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Publication numberUS1602543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1926
Filing dateNov 28, 1922
Priority dateNov 28, 1922
Publication numberUS 1602543 A, US 1602543A, US-A-1602543, US1602543 A, US1602543A
InventorsMartin Jr Jesse C
Original AssigneeMartin Jr Jesse C
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Grease cartridge and method of filling grease guns by means thereof
US 1602543 A
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Oct. 12 1926.



JESSEGMARTIMLTR as g Q m yaw attoznaqfi Oct. 12 1926.

' J. c. MARTIN, JR


Patented Oct. 12, 1926.


Application filed November 28, 1922. Serial No. 603,866.

The invention relates to a receptacle for grease, and has as an object the provls on of a receptacle that maybe readily applled to a grease gun of ordinary type for the purpose of filing the gun, and may be removed from the gun when empty and thrown awa A further object of the invention is the provision of a cartridge in which grease may be packaged for distribution and sale and which after being once used may be discarded: a further object of the invention is the provision of a package for grease which will be clean to use, cheap to manufacture, and which will prevent contamination of the grease by grit or forelgn matter until the grease is placed in the gun for delivery to the bearings: a further object of the invention is the PIOVlSlOIl of a process of filling grease guns which avo1ds any possibility of smearing the hands of the user an-d which may be practiced w th great convenience.

Illustrative embodiments of the article provided by the present invention are shown in the accompanying drawing, in wh1ch- Fig. 1 is a central longitudinal section of an ordinary form of grease gun to which the invention is applicable.

Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal sect1on of a grease gun with the cartridge applied thereto, the cap of the gun being applied to the cartridge.

Fig. 3 is a central vertical section of a modified form of cartridge.

Fig. 1 is a central vertical section of the form of cartridge of Fig. 2 with the stoppers in place.

Fig. 5 is a detail section of a further modification.

The gun shown in the drawing comprises a tubular barrel 10 having one end closed, and provided with a nozzle 11 to which'a flexible hose 12 may be secured in a well known manner.

The filling end of the gun as shown comprises a screw threaded extremity 18 upon which a cap 14: is adapted to engage. The cap 14 is provided with an opening 15, internally screw threaded to receive the screwthreaded stem 16 of a rod carrying a piston 17 provided with a cup leather 18 to make a tight joint with the interior of the barrel 10 of the gun. A handle is shown at 19 for revolution of the stem 16.

A cheap cartridge is shown in the form of .a shell 20, preferably formed of pasteboard or straw-board which has an internal diameter substantially equal to that of the barrel 10. The length of the cartridge 20 is preferably such that its contents Wlll be slightly less than sufficient to fill the barrel 10, in order that when the piston 18 is screwed to the dotted lined position in Fig. 2 and the entire contents of the cartridge have been displaced into the barrel, the grease in the barrel shall leave room for the entry of the piston 18 into the mouth thereof, after the cartridge is removed and after the piston has been retracted into its cap 14:. It is desirablethat the pistonmay be thus introduced and the cap screwed on to the gun without squeezing out any of the grease in the filled gun.

For the purpose of attaching the cartridge 20 to the barrel 10 the ends of the cartridge are shown as provided with thin metal members having screw threads rolled or pressed into the body thereof, the thread of one member engageable with the exterior thread on the filling end of the shell, and the thread of the other member engageable with the interior thread upon the cap 14.

As a means of securing the metal members to the end of the shell the ends are shown in Fig. 2 as provided with rims 21-22, one extremity of each rim, as at 23-24, being crimped firmly into contact with the material of the shell 20. The other edges of the sleeves 21-22 are shown .as turned about the ends of the shell 20. The inner portion of the ends of the shell 20 are preferably chamfered slightly, as shown at 25-26, and the metal of the rims 21-22 is preferably spun so as to lie in contact with the chamfered portions. A thread is formed in the material of the rims 21-22 preferably by pressing or rolling in a well known manner. A member 27 is shown as having a thread engageable with the thread upon the rim 21 and as being outwardly flared and carrying a thread upon its extremity 28, which is the duplicate of the interior thread upon the opening of the cap 14;, and is therefore engageable with the thread 13 upon the barrel 10. A second member 29 is threaded to fit the thread upon the rim 22 and is reduced in size so as to screw within the end of the opening of the cap 14:.

To retain grease in the shell 20, disks 30- 31, preferably of pasteboard or the like may be squeezed tightly into the open end of the cartridge after. the grease has been charged into tight contact with the shell 20.

thereinto, which disks will prevent exit of the grease or the ingress of foreign matter when the cartridges are shipped. Prior to placing of the cartridge upon the grease gun the disks31 will be removed after the fashion of the well known pasteboard milk stopper.

A modification of the cartridge is shown in Fig. 3, in which the rims 32-33 of thin metal, preferably a light gage of tin, are placed upon the ends of the shell 20, andmay be spun into contact with the chamfered portion of the same as already 'described in connection with rims 21-22. A

sleeve 27 28 is shown as placed .over each of the rims 3233 and as extending further down upon the shell than said rims. The rims and sleeves are then crimped togetlliaer this form of the invention the screw threa 'ing of the rims 32-33 is avoided; also the the vent 35 will be opened to'allow the air to escape, after which it will be closed to prevent grease escaping during use of the When used with a hard grease the pressure obtainable by means of the screw threads upon the stem 16 is very desirable to eject the grease from the cartridge. With softer grease this pressure is not required and the cheaper form of cartridge illustrated in Fig. 5 may be used. As there shown the end from which the pressure is applied is closed by a stopper 31' fitting within the shell 20 which stopper is retained by a rim 37 crimped into engagement with the shell and spun to provide a stop per retaining annular portion 38. With this form of the invention the'stopper 30 is removed and the end of the cartridge is engaged with the filling end of the 'un as in the other modifications, after w ich any drical container having the major portion of its length of substantially the same internal diameter as the internal diameter of a corresponding grease gun cylinder, and with one end enlarged to provide an overlapping fit with the upper end of said grease gun cylinder.

3. A grease gun cartridge comprising, in combination, a shell, rims upon the ends of the shell turned into contact with the end edges thereof, means engaged with one rim and carrying engaging means for securing the cartridge to the filling end of a grease gun, and means engaged with the other rim and carrying engaging means for securing the piston carrying cap of the grease gun to the cartridge.

4. A grease gun cartridge comprisin in combination, a shell having an interna diameter substantially equal to that 01 a grease gun barrel, a rim having a portion of'its material formed into the form of screw threads secured upon each end of the shell, a sleeve having screw threads engaged with one of said rims and provided with internal screw-threads engageable with the filling end of a grease gun barrel, a second sleeve having screw threads engaged with the other rim and provided with external threads engageable with the cap of the grease gun, and means for retaining grease Within the cartridge during shipping.


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