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Publication numberUS1599095 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1926
Filing dateMar 20, 1925
Priority dateMar 20, 1925
Publication numberUS 1599095 A, US 1599095A, US-A-1599095, US1599095 A, US1599095A
InventorsEugene H Mccabe
Original AssigneeFrench Battery Company
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Flash-light device
US 1599095 A
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Sept. 7 1299261 1,599,095

E. H. MccABE FLASH LIGHT DEVICE Filed March 20 1925 -JUNITED STATES Y' `Enormi II. MQCABE. `or MAI'JISON. WISCONSIN, AssICNoRj'ro FRENCH BATTERY CoM- V,ferred embodimentin `V upper contact 3 ofthe battery. jThe lower y fcupof` thebattery.',L

1 y f PANY, 'or' MADISON, wIsCoNsIN,

APa'lizNr oFFICE.



' f 'appiieation mea maren 2o, 1925. serial Na. 16,921..`

"This invention g relates particularly to a. tubular fiashli'ght device; and Vthe 1 primary obj ectis to Vprovide such va device with means for safely carrying a spare electric light 5bulb. .Y g n y The invention is, illustrated in its prei' the accompanying drawing, in 'which- 1 f g i Fig. 1 represents'a 4vertical sectionaly view lofa flashlight equipped' with the improve-V ment; Fig. 2, :tn/elevational view of aV celln "supporting l spring having a bulb-holder mounted therein;`,Fig. .3, a bottom plan view of the .deviceshown in Fig. 2;y and Fig. 4,

2 15 a vertical sectional view' ofthe bulb-holder` 4 vtial wall ofthe cup D with thread-grooves `1l corresponding approximately in pitch vtakenl as indicatedatv line' 4 of Fig l.Y Y

InV the illustration giv`en,;Ay designates ay iitashlight casing equipped at oneend with ya, lens A andr at ,thegother endfwi-th a vrei "movable oapA2 vB"d esignatesa dry 'battery' housed-in' the casingj'fC designatesl a conical coil `spring interpsedbetween the battery B andthe removable cap A2; and D designates a bulb-.holderV provided 1* internally vwith a'clip D( serving to hold an* electric light bulb D2. fi i f `Injv the illustration "given, the "flashlight is provided with the" usualr reflector 1v in n `ttorclearness of understanding only, and no.

V'i whichis mounted the electric light vbulloV 2, whose central terminal contacts with theA end fof the battery is in electricv connection with the lower endlcap A2, through themecompleted :in a known manner through conductor strips 4,and 5 and an ,interposed switch, the lower! strip 4.7beingvin electric connection with the lower threaded ierrule 7 and `the upper strip .5.. being in electric connection through a' contact .8 with: thev ret lector'l. The'end cap A? screws on the fer- -frule 7 and thus is in `electric connection with the strip, 4. "The base of the support-y` f ing spring-Chas a Vbearing in thefbottom Y Y jspring, a yhollow housing coniinedl within V'said spring and having threaded connection c therewith, and a bulb-smpporting -clip susf '.pendedrlfrom the upperportion of said hous- Y.

j H. MGCABE; l

of 4the ycap 'A2, andthe lupper'endj of the spring bears against'the fbottomof vthe zinc The' device D comprises an inverted sheet 'metal cup or housing, which preferably has diuni of the coilspringC; `Thecircuit is y115.11%,- A f Y vits upper wall4 providedv with perforations Y 9 vso that the extra bulb can be'seen whenthe capAfand'the spring C mounted there# y e The clip D comprises aspring metal yoke whose webfportion is secured by a rivet l() to the top of the cup D. The depending arms of the'yoke are suitably Curved to em-v `in are removed; The spring'mayy be withdrawn from the cap, and the bulb D2 mayV brace the shank ofthe lightbulb and 'have l their lower extremities curved outwardly't'o enable 'the light bulb to berreadily inserted.

It is preferred to provide the circumferen- `with the spiral V0I the wire C. yThe construction is suoli, however, that when the f cup Yis threaded intoY position within the spring.I the cup will begripped bythe con- `volution'sjoi` the wire. Thus., the cup "is it- ,self suspended on the spring, so that there" is little danger of the extralight bulbl being Vinjured in theeventthat the flashlight issubjectedfto shock, as.v by dropping it upon kthe floor.

The rforegoing description has been given unnecessary limitations should be undervstood therefrom, but the appended claims shouldr beY construed as broadly as permisy sible, in viewV of the prior art.

Vhat It regard asrnew, and desire lto secure by Letters Patent, is

fl. The combination of a flashlight casing,

providedV with Ya removable endl cap, a dry aninvert'ed cup and a-bulb-supporting clip .pending from the upper ywall ofsaid cup.

'battery inf'said casing, a coil spring inter- 2. The combination Voi"` a conical coil Y

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U.S. Classification362/207
International ClassificationF21L4/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21L15/06, F21L4/00, F21V19/047
European ClassificationF21L4/00, F21L15/06, F21V19/04S