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Publication numberUS1599336 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 7, 1926
Filing dateAug 11, 1924
Priority dateAug 11, 1924
Publication numberUS 1599336 A, US 1599336A, US-A-1599336, US1599336 A, US1599336A
InventorsWalfred Lindgren
Original AssigneeWalfred Lindgren
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Golf club
US 1599336 A
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Sept. 7 1926.

W. LINDGREN com" CLUB dil Filed August 11, 1924 ATTORNEY .Pat ented Sept; 7,1926. r i i i i 1 I g wALrnED rirnncnnm or; ca cite, rLLnvors; i

7 g GOLF CLUB. Application filedahugustll, 1924. 'ScTiaI ZNo, 731,422. This inventionxrelatestoanew' and useful movementlwithin the-slots- 9 formed in lmprovementsin gOlIfeClllbS{LlldIIlOlQiPttItlQfi body "1 ateach endof-the recess Qwhereoy? V ularly toclubs of this character'whichare the-tension'of the spring 8 will retain the; of thezreversible types The-mainhbject of heads againstmovementwhen either-one of 16 6 my invention is the: provision;ofr'a golf the flat faces 7. are; moved.intoc ntact'with club which combines two well-known forms the spring member 8. I y of cluhs andwherein the handle "member:- It Wlll be apparent that by forming} thegi', attached thereto is so. Jnountedthatthe same "two flatifaces 7 on-the head i and extending may; bev reversed in its-position:forruse by ntheiniat opposite angles the'meetinge nds of 65 a v7 10 either: a: right-handler left-hand; persontheflatfaces:willcprovidea' point'lO which1-- I 2 hand i011 left-hand person;

without interfering; with the well-known. upon turning movement of theheadrl, will-rt h m attachedf tthe handlea ride-over theupperface of the -sprin gj8 Another ObjBGt'Of IHZJ111V6I1tl011 lSjllll'G proand tend to compress thesame sorthatvther 1 vision of a: golf; club the construction of endsthereof-Wvfil H1OV8"111tO th8Sl0t$ 9.2 X

which embodies twoe-wellaknown forms: of The-headal is retained bin positionupon-z; golfzclubsg-namely, -mid-iron and a putter: the stud 3 by means of a removablegface and theha'ndlevis so attached-to the head"plate ,11 whichis-retained inxposit-ion ,on that it maybe QHlGklYifill'lCl' readilyreversech the body head:- 1 by means: of Ra screw-z-l2 in its position to be used by either'a rightwhich. extendsthrougli:.the plate -and is-ema v bedded, withinthe. stud 3. icentrally. thereof.-

A further: objectzofymy'invention is, the In order toyprevente;laterali-movementwof I provisionzof a-combined 'head for golf clubs the plate 11, suitable! pins-'13 are-carried having means for adjustably attaching the bythebodymember'atapoint adjacentjeach h handle member thereto andz'also includes endthereof and are adapted t-oube fittedinto 0 means: whereby the handle 'may be sec'urely suitable openings in the; plate 11:. Fr0ni-- retained-in: an adjusted :positiom-nthe retainthis it 'wi'll'beapparent:thatgwhen the screw ing means being of an adapted .type. where I 12 is-tightened"intoi place'theplatez llswillz by to permit ready adjustment-aofuthe hanbe securely,heldwagainstimovement; 7 dle. I In: the.-iformatior1-of .rmytimprovedigolflVith.theabo've and' otheriobjects in view, club attention is directed to the fact .thati the invention consists in the novel features the face of the body 1 opposite the plate of construction, the combination and ar- 11- is tapered outwardly so that theouter' rangement of parts hereinafter more fully edge of the body is considerably thicker set forth, pointed out in the claims and than the inner edge; thus, forming an in- 90 shown. in the accompanying drawings, in clined face. which is provided with a pluwhich: rality of grooves 1a to form a mid-iron face. I

Fig. 1 is .a side elevation of a golf club The plate 11 is also somewhat tapered transconstructed in accordance with my invenversely and-the facethereof provided with tion, parts thereof being broken away to angular'grooves 15 to'form a putter face, illustrate the interior, and from the above description it will be Fig. 2 is an end elevation and I readily apparent that I have, provided a Fig. 3 is a transverse section on the line new and improved golf club which embodies 3-3 of Fig. 1. l two well-known forms of club heads and In carrying out my invention the head wherein the handle member which is atcomprises a substantially rectangular body tached' to the head may, be quickly and 1 having a centrally disposed recess 2 andv readily adjustedso that the club may be extending transversely of this recess is a used by either a right-hand or left-hand bearing stud 3 upon which the head- 1, as person. clearly illustrated in Fig. 1, is formed in- Attention is directed to the fact wherein tegral with the lower end of a socket 6 into it willbe noted that suitable stop shoulders V which'the handle 5 is fitted. The head 1 '16 are formed at the outer ends of each of of the handle is provided with two flat faces the inclined faces 7, said stop shoulders en- 7 extending at opposite angles to each other gaging the upper wall'of the recess 2 during and adapted to bear against a flat spring the rotating movement of the head .41 in member 8 which is normally bored as shown order to limit the rotated movement of the in Fig. 1 with its ends mounted for sliding head in either direction. From this it will be apparent that when the handle is moved with respect to the head 1, it Will be retained in its proper balancing position withrespect to the head by means of the engagement of the. shoulder 16 withthe upper wall of the recess 2 upon opposite sides of the opening 17 through which the socket 6 projects.

WVhile I have shown and described the preferred embodiment of my invention, it

cluding a recessed head portion, a movable handle head confined in the recess of the head portion and having bearing surfaces extending in opposite angular directions and having portions engaging the recessed head portion limiting movement of the handle, and retaining means adapted for engagement with the bearing surfaces.

2. A golf club including a body head having one side thereof recessed and the other side provided with an inclined face, a removable plate normally closing the open side of the recess and having an outer inclined face, a studin the body extending transversely ofthe recess, a handle member having its inner end rotatably mounted upon said stud, flat faces on the inner end of the handle member extending in opposite direction and means carried by the head and engaging said faces to retain the handle member in predetermined adjusted positions. I

3. A golf club including a head having one side thereof recessed and inclined on the opposite side, a detachable plate normally closing the recess and having an in- "clined outer face,-a movable handle having portion confined in the recess and having bearing surfaces extending in opposite I angular directions and havlng portions engaging the head limiting movement of the handle, and. retaining means adapted for engagement with the bearing surfaces.

i. A golf club including a head body having one side thereof recessed, a detachable plate normally closing the open side of the i recess, a stud extending transversely of the recess, a handle member having head rotatably mounted upon the stud, flat faces on the head disposed at opposite angles to each other, means carried by the head body for yieldable engagement with the faces whereby to retain the handle member in predetermined adjusted positions and means for limiting the rotative movement of the handle of the head on the stud.

5. A golf club of the class described including a recessed head portion having opposite slots formed therein and having a bearing portion traversing the recess, a

handle having portion confined in the recess and having pivotal connection to the bearing portion and having flat faces extending in opposite angular directions, and a resilient retaining member having end portions slidably engaging the slots and having portions adapted for engagement with the faces.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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International ClassificationA63B53/02, A63B53/06
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European ClassificationA63B53/06