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Publication numberUS1602341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 5, 1926
Filing dateJan 14, 1925
Priority dateJan 14, 1925
Publication numberUS 1602341 A, US 1602341A, US-A-1602341, US1602341 A, US1602341A
InventorsDay Zeno W
Original AssigneeDay Zeno W
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Sheet-supporting device
US 1602341 A
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. Oct. 5 1926. 1,602,341

2. w. DAY





Application filed January 14, 1925. Serial No. 2,397.

can be removed and replaced. The device is intended to replace the old method of using thumb tacks for this purpose and there is no marring of the woodwork on which the articles are suspended.

The device comprises an elongated slotted supporting means into which clips are mounted so that they can be slid, the clips having a projecting part for suspending an element. A preferable manner of suspension is to form the clip so that it projects inwardly and downwardly so that its end forms a spring finger to hold a sheet against the surface immediately below the slot.

In order to make the invention clear,- I have illustrated it in the form of a molding which is placed over a blackboard and not only co-operates with the frame thereof for holding purposes, but forms a finish and is inconspicuous as a molding on the top edge of the frame.

The invention is illustrated in the accom panying drawing in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of part of the blackboard frame with an embodiment of my improved supporting means thereon and Figure 2 is'a section on line 22 in Figurev 1, this section beingon an enlarged scale.

10 indicates the frame, the top rail 11 of which is provided with the supporting device which consists of a sheet metal moldingformed with a base 12, an upright 13 and a top 14. The top'14 projects forwardly and downwardly at an angle and preferably terminates short of the front edge a support with a longltudinal slot, a V- of the base, this termination not being essential but being preferred to allow the insertion of the fastening screws or nails 15 from the top.

Insertible from the front and slidable transversely in the molding, are clips, these clips preferably-consisting of a strip of sheet metal bent into a U-shaped part as at 16, one arm 1.7 of which bears on the base and the other arm engagesthe top of the mold-- mg and. to cause it to be held against outward movement. I place the vgroove or channel part 18 on the end of the arm that engages the top, which not only holds the 'clip against slidinglaterally in the grooved element, but provides a slight projection which can be pushed down to permit the withdrawal of the clip.

The arm 17 is extended beyond the grooved part and is usually bent downwardly and inwardly to form the part 19' which bears against the sheet to be suspended as for instance, the map 20 or the announcement sheet 21. If the clips are not being used for supporting the device they can be slid along the grooved part and assembled as at 22.

The molding can be mounted on the top pending transparent sheets therefrom or for the purpose of supporting the shade temporarily in position. In fact, the device can be used in any place where temporary suspension of a sheet of material is desired.

I claim a v I 1. A sheet supporting device comprising an elongated support with a slot therein, and a clip having a doubled portion to bear by spring action on the edges of the slot and having one arm of said portion extended so as to'engage the support and form a means for suspending a sheet.

2. A sheet supporting device comprising a support'with .a longitudinal slot, a V'- shaped spring metal clip to engage the edges of the slot, one of the arms of said clip eX- tending downwardly and inwardly to form a lip to engage a sheet on the front of the support.

3. A sheet supporting 'device comprising shaped spring metal clip to engage the edges of the slot, one of the arms of said clip extending downwardly and inwardly to form a lip to engage a sheet on the front of the support, and the other arm of the V-shaped part being provided with a recess to fit against the edge of the slot.

4. A sheet supporting device comprising a sheet metal support formed into a flat 5 base, an upright back and an inclined top terminating short of the base, and a clip of spring metal formed into a V-shaped part to engage the base and front edge of the top, the bottom arm of the said part extending inwardly and downwardly beyond the slot In testimony that I claim the foregoing,

I have hereto set my hand, this 14th day of November, 1924.


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