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Publication numberUS1598873 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1926
Filing dateJan 12, 1924
Priority dateJan 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1598873 A, US 1598873A, US-A-1598873, US1598873 A, US1598873A
InventorsWilliam Peterson
Original AssigneeWilliam Peterson
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Finger piece for writing instruments
US 1598873 A
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-% ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 7, 1926.



Application-filed January 12, 1924.; Serial No. 685,789.

My invention relates to finger-pieces or finger grips for pencils and pens and the like articles for writing, for slidably positioning I the same onthe article where desired for conveniently gripping it to suit ones particular finger-position for writing.

Present devices on the market that I am aware of for thispurpose, are for pens only and are fixedthereon and at the pen-point end. This fixed location of the finger piece does not suit all, and is awkward for many and results in one becoming tired of writing soon, or getting the fingers spotted with ink, and if one is a continuous user of the pen, such fixed location of the piece and enforced grip thereof tends to induce writers cramp and also produces oallosities on the fingers thereat.

I have often seen draftsmen and other constant users of pens, build up a ball of string or rubber bands on some chosen point of the, pen for the express purpose of affording a comfortable and cushioning grip thereat, to relieve the tiresomeness of the constant grip and use of thepen. I

The objects that I aim to attain are to overcome the above deficiencies by enabling one to purchase, and as a separate article of manufacture, my finger piece and slip the same on the pencil or pen to suit'ones most comfortable and efiicientywriting position.

Another object is to form and make the article of soft material, that will yield to the pressure of the fingers with a cushioning effect for comfortable writing.

Another object is to provide my device with flanges to hold the piece on the pencil wherever it is set, and when the pencil is not in use, the device may be slid to the extreme end of the pencil point, the flange and end of the piece protecting the point from breakage in the pocket or elsewhere.

A further object is to produce the finger piece with ridges or rifles on its exterior for cooling effect in writing.

A further object is to form the device of rubber and of large diameter, so that it may be a substitute for the common pencil or pen clip for holding the pencil or pen in the pocket, the diametrical surface engaging the sides of the pocket and the rubber offering additional resistance to movement.

I attain the above objects by the novel construction of my finger grip, and other objects and advantages of the invention will appear in the subjoined description of the accompanying sheet of drawings, in which: Figure l is anend view of the invention showing the ridges clearly, and Fig. 2 a side elevation of it, and Fig. 3 a vertical mid-section thereof; A

Fig. 4 shows the device in section and applied to a pencil andwhich may be at any I chosen point, andFig. 5 is a similar'view but showing the grip slid down to coverand protect the pencil point as when not in use. Fig. 6 shows the device positioned on the barrel of a fountain pen and ready for use, and Fig. 7 shows it slid back on the pen cap and serving as a pocket holder, to perform the functions of the common clip for the retention of the pen in the pocket. A

Adverting to the drawing and figures thereof: the numeral 8 designates the body of my finger piece and which is preferably formed of a soft, elastic and yielding material, such as rubber,;molded 'ovaliform in shape and of such diameter and length to accomplish the objects sought. To the ends of the body and as part thereof, are inwardly projecting flanges 9 of light thick ness, shown to advantage in Fig. 3, having a hole 10 therethrough communicating with the larger bore 11 of the body., The latter bore is usually made smaller than the article the finger piece is intended to encompass for snugly fitting around the same, the flanges 9 serving to elastically bind and hold the piece on the article at the desired location.

'12 is an ordinary lead pencil having my device thereon and at a location suitable to many for writing. The flanges 9 are shown to advantage in Fig. 4 in service and binding the finger piece to the pencil.

In Fig. 5 the piece has been slid down to cover the pencil point 13, the lower portion of the'body 8 and its flange 9 protecting the said point from injury. The opposite end of the body and its flange 9 is suflicient to hold the piece to and on the pencil.

14: is the barrel of a fountain pen and 15 its cap. The pen has my piece mounted on its barrel in Fig. 6 and in a position suitable for many for gripping and writing. hen through writing, and it is desired to use the piece as a substitute for the common pen clip (not shown), the piece may be slipped from the barrel to thecap, as shown in Fig. 7,

and when placed in the pocket 16, the pen will be retained therein by reason of the shape of the finger piece and the rifles 17 or other type of grooves or rid es thereon; also the non-slipping property or rubber helps to retain the pen where positioned in the pocket. Of course,.a pencil or like article may be supported in the pocket in a similar manner and for a like purpose, and in addition its point will be covered and protected against breakage as shown and described.

In operation, one selects the proper finger piece for the article intended and slips the same thereover to any chosen position; the lower flange will always be in proper position on the article as it follows the direction of movement, while the opposite flange will be turned or rolled into the bore for the same reason, but a short stroke of the piece backwards on the article, will cause the said rolled-in flange to assume the proper posi tion as shown in the various figures.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is the following:

A finger piece for writing instruments, comprising a hollow molded rubber body having a relatively thin tranversely projecting internal flange at each end, each flange provided with a small central hole concentric with the hollow of said body, the hollow of said body being of a dimension to contactingly mount the instrument and each flange adapted to turn longitudinally outward on the instrument by ato-and-fro longitudinal movement thereon so as to position and trictionally engage the same in service position, and the said finger piece adapted when not desired in service position to be slid down to the point of the instrument whereby the internal flange thereat will protect the said point, the said body being ovaliform in shape and the said ends thereof equal and similar to render the finger piece reversible whereby either end may he slipped over the instrument.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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