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Publication numberUS1599688 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1926
Filing dateDec 17, 1923
Priority dateDec 17, 1923
Publication numberUS 1599688 A, US 1599688A, US-A-1599688, US1599688 A, US1599688A
InventorsMinnie Sullivan
Original AssigneeMinnie Sullivan
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Combination bloomer and corset
US 1599688 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

vM. SULLIVAN COMBINATION BLOOMEB AND CORSET Filed Dec. 17 1923' Sept. 14 1926.

Ifatented Sept. 14, 1926-.

y isaaess PATENT OFFICE.



Application filed December 17, 1923.

My invention relates to improvements in undergarments.

The objects of the invention are as follows:

To provide bloomers detachably connected with a corset or girdle to prevent sagging or pulling away from the waist of the wearer of the bloomers when the pocket is heavily filled.

To provide a pocket and reinforce-r made of one piece of material that will form a pocket of double thickness.

'Io provide a pair of bloomers or other undergarments with a safety pocket reinforced to prevent sagging or tearing of the garment fabric when the pocket is heavily filled or when subjected suddenly to strain.

To provide bloomers with detachable means of very thin construction for engaging like thin means on the corsets thereby preventing an unsightly bulge.

In the drawing j Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the garment in use.

Figure 2 is a view showing in dotted lines, a plurality of detaching means.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal cross section of the pocket garment and corset.

Figure fi is a fragmental view showing another form of detaching means.

The principal objection to a poel/ret in undergarments and especially in bloomers heretofore has been the sagging and tearing of the bloomer and pocket fabric caused by the weight of the contents of the pockets more particularly when heavy. To prevent this I have provided a pocket and a flap 10a therefor made of one piece of material, with reinforcing strip 11 attached to the waist band of the bloomers and securely sewed to the fabric 12 of the bloomers.

It has been found that after overcoming the objection of tearing above recited that the bloomers still pulls away from the waist of the wearer and sags although not tearing the fabric of the bloomers or pocket it is still objectionable. To overcome this a plurality of clasps 13 or other securing means are provided to secure the bloomer to the corset or girdle 14.

to not only have the clasps on the Waist Serial No. 681,096.

band of the pocket reinforcing strip, but also at other points about the waist band of the bloomers.

In Fig. 4 is illustrate-d a thin or flat means for connecting the bloomers and corsets, in which a flat eye 15 is sewed to the corset 14 and a long flat hook 16 to the bloomers thus providing a safe and compact connection.

I claim 1. In a combination garment, the combination with a corset portion and fastening means secured thereto adjacent its lower edge, of a bloomer portion, a waist band on said bloomer portion, a re-enforcing strip secured to said waist band and bloomer por* tion forming a pocket, and fastening means on said re-enforcing strip arranged to engage said fastening means on the corset portion wherebythe weight of said pocket and its contents is carried by said corset portion.

2. In combination, a corset, flat eyes secured thereto, a pair of bloomers, a yielding waist band on said bloomers, a re-enforcing strip folded over said waist band and secured thereto and having one end extending downwardly from said waist band and secured to the material of the bloomers, a pocket secured to the lower end of said strip, a iiap formed integrally with said strip to form a closure for the pocket, and flat hooks secured to the folded over portion of the reenforcing strip to engage said flat eyes on said corset to prevent disengagement be'- tween said corset and bloomers in a downward or outward direction.

3. In combination, an upper garment, a pair of bloomers having a waist band therein, a pocket having its lupper end secured to said waist band and the material of said bloomers, and its lower end free of said bloomers, and fastening means for joining said upper end of the pocket and said waist band to said upper garment adjacent said pocket whereby the weight of said pocket and its contents will be carried by said upper garment.

In testimony whereof I affix my `signature at 36 IV. Randolph St., Chicago, Illinois.


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U.S. Classification450/95, 2/247, 2/407
International ClassificationA41B9/00, A41B9/08
Cooperative ClassificationA41B9/08
European ClassificationA41B9/08