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Publication numberUS1600897 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1926
Filing dateJul 1, 1926
Priority dateJul 1, 1926
Publication numberUS 1600897 A, US 1600897A, US-A-1600897, US1600897 A, US1600897A
InventorsMurray Lesser
Original AssigneeMurray Lesser
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Shirt or similar article
US 1600897 A
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Sept. 21 1926.

M. LEssER SHIRT OR SIMILAR ARTICLE Filed July 1, 1926 INVENTOR {WU/WHY 55551? ATTORNEYS Patented Sept. 21, 1925.




Application filed. July 1,

My invention relates to shirts, waists, and blouses and more particularly relates to a means for adjusting the length of the sleeves of the garment. 7 r

5 Variants have been proposed of a series of fastening elements along the sleeve to adjust the length but have fallen short of a degree of practicability making for their successful use. The general object of my in- 1 vention. is to provide adjusting means involving the use of a series of fasteners along the sleeve and a single fastener located on the body of the shirt or similar garment and engageable by one or other of the series of l fasteners on the sleeve to adjust thelength of the latter and so located and arranged as to be effective in shortening the sleeve by a pull in a manner to avoid catching or straining of the sleeve and also in a way to 2 be concealed in the ordinaryposition of the shirt sleeve. v

The nature of my invention and its distinguishing features and advantages will clearly appear as the description proceeds.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, it being understood that the drawings are merely illustrative of one example of the invention. V 1

Figure l'is a perspective view of a shirt embodying my invention showing the sleeve raised and illustrating the garment asworn Figure 2 is an'enlarged view in vertical section, the section being taken through the armpit;

' Figure 3 is a detail perspective view showing the ventilating form of the fastener element employed.

7 In carrying out my invention in accordance with the illustrated example, I secure a fastener means 10, here shown as a socket element of a snap fastener and in a position along the side seams 11 of thefshirt A. To coact with fastener 'means. 10 I provide a 1926. Serial No. 119,918.

plurality of fastener means 12 along the inner side seam 13 of the shirt sleeve a.

By disposing the fixed fastener means 10 andv the series of adjusting fastener means 12 to lie at the inside of the sleeve inline with the armpits of the shirt, two important results are obtained: When the'shirtsleeve is grasped to exert a pull thereon to. raise the sleeve to give it the proper length and then fastened, the minimum strain is felt on the sleeve in its adjusted position. a The sleeve isv free from strains or tensions different from the sleeve when not thus heldgathered by the fastener elements, so that the sleeve hangs naturally and exerts no un-usual pressure or strainon the arms of the wearer at any point, or along any given line. Furthermore, by disposing the fixed fastener means on the body of the shirtrunder the armpits of the shirt, and disposing adjusting means 12'along corresponding lines, the adjusting means of the shirt sleeve is con cealed. 'Hence,the positioning of the fastenersat the locations described makes practical adjusting means of the general'character referred to, for varying the length of the Sl1l1t'SlGGV6." i

It is to be noted particularly from Figure Y 3 that the fastener elements 12 are each of a fornr having ventilating holes therethrough to thereby ventilate the sleeve at the gathered portion under the armpit.

Having'thus described my invention, I


A shirt p sleeve and body portions, said body-portion being-provided under the armpitswith a fastener, the said sleeve being provided with a series of. co-acting fasteners so arranged that the sleeve portion may be adjusted relati'velyto the body portion withoutdisturbing the normal set of the garment.


or similar article comprising

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U.S. Classification2/269, 2/115, 2/125
International ClassificationA41B1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41B1/00
European ClassificationA41B1/00