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Publication numberUS1603001 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1926
Filing dateAug 24, 1923
Priority dateAug 24, 1923
Publication numberUS 1603001 A, US 1603001A, US-A-1603001, US1603001 A, US1603001A
InventorsCarter Howard G
Original AssigneeCarter Howard G
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Abdominal water bag
US 1603001 A
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H. G. CARTER ABDOMINAL WATER BAG Oct. 121926. 1,003,001

Filed August 24, 1923 8 Mum Wow;

Patented Oct. 12, 1926.



Application filed August 24, 1923. Serial No. 659,069.

In the use ofan ordinary hot water bottle or bag on the abdominal region of a body, it often necessitates a tiresome,- if not an uncomfortable position of a person in bed to maintain the bottle or bag in place. It is almost impossible to wear such abottle or bag because an ordinary bottle or bag is devoid of any means of attachment to a body. Then again, the bulging configuration of a bottle or bag, when fully filled, is not conducive to a comfortable and uniform application of a bottle or bag to a body. The effective area of a bottle or bag is often restricted, be

cause of its shape, and a long period of treatment may be required for relief.

My invention aims to provide, as a new article of manufacture. an abdominal bag or receptacle that may be worn by a person moving about or while lying in bed, without any danger of the bag or receptacle becoming accidentally displaced.

My invention further aims to provide a simple, durable and inexpensive flexible receptacle for the application of heat and cold to the abdominal region of the body, the receptacle having a normally concave wall which will readily conform to the contour of the abdomen and afford a large surface for abdominal treatment.

Other advantages of my invention will appear as the construction is described by aid of the drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a front elevation of a hot water bag or receptacle;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged cross sectional view of the same, and

Figs. 3 and 4 are perspective views show ing the bag or receptacle applied to bodies.-

The bag or receptacle is substantially rectangular in front elevation and is made of any flexible water-proof or impervious material, for instance, rubber or a composition possessing similar properties. The bag or receptacle comprises a normally concave rear wall 1, and a normally convex front wall 2, said walls having rounded, moulded marginal edges 3 suitably secured together, for instance with a reinforcing bead 4:.

The front wall 2 is provided with an inturned annular flange 5 providing a filling opening, and mounted in the flange 5 is an interiorily screw-threaded collar 6 having a peripheral flange 7, which may co-operate with the collar 6 in ripping the edges of the flange 5. The col ar 6 and its flange is adapted to be anchored relative to the flange 5 by aninterior reinforcing member 8 having a feather edge 9 adapted to be vulcanized or otherwise secured to the front wall 2 and the flange 5, so that a nonleakable connection will be established between the front wall 2 and the collar 6.

Screwed in the collar 6 is a detachable plug 10 having finger pieces 11 to facilitate adjustment of the plug, and said plug is countersunk relative to the wall 2 so that it will not present any protuberance which would interfere with wearing apparel. By removing the plug 10, the bag or receptacle may be readily filled with water or other liquid.

The front and rear walls of the bag or receptacle, at the side edges thereof, are provided with integral longitudinally slotted tabs 12 which are inclosed and reinforced by an exterior reinforcing member 13 having feather edge side flanges 14 adapted to be secured to the walls 1 and 2, and as a matter of good construction, the tabs 12 and the reinforcing members 13 may be vulcanized or otherwise treated so, as to form a homogeneous tab at each side of the bag or receptacle. Of course the reinforcing members 13 have slots registerin with the slots of the tabs 12, and side ta bs permit of a belt or other flexible member 15 being attached so that the bag or receptacle may be adjusted to the abdominal region 16 of a body 17. The belt 15 may be equipped with a buckle, or may be in the form of a strap having any other means of adjustment, and by reference to Figs. 3 and 4, it will be noted that the configuration of the bag or receptacle conforms to the contour of the body 17 and may be safely and comfortably worn, without interfering materially with wearing apparel.

In 'manufacturing the bag or receptacle, I prefer to vulcanize the entire structure so that it will constantly retain the concavo convex shape, best shown in Fig. 2, and by reason of this'shape, the rear wall 1 will afford a large area for heat or cold treatment of the abdominal region .of the body.

It is obvious however, that the bag or receptacle may be used in the usual manner on other parts of the body, and while in the drawing is illustrated a preferred embodiment ofmy invention, it is tobe understood that the construction is susceptible to such changes as are permissible by the appended claims.

a concave rear Wall and a convex-front Wall,-

said Walls having the marginal edges thereof connected together and formed with slotted tabs, slotted reinforcing members inclosing said wall tabs and secured to said Walls, and an adjustablebelt attached to said avail tabs.

2. An abdominal bag comprising a front convex wall and areal concave Wall, said walls having marginal edges thereof secured together and portions formed into outwardly projecting tabs, a belt attached to said tabs, said front Wall being formed with a central opening and With int-urned edges surrounding the opening, a metal ring secured to said inturned edges, With the outer surfaeeof said ring inwardly of the outer surfaceof said front Wall, and a cap engaging said ring and lying Within the depression in said front wall formed bythe inturn- HOWARD Gr. CARTER.

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U.S. Classification607/108
International ClassificationA61F7/08, A61F7/02
Cooperative ClassificationA61F7/08, A61F2007/0022
European ClassificationA61F7/08