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Publication numberUS1600658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1926
Filing dateDec 17, 1924
Priority dateDec 17, 1924
Publication numberUS 1600658 A, US 1600658A, US-A-1600658, US1600658 A, US1600658A
InventorsHarry Weil
Original AssigneeHarry Weil
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US 1600658 A
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sept. 21, 192s. 1,600,658

. y H. WEIL TRAY -Filed Dec. 17. 1924.

ATTQRNEY Patented Sept. 21, 1926. j



Application mea Dccember 17, 1924. serial N-o. 756,417,

lVhile' applicable to trays generally, my improvements relate vmore particularly to the class ofyornamental and decorative trays designedfor use in boudoirs'and analogous purposes,.such forV instance as perfume trays, so called, etc., in which atransparent upper contactual surface covers and protects a lace worlr mat or other artistic embellishment,-4 the object of my invention being to provide a frame and copulative means whereby ornate relays may be conveniently removed and replaced, or substitution thereof effected, in a simple and expeditious manner without materially disturbing the parts of the tray, considered in a unitary sense.

To this end the invention consists in the specific combination and arrangement lof parts described and claimed, a distinctive feature being the use of a detachable elastic resilient bezel piece or locking strip for retaining said transparent cover medium 1n place upon and over the ornature in conjunction with a circumscribingV groove in the inner` edge of the frame, all as hereinafter fully set forth.

In the accompanying 'a practical embodiment ofthe essential features of my invention, althoughv I do not limitA myself to the identicalform and 'conf Y struction of parts and appurtenances shown by way of exemplilication, since changes in configuration and Vin* minor details, and equivalent mechanical expedients, may be resorted to with like results, and without departing from the spirit and intent of my invention in this respect.

With this understanding Y Fig. 1, is a top view of a traymade in accordance with my invention; l

Fig. 2, is a central longitudinal section thereof taken upon plane of line 2-2, Fig. l;

Fig. 3, is a sectional detail of the tray,

frame, etc., upon la larger scale;

Fig. 4, is a perspective view of the spring lock bezel or cover retainer. t

. F, is the supporting frameof the tray, of oval form as shown in Fig. l, although the configuration thereof may bek varied to suit` taste and requirements, the same principle of construction being involved whether the frame bey rectangular or curvilinear in shape. That is to say, in cross section as shown in detail on an enlarged scale in Fig. 2, the frame F, is formed with a substantially vertical' circumferential rim f, having an inturned substantially horizontal rectangularV bottom drawings I illustrate flange f', constituting a rest ifor a bottom plate Z). This bottom plate l), simply rests Vupon the yupper surface of the flange f', and

preferably, although not necessarily, con-v sists of aplate of glass of suitable size and shape, the edges of which fit within the vrim f, on this bottom plate b, a sheet or layer of decorative material or design a, is placed, consisting, for instance, of a woven or lace pattern, a picture, or any other desired ornal ture of suitable character, and on top of this is superposed a coverplate C, preferably of transparent glass,"although any equivalent substantially rigid transparent medium might be substituted in lieu of'glass with s rarest; orifice. g

essentially like results,-`the function of the r cover plate C, being to shield, protect, and

hold in place the ornature a, while admitting 0f observation and inspection thereof,- at the same time affording a rest and supporting device for Varticles placed temporarily upon the tray.

The bottom plate b, ornamental sheet'a, i

and cover plate C, Vare locked iii-position kwithin the frame F, by means of elasticresilient tenon strip of suitable material, and

suitable length, L, fitting and held by. its 1 expansive force within a groove f", formed for the purpose in the inner facevofV the rim f, said lock tenonV L, constituting` and func# tioning essentiallyk as a circumscribing bezel for the cover plate C, when all the partsof the tray are assembled.

This lock bezel strip L, may consist lof a. suitable length of metallic spring wire, of a strip of celluloid, or of any elastic material to which an expansive resilience or set may be imparted that will cause it to tend constantly to maintain engagement with the mortise groove fx, when sprung therein,

while at the same time its elasticity will admit of its being readily pried out of engagement with said -inortise groove j, when `1t 1s desired to remove thecover plate C, for

thepurpose of displacement or substitution Y of an ornature a, between sald cover C, and

thebase'plate b', as hereinbefore indicated; By this construction and arrangement of lcomponent parts of my tray, Aprovision is made for varying the decorative eect 1m-v thereto tol suit circumstances and reparted Y l quirements of use, or the taste and lncllnation of the owner, as may desirablevor expedient infadapting an orna! fume tray, to itsenvironment, etc'.

be'found .most

mental trayof this character. such asa perl It is `obvious that the bottom plate b, might be made integra-l With the frame F, if so desired with like results in eo far as the ornature a, cover plate @,and looking 'bezel L, are concern-ed, and hence I do not limit myself to a detachable bottom plate. The member a being oi a pliable nature forms a cushion for the cover plate C so as to obviate any danger 01' breakare of the said cover plate. `when the bezel strip L is sprung' into position.

`l/Vliat l cclaiinas my imfention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:-

AS an in'lp-roiled article of manufacture,

a tray of lthe oharacterdesignated, eoinpris- 1D flange the bottom,- a bottom plate resting 20 upon said inturned flange, a layer of decop rative material on said plate, a transparent @over plate on said decorative layer, the in- Y ner wall offthe saidl rim having anannzu'lar groove, anda resilient locking lstrip :above =26 and bearing on the upper surface of Said @over plate and sprung mtosaid groove,


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