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Publication numberUS1600830 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1926
Filing dateOct 15, 1924
Priority dateOct 15, 1924
Publication numberUS 1600830 A, US 1600830A, US-A-1600830, US1600830 A, US1600830A
InventorsFlorence N Lewis
Original AssigneeFlorence N Lewis
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Lady's dressing case
US 1600830 A
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Sept. 21 I926.

F. N. LEWIS LADYS DRESSING CASE Filed Oct. 15, 1924 13 INVENTOR Zorn/CL ewe:

BY 4 fiat/x374 ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 21, 1926.




Applicatlonfiled October 15, 1924. Serial No. 743,701.

This invention relates to improvements in vanity cases or boxes, particularly ladies dressing cases containing a plurality of cosmotics and other articles necessary to complete a ladys toilet, and it is the pnincipal object of my invention to provide a case of this type which can be neatly and compactly folded in order to allow a convenient trans-. portation during travel, which occupies but little space,'and which can be quickly opened and placed upon a ladys dressing table to provision ofa vanity casef this type having its side or end walls stepped to receive a se- I ries of superposed tra s hinged to the steps and adapted to be rea ily swung out laterally to allow ready access to their contents and which may conveniently be swung inwardly with their inner end walls in enga ement" with each other allowin a smooth olding of the cover and front ap over their'front walls in order to allow a closing of the .case

to present a compact whole. t

A still further object of the invention is the provision of a case or box presentinga pleasing and highly ornamental exterior on account of its leather covering and asilk lining to embellish its interior when in use on a.

dressing table; the inner face of the cover being provided with a mirror to further increase the usefulnessof the case.

It is also one of the objects'of my tion to provide a vanity case having its top or cover hinged to the upper edge of its rear wall and held in its open position by segmental arms adapted to slide into suitable openings in the end walls when. the case is to be closed.- i

These and other objects and advantages of my invention will be more fully disclosed as the descrip'tionthereof proceeds,-"and will then be specifically pointed out in the. ap-

pended claims.

In the accompanying drawing, forming a material part of this disclosure:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of avan-ity invenor toilet case constructed according to the present 1nvention,open,

Figure 2 isan end. view thereof, in its closed position. F'gure 3 is a cross-section through the folded case with its walls on an enlarged scale to illustrate the various materials used to cover the outer walls of the case and toline its'interior. I

The case or. boxcomprises a body composed ofthe rear wall 10, side or end. walls 11 and 12,.stepped in front to produce vertical shoulders or abutments 13 and 14, and horizontal shoulders orsteps 15. -A partition 16 divides the case into two longitudinal compartments, a rear compartment 17 and a front compartment 18. The front compartment is closed or limited by the comparatively low front wall 19. v

A cover 20 is hinged as at 21 to the upper edge of the rear wall 10, and hasan upper angular bent flange22 to which a. keeper 23 for a lock .is attached, and'the members 24, and 25 of a suitable clamping or securing mechanism, the co-operating members of which, 2 1 and 25- are attached to the front face of a fla or front cover 26 which carries also the loo co-operatingwith keeper 23 and'is hingedly attached, or otherwise secured to the lower edge of the front wall 19 at the point of'its junction with the hottom of the case. l

The side or end walls 11 and 12 have in their upper edges suitable openings 26' in which ..the lower'ends of two segmentally shaped 'metal arms 27, 27 engage and are" .frictionally guided therein, the upper'ends of which are attached to the inner face of H v the cover 20 near the lower outer edges thereof. The lower ends of these arms may also be formed with lips as illustrated in Figure 2 adapted to engage suitable abutments or lugs within openings 26"and adapt d t hold' 1 4 the cover in its fully opened position illu' trated' in Figure 1.

A pair-of'super osed, comparatively. deeptrays 28, 29 are 'ingedly'secured at their rear corners to the step or shoulder 13 by I means of hinges 30,, 31 or' the like respe'c t vely, and areadapted to be swu'ng inand outwardly about their hinges to assume a ositio'n as illustrated in Figure 1, or an front wall 19and partition 16.

inner superposed-.position as will hereafter bemore described, resting .on top of thei l .{j

Another pair"ofsi1perposedtrays"32,

similar to trays 28, 29 are hingedly secured at their rear corners by means of inges 34 and 35 or the like respectively to the abutment or shoulder 14, and are likewise adapted to beswung around their hinges out of the casing to assume the position illustrated in Figure 1, or into the casing to assume a superposed position with the lower tray resting on top of front wall 19 and the partition 16, while their inner end walls 36 and 37 are adapted to meet and snugly fit against the inner end Walls 38 and 39 of the trays 28, 29 respectively.

As illustrated in Figure 3, the case is covered on its outside by a cover of leather, morocco, etc., generally designated 40, while the inner walls of the case are covered by a cover of silk or satin, etc., designated 11.

A mirror 42 is attached to the inner face of the cover flap 20, and the said face of a cover 20 as well as theinner face of front flap 26 are covered by a soft material 43, the dimensions of which are somewhat smaller than the dimensions of cover and front flap as illustrated in Figure 1.

In use,'the compartments and trays are supplied with the various articles usually adorning a ladys dressing table, as powder and rouge boxes, perfumes, tonics for the hair and skin, tooth paste, etc. and the front compartment 18 may be used as a container for a dressing gown, hair and tooth brushes, combs, etc. while an electric lamp may be added to complete the outfit.

It will be evident that such changes may be made in the general arrangement and in the construction of the minor details of my invention as fall within the scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit of my invention.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In a vanity case, stepped end walls, two trays hingedly secured in superposition to the front edge of each of the upper steps of said endwalls, apartition dividing said case into a front and a rear com'part ment for the reception of toilet articles, said trays adapted to be swung about their hinges to cover said compartments and articles contained therein and to be swung outwardlyto display the contents of said trays, a top a mirror in said top, a front wall, and a. flange on said cover adapted to engage over said front cover when the case is closed, means for guiding the movements of said top, and a means for locking said top to said front cover.

2. In a vanity case, a bottom, stepped end walls on said bottom, a rear wall integrally made with said bottom, and a front wall, smaller than said rear wall integral with the bottom, a partition dividing the case into two compartments for the reception of various articles of a ladys toilet, a front cover niovably attached to the front edge of the bottom, adapted to fold against said front wall, a top movably attached to the upper wall of said rear wall, a mirror in said top, pairwise arranged trays hingedly secured at their inner rear edges to the front edge of the upper step of said end walls, said trays adapted to be swung into the case to close the compartments below the top and to be swung outwardly to display the articles contained in said trays, segmentally shaped arms attached to the innerface of the top near the lower ends thereof, said stepped end walls having openings" in their upper edges into which said arms frietionally engage, lugs within said openings and lips on the free ends of said arms adapted to engage.

said lugs for holding the top in upright position and allowing a folding of the same against the case, a flange angularly disposed to the upper edge of said top and adapted in closed position of the case to engage over the upper edge of said front cover, and means on said flange to engage means on said front cover to lock the casein closed posi tion.

Signed at-New York in the county of New York and State of New York A. D. 1924.


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International ClassificationA45C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45C5/005, Y10S206/823
European ClassificationA45C5/00T