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Publication numberUS1603044 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1926
Filing dateJul 8, 1924
Priority dateJul 8, 1924
Publication numberUS 1603044 A, US 1603044A, US-A-1603044, US1603044 A, US1603044A
InventorsGise Allison D
Original AssigneeGise Allison D
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Wrist-attached article holder
US 1603044 A
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Oct; 12,1926.

A. D. GISE WRIST- ATTACHED ARTICLE HOLDER Filed July 8, 1924 5 J as J3 J2 INV ENOR.. 12 J3 AllzsozuH-Gwg;


I The primary object' of this invention-is,

Patented Get. 112, 1926,

" b mca .Apiilizaaizio'n.. filla y invention relates to -h ,)l ding devices and pertains. particularly to the 'classl'of wrist attachedholders or carriers. 7

the prov1sion,-in a manner as" hereinafterset forth, of a holder forpens or pencilsyand 2 designed togbe attaichedtofones wrist so that a pen or pencil;held-thereby-maybe easily and quickly accessible, securelyheld against. loss when not in use,and further retained. in ahandy andout of the w;aypo-- sitiornv w p L The, V invention contemplates the provision of:an improved o'val body of flexible-material, the 'endsof said body being extendeds egiatmar 1924. seria m; 724,244aflf device 'bing separate-fromthe securing elei mentsfand rentioyably fheldthereon.

broken a a -4m showj-thef relation I the.


wherein like numerals offrefer'ence indicate corresptindingi parts. throughout the several views 7 of the draw ngs; the dev ce embody- {Figurei'fi is atside view' oli'thestructure shown; in Figure 4;, portions thereof-being. s

v R ferring nowato thefdra wings detail ing thislinventioncoinprises a body portion 7 1 (it a suitable flexible material such {:as v leather, andfas shown this body-portion is of elongated over shape, and the endsof" the body are extended to provide 1 the eloirto provide securing elem t hich r og'ated relatively narrow securing-elements. adapted-tube passedliabout ones wrist secured diagonallyacross the'body of flexible material;- at an acute angle with resp'ec -t to the longaxis of theisaid body, is a relative-V 1y narrow flexible strap gelement, stitched'atits ends tothe body andformed-toprovide 7 loops upontheltop of the'body for- -thef re-"' ception of aspen or pencil or-both? A further and final object of the invention- Visthe, provision, in a mannergzas hereinafter set forth, of a wrist attached'holdingdevices 0f simplified; construction, strong, durable, and inexpensive to manufacture. 1

The invention will be .best, understoodfrom a consideration of the following detailed description taken in connection'with the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, with the understand ing that the invention is not confined'to any strict conformity with-the showing ofthe' drawings but'may be changedland modified .so long as such changes and modifications mark no material departure from the salient features of the invention as expressed in the appended claim. j:

In the drawings? V Figure 1 is atop plan view of the device embodying this invention showing the provision of a pairof holding 1oops thereon.

Figure 2 is a similar top plan view show: ing the provision'of one lOOPZOIllfYQQ Figure 3'is'a side View of the structure. shown in Figure 1 with the securing ele-; ments connected in the looped positionwhich they assume when secured about the wrist of a wearer. V H Y I Figure 4 is atop plan View of a slight modification of the structure disclosed in; Figures 1, 2 and 3, the body portion of-the" tures 4 pto receive "the pin. 5 3 of fth'e buckle- 6 secured {at the.- terminahendl the other w in aement a I a V Y Secured? diagonallyJaoross the body portion' I 'at an'mcute'qangle with respect tof-the longitudinal-taxis ofr the body portion, is

relative-ly narrow-wstn'ap member-7: of less '1 lengthet'hanthe lengthwofethei biody'; portion as shown, and this strap member isstitched at its ends tothe bodyportioh as shown, andjmay be relatively long and stitched through the center as indicated "at 8 to pro-.

vide the'pair of holding loops 9 or the body, Y l

or the strap 7 may be relatively short-asffl i shown in I Figure 2 0 provide the single holding loop 10. 1

The strap member'fi extends in a diagonal I plane with respect to the body 1 and further intersectsthetransverse median of thebody 51 at the longitudinal center of the latter.

The endsof the strap 7 are disposed at. i

opposite sides of the transversemedian of the body 1 and each at a'point substantially I centrally between the transversemedian and the point of joinder of a securing element and at anioppositeinclination withrespect to the plane o-f said me1nber'.g ,Theloops 9 extend transversely of the member 7 wi h respect to the widthof the latter I I In Figurest and 50f the drawings there. i

withthe bodyfl. The holding loopsforined by .-the Vmember 7. are disposed diagonally tended'to provide the short tabs 12 each provided with a transverse angular slot 13. This body portion as shown is of elongated oval form like the body portion 1 df thefirst mentioned structure, and may have one or more pencil holding loops. secured thereto,

the figure here shows only a single loop 14" stitched at each end as at 15 but, it is of course understood that a pair of loops may be secured to the body 11 in the same manner as the loops 9- are secured to the body 1' r of the structure shown in Figures l and 3.

' st p An elongated relatively narrow securing 16 is provided forluse in conjunction with the body 11, the ends of this securing strap being passed through the apertures 13 from the lower side so that the intermediate portionof the securing strap extends longitudinallyof the body portion 11 upon the;

I under side and theends of the strap project outof the apertures across the tabs 12 V as shown. This strap may be provided with appropriate securing means, snap fasteners here being shown with the heads 17 at one end ofthe strap and the buttons 18 at the opposite end, but any other ap-' ,propriate means may be; substituted for these snap fasteners. V

. From the foregoing description it may be.

seen that an improved pencil or pen holder is provided Which can be held conveniently upon the wrist, and due to the shape of the- 7 body portion, the same will be held tightly againstthewrist and will not turn upat the free side to catch in anything when the hand of 'the wearer is. moved about. Furtl1er,the securing loops carried upon the body portion are relatively narrow, requiring very little material, and further, the angular manner in which they are applied to the body portion gives a wide expanse 'of the'bodyp0rtion for the body of the pencil to rest upon.

having thus described my invention what I claim-as; r

A holding device for the purpose set forth comprising an oval-shaped flexible body portion and to provide a plurality ofspaced holding loops disposed in parallel planes and extending diagonally with respect to the body portion and further extending in planesx intersecting the plane of said mem- :b'er,,sa1d member havlng each end thereof positioned between the transverse median of said body portion and the point of join der of an element with the end of'said body elements are connected together to retain said body portion upon the wrist of a wearer.

V In testimonywhereof, I aflix signature hereto. I


portion, and means whereby said flexible

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Cooperative ClassificationA44C5/0046
European ClassificationA44C5/00B10