberUS 1597280 A, US 1597280A, US-A-1597280, US1597280 A, US1597280A
InventorsGeorge Machauer Earle
Original AssigneeGeorge Machauer Earle
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Accounting calendar
US 1597280 A
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E. G MACHAUER ACCOUNTING CALENDAR Filed Feb. 2. 1926 MARCH I92 UE D THU FR! SAT INVENTO gfi z I j i 6 MW ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 24, 1925,



Application filed February 2, 1926. Serial No. 85,594.

My present invention relates generally to calendars and more particularly to accounting calendars useful in the kitchen of homes for keeping account of the delivery or'purchase of certain staple commodities such as milk, bread and ice and the primary object is the provision of a monthly sheet for calendars through the use of which Weekly and monthly accounts of such commodities may 1f be easily and quickly kept and totaled.

In the accompanying drawing which illustrates my present invention and forms a part of this specification,

The figure is a front elevation of a calen- 1fi dar illustrating one of its monthly sheets prepared in accordance with my invention.

Referring now to this figure my invention proposes a sheet 10 for calendars and the like which may include a backing 11 on 29 which a number of the sheets 10, one for each month of the year may be suitably mounted or fixed, with or Without advertising matter or a pictorial illustration as at- 12, the calendar so constructed being adapted to be fastened to the wall or to a suitable article of kitchen furniture or equipment as by means of an upper central fastener 13.

According to my invention each of the sheets 10 has its usual calendar surface divided into a plurality of day blocks, each block having thereon the numeral represent ing theparticular day. The blocks are arranged as usual with the days of the several weeks running horizontally and forming vertical columns of the days of the month with corresponding legends across the upper portion of the calendar surface for the days and also for the particular month and year. The several day blocks are in accordance with my invention divided by horizontal lines 14: running horizontally through the several blocks, into vertical series of daily accounting spaces l5, l6 and 17 for each day block and these lines extend alsoto the left 443 of the calendar space and to the right thereof for a purpose which will presently appear.

At the left of its calendar surface, each calendar sheet has a vertical column 18 through which the lines 14 extend, this vertical celun'm having-therein legends as at 19 for the s veral daily accounting spaces 15, 16 and 17 which are repeated in each of the horizontal calendar columns in horizontal alignment with the daily accounting spaces.

At the right of its calendar surface each sheet has a vertical column in which vertical lines dividing the vertical columns 20, 21

and 22, and the horizontal columns 15, 16, and 17, as I have shown, by coloring those spaces which are not to be used, although the same thing may be accomplished in other ways. The last mentioned vertical column to the right of the calendar surface also has at its lower portion monthly total spaces 23, 24: and 25 in stepped relation and in vertical line with the respective weekly total spaces 20, 21 and 22 and in horizontal line with the spaces 26, 2'7 and 28 forming part of a value table below the calendar surface of the sheet having therein names of the several commodities for which account is kept as well as the value of the units of such commodities totaled in the weekly and monthly total columns, in order that the value of totals of the commodities may be listed separately in the columns 26, 27 and 28 of the value table and the final grand total of the values of the several commodities added below the value table as plainly shown.

In this way my invention presents a highlyuseful device for the above purposes which may be conveniently and effectively utilized, which may be easily and quickly totaled and Which may be readily utilized as a part of permanent records, if so desired.

l. A'sheet for calendars, having its calendar surface divided into blocks bearing numerals to represent days, the days of the week running horizontally of said surface and being divided by horizontal lines into vertical series of daily accounting spaces, said sheet having vertical columns at opposite sides of its calendar surface through which said horizontal dividing lines also extend, the column at one side having therein legends opposite and corresponding to the daily accountingspaces denoting the com modities for which account is to be kept, and the other column having vertical dividing lines forming therein vertical weekly total columns having stepped weekly total spaces in horizontal line with the daily accounting spaces and also having legends at their upper ends denoting theunits of the commodities, said weekly total columns having monthly total spaces in stepped relation at the lower ends of the columns and in vertical. line with said columns, and said sheet also having; a value table below the calendar surface there- (if provided with horizontal value columns for the several commodities in line with the respective monthly total spaces for the pur- V poses described.

2. A sheet for calendars having its calen (lar surface (llVlClQCl into day blocks and having' its said day blocirs in turn divided into daily accounting spaces running horizontally through the day blocks said sheet having a vertical unit total column at one side or": its calendar space divided into vertical Weekly total columns having therein Weekly total spaces in: stepped relation for the several commoditieswliose accounting is to be kept, the said spaces being aligned With respective daily accounting spaces, said total columns having below the calendar surface monthly total spaces also arranged instepped relation for vertical alignment Withthe respective total columns and a value table also be low the calendar surface having horizontal value columns in line with the respective monthly total spaces as described.


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U.S. Classification283/2
International ClassificationB42D5/04, B42D5/00
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