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Publication numberUS1600747 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1926
Filing dateFeb 28, 1924
Priority dateFeb 28, 1924
Publication numberUS 1600747 A, US 1600747A, US-A-1600747, US1600747 A, US1600747A
InventorsAnthon Yurkovitch
Original AssigneeAnthon Yurkovitch
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Wire or rope gripper
US 1600747 A
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sept. 21,1926. 1,600,741

A. YuRKovrrcH WIRE QR ROPE GRIPPER Filed Feb. 2s, m24

Fuzz. I,


' v embodiment of Patented Sept. 2l, 1926.


application aiearebruary es, 1921i.v serial no. 695,695.

vrl`his invention relates to rope or wire grippers and more particularly to a gripper of the hand tool' type in which the rope or wirev is held by friction due to the direct contact between it and, the gripping faces of the tool. lVhile the tool is particularly adapted for use in sliding down rope fire escapes other uses to which itlinay be put will appear obvious from the followingdescription. An object of' this invention is toprovide a tool of the above type in which the grip-l ping surfaces are provided with rope posi tioning means for properly placing the rope between the surfaces of the tool and for'preventing displacement of the rope therefrom. A further object is to provide a4 tool of the type described struction, easy and positive in operation and cheap to manufacture.

These and other objects, which will appear v obvious from the following description, are accomplished by means of this invention, one which is shown in the accom Y panying drawings in which Figure 1 islaV front elevation of a tool constructed inac-` cordance with this invention showing the same in operative relation to a iope, Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same, Fig. 3 is a vertical section on the line 3 8 of Fig. 2

, Vand Fig. 4 is a top plan view of the tool.

This invention is illustrated as being applied to a hand tool having two lever arms 1 and 2 which are pivotally connected by a bolt 3 similarly. to a pair of shears. The levers 1 and 2 are respectively provided with laterally extending parallel arms 4 and 5 which are preferably formed integral with the levers so as to provide a rugged construction.

The arms 4 and 5 have adjacent faces 6 and 7, respectively, which form rope gripping surfaces and av rope upon manipulation of the levers 1 and 2 b y the handles 8 andv9 with which the levers are respectively provided at their ends opposite to the rope gripping arms. In order to properly position the rope between the gripping arms and also to prevent displacement of the rope therefrom I provide inwardly extending fingers 10 and 11 on the arm 4 and similar fingers 12 and 13 on the which will be rugged in conf which are adapted to grip arm 5, between which the rope is accommodated. In order to permit the arms 4y and 5"' i to closely approach each other so as Jco-,grip l 'I a comparatively small rope I provide grooves 14 and 15 in the arm for receiving the fingers 12 and 13 on the arm 5. Thevlatter arm has similarv grooves 16 and 17 for receiving the fingers 10 and 11 formed on the` arm 4. l The rope positioning fingers not only prevent dis 67ov l' placement'of the rope from between the gripping arms 4 and 5 but also position the rope a sufficient distance away from the handles 8 and 9Vto prevent yits coming into contact with the hand Vof the manipulator with the resultant injuryA or burning due to friction. l i 'y In sliding down a rope fire escape the levers are oscillated so as to spread thearms 4 and 5 sucien'tly far apart to permit the in`ui sertion of the 1 rope therebetween `and also withinv the inner fingers 12 and 13. By

gripping-the handles S and 9 the arms are caused to grip the rope with sufficient fric-- tion to enahleithe manipulator to slide down in safety. The lingers 10 and 12 prevent the ropefro'm' slippingout from between the gripping arms and the fingers 11 and 13 pre-V vent therope from approaching close enough to the handle of the toolto injure the hand of the operator.

llfhile I have ping arms on said levers, means for oscillaty ing said levers so as to cause said arms to grip al rope orkthe like, cooperating staggered fingers on said arms for positioning the rope therebetween. and grooves in each of said arms for accommodating the fingers on the other of said arms.v

describedone specific use to l `which'this invention may be' put-it is olo-y In testimony whereof, I have hereunto i subscribed my name this 2 3 day of February, 1924. A

ANTHON rURKovirci-igV

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U.S. Classification188/65.1, 81/426, 81/420
International ClassificationA62B1/00, A62B1/14
Cooperative ClassificationA62B1/14
European ClassificationA62B1/14