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Publication numberUS1597589 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1926
Filing dateNov 14, 1923
Priority dateNov 14, 1923
Publication numberUS 1597589 A, US 1597589A, US-A-1597589, US1597589 A, US1597589A
InventorsFerrari Earnest R
Original AssigneeFerrari Earnest R
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Finger ring
US 1597589 A
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Aug,4 24 1926.4


- Filed Nov. 14, `192s l.' R. rrabc' ATTORN EY Patented Aug. 24, 1926.


nAnNns'r n. FERRAR, oFNonrrilBnND, OREGON.


Application led November 14, 1923.

The object of my said invention is the provision of a finger ring equipped for convenient use as a match striker and nail filer and this without materially increasing the cost of production of the ring and without detracting from the ornamental character of the ring.

To the attainment of the foregoing, the invention consists in the improvement as hereinafter described and definitely claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification Figure 1 is an edge elevation of my novel rind.

figure 2 is a side elevation of the same.

Figure 3 is a view showing in plan the striking -surface of the ring.

Figures 4 and 5 are views of a modification in which the filing or striking surface of the ring is formed by a stone or by a tungsten steel plate or other metallic plate carried by the metallic or alloy portion of the ring.

Similar numerals designate corresponding parts in Figures 1 to 3 to which reference will first be made.

The major portion of my novel ring is formed of any appropriate metal or alloy compatible with its purpose and comprises a finger receiving annulus l which in practice is made in various sizes to receive fingers of various sizes in cross-section. At the outer side of the annulus 1 the ring is provided with a thickened portion 2 integral with the annulus 1 and extending through about 1/3 of the circumference thereof and said thickened portion having its side walls concaved as shown in Figure 2 to provide spaced projections 3, and in its outer side and extending between the apices of the projections 3 is a filing or striking surface 4, in a corrugated manner preferably produced by roughening the surface `4,`as illustrated. It will be noted that the surface 4 is almost if not quite as long as the diameter of the annulus 1, this being advantageous inasmuch as it tends to prevent turning of the ring about the finger incident to the striking of a matchon the surface 4 or the use of the said surface 4 for filing a finger nail on the other hand of the wearer. It will also be noted that the advantage indicated is attained by the making of the surface 4 concave in the direction of Serial No. 674, 740.

its length which isthe preferred embodiment. i

In Figures 4 and 5, I illustrate a modification of my invention in which the annulus lat is equipped to carry infixed relation an inlaid element 5 which element 5 is provided with a nail-filing or scratching surface 4 similar to and forthe same purpose as. the

ger ring, it will be appreciated that the imf provement does not materially increase the production cost of the ring; and it will also be noted that the practical purpose or purposes to which the ringV may be put does not diminish in any measure the ornamental character of the ring. l

I have entered into a detailed description of the construction and relative arrangement of the parts embraced in the present and preferred embodiments of my invention in order to impart a full, clear and eX- act understandin of the saidembodiments. I do not desire, iowever, to be understood as confining myself to the specific construction and relative arrangement of parts inasmuch as in the future practice of the in# vention various changes and modifications may be made such as fall Iwithin the scope of my invention as Vdefined in my appended claims.

Having described my invention, what I .claim and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, 1s:-

1. A finger ring comprising an annulus, and an element carried by and fixed to the annulus and having at one side of the annulus a transversely roughened surface for nail filing or match striking purposes extending throughout a considerable portion of the circumference of the annulus and dished in the direction of its length; the said annulus being provided with spacca projections and a thickened portion between los 2. p .o 1,597,589' n said projections in which said element is the direction of its length reversely to the held. curvature of its annulus, and said dished 10 2. A Iinger ring comprising anvannulus, a portion being corrugated for the purpose thickenedportion formed thereon and ex-V specified. y

' tending through about one-third of its cir- In testimony vvhereofA I aix my signacumference, said thickened portion having ture. l v its side Walls concaved to provide oppositely disposed projections and being dshedv inv Y, EARNEST R. FERRARI.

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U.S. Classification132/73.5, D11/26, 132/76.4, 63/1.12, 30/298, 132/333
International ClassificationA44C9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA44C9/00
European ClassificationA44C9/00