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Publication numberUS1599685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1926
Filing dateJun 30, 1923
Priority dateJun 30, 1923
Publication numberUS 1599685 A, US 1599685A, US-A-1599685, US1599685 A, US1599685A
InventorsCharles Spaeth
Original AssigneeMarvel Equipment Company
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Combined lock and bung for storing, shipping, and dispensing receptacles
US 1599685 A
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Sept. 14 1926. 1,599,685

c. sPAErH COMBVINED LOCK AND BUNG FOR STORING, SHIPPING, AND DISPENSING REGEPTACLES Filed June "50. 1923 equipped with a locking bung v with Patented. Sept. 14, 1926:.



contamina Loox Np none Fon sronme, SHIPPING, AND nrsPnNsINe nncErrrAoLEs.

application and @me so, 192s. srial lio. 648,708.

My invention relates to an improvement in a combined lock and bung :for barrels and containers, especially metal barrels or lreceptacles for storing and dispensing oil or other liquids, and my general o ject is to provide a bung or closure which may be readily and plate for the bung.`

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the bung -without-the locking plate.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged view of a portlon of Y the head of a steel barrel showing my 1mproved locking bung in section and attached thereto.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a barrel and` a disensin um p Fig-.gt3 is a slide and sectional view of a portion of a receptacle with a bung attached and safeguarded by a seal.

My invention comprises a bnng or removable closure member B havlng a flat top and flanged portion2, which may either hexagonal or other shape tolermit a wrench to be engaged therewith. e cylmdrlcal body portion 3 of the bung member may be hollow or open at its bottom and alsoscrevv-V threaded internally and externally, and .this

member is adapted to be screwed into the screw threaded opemng of a seating and connecting ring or collar 4 which is secured withinl the side wall or the head -5 of a steel barrel or other receptacle A, for example, a receptacle such as exemplified in the drawings.V In use the hexagonal Vlange- 2 of member B is adapted to overlap and compressa suitable sealing gasket 6 upon the raised-,seat 7 of collar or ring 4.

'Atiixed" centrally to the topY of the-bung member is a stud 8, and this stud may be` securedA to the topfby upsetting-or riveting the bottom end 9` which protrudes into the bottom chamber 10. Theupperfrojectin, e

,end 11 of the stud is rounded .an provi a Arelatively large eye or transverse a padlock 14. A smaller opening 15 is also formed within stud 'p11 at riglt angles to ,ated in a 1 it with a wrenchgwhen the `-connected from stud 11, because in that ening 12 adapted to receive the hasp 13v opening-12, and this smaller opening is situhorizontal plane closely adjacent a round enlargement 16 opposite the 'top face of bung member B.- Stud S'may be immovably ixedto bung member B, but as shown herein said stud is free to swivel or turnwithiniand upon the top of the bung member.

To prevent the removable bung member B from being vgripped and en aged by a wrench or other instrument w vensuch relmoval is not desired or wanted, I provide a (lished -plateor closing cover C for bun member B, and this cover has a central roun opening 17 therein adapted to slip over stud 11, and the opening is preferably of a diameter adapted to snugly fit the round enlargement 16 when saidcover. is seated upon the top of the bung, substantially as shown in Fig. 4. When seated in thisV position the curved rim 18 of plate or cover C extends downwardly' into close proximityl to head 5 and enclosesthe bung member completely on all sides. The wrench-engaging flange 2 of member B is especially well covered and made-inaccessible unless the plate or cover is completelyremoved. Thus when padlock 14 is lsecured by hasp 13 to stud end 11, it is impossible to lift or tilt plate C in any substantial degree'or sufficiently to insert a wrench underneath to engage and rotate bung B. Itis infthis way that the bung locked etectively against unauthorized removal. Neither can the bung be rotated by engaging or turning cause this plate is 11. Moreover, be effected by engaging and 'turning stud 11 because saidstud is free to rotate or swivel with thev bung. However, it is a 'simple matter to gain access to the free to rotate around stud event the locking plate C maybe bodily removed from the bung and the top of the bung completely exposed. A Y

In many instances it is desirable thatl the .barrel be veffectively sealed and closed .at

all places therein,.and te effect complete sealing at the bungwhere a swiveled conf nection is used for stud 11, I may insert a screw plug P into the hollow bottom .end of Y theo'screw-threaded 'portion 3 of the bung,

thereby closing and sealing chamber 10 into upset endof stud 11 protrudes and which the locking plate C bei rotation of the bung cannot Y bung and engage padlock is disloo in which it is free to turn independently of plug P. An angular or square-sided opening 19 may be formed'within bottom e'n'd'of plug P to permit a socket Wrench to be engaged therewith. A sealing substance or compound may also be placed Within chamber 10 if desired.

In Fig. 6 I show a Wire loop 2O extendingI thru small opening 15 at the base of the eyeend of stud 11g and the meeting ends of this Wire loop 2O aresecured together by a lead seal 21 impressed or stamped in any suitable Way so that when the seal is broken or tampered With. there may bey visible evidence of the fact. The hasp of padlock 14 may also be inserted thru the larger opening 12 in stud 11 above Wire loop 20 which passes thru the stud beneath the opening 12, and the bung member doubly safe-guarded from removal from the bung opening in the barrel.

What I regard as my invention, or dis- 'covery, and desire to claim, is

A 'combined bung and locking attachment for receptacles, comprising an apertnred, screw-threaded bung, provided with a cavity on the inner side thereof, a cover on the outer side enclosing said bung, an aperture in said cover aligned with the aperture in said bung, a fastening means projecting through said apertures and freely rotatable in the bung, said fasteningmeans provided with aneye portion on one end adapted to receive a locking device, and provided on thel other end with an enlargement seated in the cavity of said bung, and a plug member closing the cavity in said bung, to prevent leakage through the aperture in said bung.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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