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Publication numberUS1603180 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1926
Filing dateJan 20, 1926
Priority dateJan 20, 1926
Publication numberUS 1603180 A, US 1603180A, US-A-1603180, US1603180 A, US1603180A
InventorsBruno Zabel
Original AssigneeTosca Zabel
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Loop-the-loop toy
US 1603180 A
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Oct. 12 1926.

- B. ZABEL L'ooP-THE-Loo? Tow` Filed Jan. 20, 1926 niwlvo Z'EL, on FEURA BUSH, Nnwxonmnssrelvonro ToscA zam-iig; or nnsivrnnn,


YfLoorLrma-L'oor ToY.

Application filed January 20, 1926. Serial No. 82,481.

This invention relates to mechanicalV toys,

and particularly to the type commonly referred to 4as' fffloop-the-loop toys wherein y an'object is caused to roll by gravity along lar form of loop track 'being shown a track in which thereV is a verticallo'op.v In passing along the track, the obJect is causedl to roll around the loop.y

The invention relates more particularly' to toys of the type wherein there 1s a track v having-an intermediate loop Vportion with Opposite'ly inclinedend portions which may be alternately raised, ,and has for its object to provide a simple mechanical constructiony for imparting the necessary rocking or tilting motion to the track. a

In the present invention I have illustrated la form vof loop-the-loop toy wherein the track lcontains two loops, this particuinmy prior VPatent No. 1,568,492, dated January 5, 1926,'for 'a` double loop-the-loop toy. However, theinvention is not yconiinedfto the particular form ofvloop track shown m my said prior vpatent as anyv loop track having an intermediate loop portion and oppositely` inclinedv ends may' be utilized, the present invention pertainmgl merely to a means for supporting the loop track and providing` a rocking support therefor.

The invention may be `readily understood by vreference to the accompanying drawings which illustrate a preferred embodiment yof the invention but to the details' of construction of which my invention is not confined.

In the drawings Figure l represents a plan view of a toy embodying my invention; l Figure 2 is 'a vside elevation thereof; Figure 3 is a perspective view of the support or mounting for the loop track; and

Figure 4 represents a section on line IV-f-IV of Figure 2. l

In the drawings, 2 designates a base member which is preferably formedV from "an integral piece of sheet metal. and which has a platform portion 3 and kdepending side portions 4 which have arcuately curved lower edges 5 'so as to provide rockers. The

curved lowerl edges are preferablycurledv to form a strengthening bead, as shown in the drawing. Y

Mounted on the base member 2 is the looped-track designated generally as 6. In its preferred" form it is comprised of two sections having loops 7,

Y. therefrom down t-he inclined track v,zontal track portions 8 and f tofore constructed,

horizontal exten- Amotor operated type,

sions 8 `and inclinedextensions 9,.'the'exv 'preferably provided vwith removable inclined track portions or extensions:y 9b, these' extensions having terminalff portions 9@ which are normally substantially horizontal. At the extreme ends of each Vof these removable tracksections is a stop;91.V 1

y Rigidly secured to the base member-2 is a suitable'handle member 13 by means of which the base may be` rocked. i

j In operation, a gravity propelled object such ias the toycar lishown 1n F igurev2 is placed on one of the looped track terminals.

The track isthen rocked until the terminal platform 3 preferably I i on which the gravity propelledobject is V-set is inclined sufficientlyk for the Vcar to roll portion 9b. In moving down the inclined portion 9b the car gains sufficient acceleration to carry it around the irstloop 7 along the hori-' around the second loop7. It'will continue to roll from the second loop along the opposite track section 9b which has by this time vbeen rocked until it is in a substantial horizontal position. f f i When the car or gravity. propelled object reaches the extremely oppositeend of the track, the operatorrocks they base '2 in the opposit-e direction inclining the whole track n the opposite direction .from that ofthe rst and around the loop inthe reverse direction tothe. starting-terminal. Byi continuously1 rocking.' the base back and' forth at the proper speed, the car may be caused to travel first in one |direction and thenv in the Vother direction around the looped track fromv other.4v

operation whereby the car is caused to i 'travel along the tracks y y one `end thereof to ythe f Toys yof the loop-the-loop,.type asherei have always been of the a spring having been eniplyed for imparting the necessary tilting motion to 'the track. `Vliere a spring motor is used, the expense of the toy is materially increased and it cannot be made as rugged as,` or' guaranteed' to' give' the satisfaction of, a hand operated toy. Further-4 cheap. At the same ytime the ftrack is provided With amounting by lmeans of'Which a very smooth and steady movement .can be imparted to the track, vand 'this is :desirable as any unevenness might be unsatisfactory as'it Would be likely 'totresult instheA gravity propelled object being derailed'in one-or the other of the loops. While l have :illustrated the invention vas being adapted to a ltrack having two loops therein,A it will be understood that it is applicable to a vtrack having any number of loops operatively disposed along the track in such manner that a car can be caused to travel around them when the track is tilted inV they manner herein described.

I claim as my invention zl. A mechanical toy including a looped track, a rocker on which the track is mountintermediate loop, and a-rocker a spring operated toy, but

`rocker :on Which ed, and a gravity propelled object in the track. n

2. A mechanial toy including a track with oppositely inclined sections and an oirvvhich the track is supported.

A lmechanical toy including a track having a pair 'of spaced apart loops with a f connectingportion-between the loops and an incline leading up 'from each loop, and a the connecting portion :of track is set and .to Whichit issecured v 4. A. mechanical toy .including a looped track member, Va gravity-propelled object adapted to roll along the track, and a :rocker platform on which ythe track is carried. v

5. A mechanical toy :including a looped tra-ck member, a adapted to roll along the track,a :rocker platform on Which the track `is carried, and an operating handle on the platform.

6. A mechanical toy including-a looped track, a platform on Vwhich the track is carried, a `pair of rockers .on 'the platform, and a gravity propelled VVobject adapted :to roll lin :the track. c

7. A mechanical toyincluding anintegral sheet-metal platform `Ahaving tri-.'rned rockers at each side thereof, a'looped track on the platform, and a gravity propelled object in the track. Y

ln testimony whereofl l have hereunto set my hand. BRUNO A -Z BEL.

downwardly gravity propelled object

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