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Publication numberUS1599721 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1926
Filing dateMar 26, 1925
Priority dateMar 26, 1925
Publication numberUS 1599721 A, US 1599721A, US-A-1599721, US1599721 A, US1599721A
InventorsRoschen Henry H
Original AssigneeRoschen Henry H
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Toy lamp-post
US 1599721 A
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H. H. ROSCHEN j sept. 14 1926.-

TOY LAMP POST Filed March 26. 1925 M in? lamented Sept. lll, lflti.


Application filedMarch 26, 1925. Serial No. 18,51*?,

This invention relates to improvements in toy lamp posts.

llhe primary object o't this invention is the provision of a toy lamp post, which may be used for supporting an electric bulb and means to conduct current to the same, and .vhich may be constructed durably, neatly, and economically.

A further and important object of this invention is the'provision of a lamp post constructed of a. plurality of parts which may be economically manufactured, and coinpactly assembled in stable and durable relation.

A 'further object of this invention is the provision or' an electric lamp post, which einbodies a novel Usliaped top portion, constructed ot a plurality of parts by means of Which to economically construct the saine and assemble an electric cable therein which `lei-ds to an electric bulb adapted to be supported by a socket,

@ther objects and advantages ol this invention vvill be apparent during the course ot the following detailed description.

ln the drawing, wherein for theA purpose ot illustrationis shown only a preferred einboxlii'ucnt ol' the improved toy lamp post,

Figure l is a side elevation ol' the iinproved toy lamp post.

Figure :2 is a sectional view taken longitudinallyot the lamp post, showing cooperating details ot construction.

Figure 3 is a. fragmentary front elevation, partly in section, showing more p articularly the upper portion and construction of the lamp post.

Figures il, 5 and 6 are cross sectional viewsk talren substantially on their respective lines in Figure l or' the drawing.

ln the drawing, wherein similar reference lcharacters designate correspondinls,` parts throughout the several views,v the letter A may generally designate the in'iproved lamp post, which may include a base 10; vertical sandard l1; the top U-shaped bend or gooseneclr portion l2; and bulb 18 adapted to be supported at the lower i'ree end of the U-shaped portion 1Q. n

Toy lamp posts, which have heretotore been marketed are in the main of flimsy construction, and are not adaptable for supporting` incandescent lamps which are properly Wired so that it is only necessary to connect current conducting- Wires to the base of the post for illuminatingl the lamp. In

the type of lamp post herein described, the assemblage of parts is rendered easy incident to the construction ot the saine, and the post is properly Wired so that it is only necessary to connect lead-in Wires to the base of the post, to proper terminals provided thereon, in order to illuminate the bulb supported by the post.

The base 10 is preferably 'formed of cast *l inetal, which is preferably a lead alloy, and the Walls ot" the same are relatively thiclr so that the saine is of considerable Weight to properly support thelainp post Without atn tachment to a floor surface. `This base l() preferably includes a'plattorin 20, which may be polygonal in outline, or round, and which is 3ret'erably provided With dependingl lugs 2l, so that the platform 2O may be carried above the ground surface or floor surface 22 upon which the lugs 2l rest, as is .illustrated in Figure l of thedraiving. llpA Wardly extending from the platform 20, and integral therewith is a vertically arranged tapered portion 23, which is of course a part ol the lbase l0, and which is hollow, providing a compartment 2li Which opens downwardly thru 'the base. At its upper end the portion 23 of the base l0 is provided With an opening, 25 therein, adapted to snugly receive the lower end or the vertical tubular standard ll.- rlhe standard ll is preterably o' any approved material, suoli as seamless brass tubing, but the saine may have a seam it desired. The lovver end thereot as beiore mentioned is hired in the opening Q5` or the base l0, and may be soldered therein, at a point 26, or in any other approved location.l rthis tube il provides a passageway Q8 communicating With the compartment 24, and at its upper end opening at the top edge. n

Referring to the construction ot the U- shaped top l2, the same is preterably sectionally formed ot the parts `30 and El, which are complemented in providing,- the top construction l2 These 1; arts 3G and 3l U-shaped as to length, and in cross sec tio-n are concavo-convex.y each of the saine providing a lgroove therein. In other Words, `the U-shaped tube l2 is split longitudinally, and When the parts 30 and 3l are asseinbled to provide the said tube construction l2, the grooves thereof tace each other to pro vide the passageway 33 therethrough. lt 'ff' preferred that one ol` the sections, su li il the section 30, be provided with oppositely ber 8O receives a nut 82 by means of which to clamp the same in fixed relation on the platform 20, and is provided upwardly there-of with a thumb adjusting nut 83 by means to clamp a. second lead-in wire (not shown) between the said nuts 82 and 83, as can be readily understood.

From the foregoing description of this in` vention it is obvious that an improved toy lamp post has been provided, which pos sesses novel features in that the same is formed of materials which may be econom ically manufactured and assembled to provide a very durable lamp post. ln order to connect the bulb 13 in the circuit it is merely necessary to clamp the lead-in wires to thetwo terminals on the platform 20. rlhe upper portion of the toy lamp post has been formed to overcome the flimsy top constructions for lamp posts which have heretofore been marketed. By section-ally forming the top structure l2, not only is an economical structure provided, but the conducting cable may be accurately assembled to assist in the reinforcing` of the top structure l2, and the washer 59 may be properly positioned to reinforce the soclret 47, and counter the clamping effect which the shade 50 has in retaining theparts of the socket l? together.

Various changes in the shape, size, and arrangement of lparts may be made to the form of invention herein shown and described, without departing` from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the claims.

l claim: y

l. ln a lamp post construction the combination ofa hollow vertical standard hav ing a passageway therethrough, a substantially ll-shaped head split longitudinally thereof into a pair of substantially U-shaped complementary grooved sections, said Us shaped bead at one end having the sections thereof disposed within the passageway of said standard at the top of the standard to align the passageways of the standard and U-shaped head and to hold the sections of the ini-shaped head into assembled relation at said end of the iol-shaped hea-d, said tishaped sections of the iii-shaped head at the free ends thereof having complementary socket parts, means engaging about said socket parts to hold them into assembled relation and to hold the tisshaped sections the til-shaped head in assembled relation at the free end thereof, a bulb for the socket, and a conducting wire extending thru the passageways of the standard and iil-shaped head to the socket in an operative relation with respect to the bulb.

2. In a lamp post construction the combination of a hollow vertical standard having a passageway therethrough, a base upon which the standard is supported, said base being hollow and having a compartment with which the passageway of the standard communicates, a substantially iJ-sliaped head split longitudinally into a pair of v grooved sections, said `sections being connected with the grooves in facing relation to provide a passageway, said llshaped head being` connected at one end thereof in the top or the vertical standard to align the passageways of the standard and U-shaped head, each section of the U-shaped head at the free end thereof having an enlarged screw threaded segment, said segments when the sections of the U-shaped head are assembled being also in an assembled cylindrical relation to provide an internally screw threaded lamp bulb receivingl socket, and a conducting wire extending thru the compartment of the base thruthe passageway of the vertical standard and the passageway of the il-shaped head into an operative relation with the screw threaded socket.

3. ln a toy lamp post the combination of a base, a top construction for the baseincluding a pair of substantially U-shaped sections, means connecting the sections together to provide a passageway therealong, means connecting said top construction to said base, each of said sections .at the free end thereof providingr an enlarged threaded segment so that when the sections are assembled said segments will provide lan internally screw threaded soclret, a detachable lampbulb for said socket, means for conveying current to said lamp bulb, and a` shade e-Xteriorly about the enlarged segments of said socket for holding the same together.

t. lin a. toy lamp post the combination of a base, a top construction for the` base including a pair of substantially icl-shaped sections, means connecting the lsections together to provide a passageway therealong, mean-s connecting said top construction to said base, each of said sections at the free end thereof providing an enlarged threaded segment so that when the sections as-- ,sembled said segment will provide an internally screw threaded socket, a detachaliile lamp bulb for said socket, means for conveying current to said lamp bulb, a shade exteriorly about the enlarged segments of said socket for holding` the saine together, and a washer secured within said soclret at the inner end thereof for supporting the segments thereof.

n. in a. toy lamp post the combination of a base, a top construction of icl-shaped formation including a pair of sections concaveconvex in cross section providing a. groove tlierealong, one of said sections having' laterally extending lugs for gripping about the other section when the grooves of said sections are in facing .relation to provide a passageway, means for assembling the top construction to said base upwardly thereof, each of said section-s of the top construction at ico tne free end thereof providing aneiilarged sorevrfthreaded segment7 said sections when held together havingsaid segmentsin .formation to provide .an internally screw lhreaded socket, an insulation ber disc oarried at the base ot socket passageway., bulb tor retachable threading in said socket, and a wire extending through said aassagi'ewaj: of the top construct-ion and connected llnouohsaid insulation washer to provide a Contact in said socket tor saidbulb.

6, ln a toy lamp post the combinz/ition oi a hase, a top ofnistrsuction oie Ushaped formation includnn'v a pair ot sect-ions concaveeonvcx in ciU section providing a .groove vf., one ol" said sections having lat- L Ading"lugs forgripping-gv about the other section 'when the grooves oi nsaid sec,- tions are vin facing relation to provide passageway, means for asseinbli the top Construction to said base upwardly therein", each ot sai d section of the top construe-tion at the free end thereof.providing an enlargeafl screw threaded segment7 said sections when held togetheinhaving said nents in 'torniation to provide an internally screw threaded soclet,.an insulation .iher di. ried at thebase of said -socket pas agewajx, a bulb for detachable .threading in said sovclet, a wireV extending` through said pas- Sageway ot the top construction and connected through `said .insulation washer to provide .a contact in `said socket tor ysaid bullo, and .a shade secured exteriorly about the segments providingsaidsocliet adjacent said insulation washer within the 4socket whereby to reinforce.saidsoolet.

7. ln a. toy :lamp `postthe CombinationI ot a heavy instal base includingI a.- platform and providing a passageway .upwardly there through, a tubular standard supported by said hase vprmfiding` a passageway aligning with the passageway ot the basepa clamping` terminal grounded on said base, a seoondv Clamping terminal carried in insulating relation by said base, a U-shaped top struetuse secured to the upper end ot said tubular shaped standard including a pair ot' grooved sections split longitudinally of the top structure,` one ot said grooved sections having .laterally extendingl lingers to grip about the other whereby to hold the sections together with the grooves 'lacing to provide a ll-shaped passageway communicating at one end with said passageway otl the upright standard, the other ot said top strueture seotions providing a reinforcing web7 each of saidsections ot the top structure at its tree end providing anenlarged tlnjeadedseginent which provide i kan internallyv screw threaded soo-liet ,when the -.sections are together, an; in` sulation washer clamped inposition by said segments 'in the hase ot'fsaid socket `adjacent the passage-way-,olf said top stri-,icturelq a `oonducting wire havinginsulation thereon v.evtending throughsa-id insulation washerto provide@ ContactV in saidsoclgget, said wire and insulation.snuglyfextending in rein'toi o relation through s, the l passyagewayA of the top st uc ture and downwardly through Vthe pas- .f-iageways oit'. `the standard, and `base for connection at its lower fend the terminal which insulated :troni .said ybaseand a hun g bulb z for said fsoelet.

ln a toy lamp-post thecombination-.ot

l windings:platform and -vyiniietal base?,

passageway upwardly therey yhular rtanclard gsupported i by said ,base providi; a' arpassageway ,aligning with the passageway .of the base, a.clampingn terminal grounded on saidbase, a second el inping` terminal carried inrinsulating relation by seid base, U.-sh' d topstructure sc vured the upper uendot vsaid,tubular ehr-pecl sta ndard includinga pair .of grooved sections split longitudinally olf the top structure` ;uie ol? said grooved sections having laterigill-y extend-ing"lingers toA grip about the other whereby toV hold the seotionsgt-ogether .with thegrooves facing-to provide a ,Uw shaped `passageway communicating at `one end ,with said .passageway ot .the upright standard, the other ot said top structure seotions providing :a :reinforcing web, each ot said. sections ot the top .structure at .its Viree -end providing Aan enlarged'threaded seginent which provide an internally screw threaded socket whenithe sections are .together, ,an insulation vwasher clamped. in positionbysaid segments in the base ot said socketadjacent the passageway ot said top structure` a conducting` wire having' insulation-thereon. extending. through said insulation'fwasher yto provide ,a contact-in said socket. said wireand insulation snuglyextending in reinforcing `relation through the pa. agewav of. the top structure and down-y wardly through the passageways ot the standard and ghase `for Connection at its 4lowerend to the teianinal` which is insulated from said basej a lainpbulb t'or4 said socket7 landa shade exteriorly securedin. clamping reinforcing, relation, about; .said socket lsegv`ments.

HENRY H. '.RosoHnN.

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