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Publication numberUS1603198 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1926
Filing dateAug 11, 1924
Priority dateAug 11, 1924
Publication numberUS 1603198 A, US 1603198A, US-A-1603198, US1603198 A, US1603198A
InventorsRobert M Edington
Original AssigneeRobert M Edington
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Poultry drinking fountain
US 1603198 A
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Oct. 12.19263" 1,603,198

I R. M. EDINGTON I I POULTRY DRINKING FOUNTAIN Original Filed August 11, 1924 I 5 1 v \H'HHIH i M \HH'IHHL I 'm- Robert M.Ealing3:


" This invention r'elates to drinking ro n;

vide a fountain which will prevent needless Patented va. 12, 1926. "1

1 ROBERT M, ripinqron, orivrnnnnnnjivnw Jansen sommbm m Fonn'riiinq j ,Applicati on filed Aug an; i924, aerator-731,4 8. ae ew aiune 1 ,19 6;

'tains, and an object of the invention jisto provide a drinking fountain particularly designedvifor'useby poultry raisers, so as to enable the poultry to'obtain fresh, clean" drinking water at any time, and also to pro- Waste of water.

Other objects ofthe invention will 'appear invthe following detail description, and

c in the accompanying drawings wherein: f

Figure 1 is a vertical section through the improved drinking fountain.

Figure 2 is a top-plan of the improved drinking fountain.

- Referring more particularly tothe drawings, the improved drinking fountain comprises the lower bowl 1 which has a central sleeve 2 formedinternally therewith. Thesleeve 2 isinternally jscrew t-hreaded, as shown at 1, to permit connection therewith of a water supply pipe and also to receive therein the threaded cylindrical'body '5- of the valve structure which controls the flow of the water into the upper drinl'zing bowl 6.

v The upper drinking bowl v6-is smaller in 'diameter than the lower overflow bowl 1, and it may have a plurality of'slight' cut-away portions]? in its upper edge and outer surface to facilitate the drinking or overflow ofvwater from the upper drinking bowl'6 into the lower overflow bowl 1. The needle valve structure 5 is threaded into the central bosses 8 on the drinking bowl 6, and it serves to connectthe drinking bowl to the overflow bowl. The valve structure 5 includes the central duct 9 and the trans verse outlet duct 10.i .The .fiowof water throughthe ducts 9 and-10 is controlled the adjustable needle-11.

g A screen 12 is placed within the overflow bowl 1 upwardly from the'bottom thereof,

so as to prevent any foreign matter from flowing through the outlet 13 and clogging up the outlet; y Y

The drinking bowl 6 .is detachably connected to the valve structure ;5 and through I thef'valve structure to the overflow bowl 1 1 so as-to permit it to be quickly and easily 1 v removed forpurposes ofcleaning and sterilization. 'The upper projectingend of the valve 5 is of substantially'the same diarneter' 'as theinnermost bore of'the threadsin the collar 8fof the bowl 6, so as to serve as a guide when replacing the bowl 6 after it-has been removed, thereby materially increasing'the longevity of the device by eliminating liability of improper engagement of the threads. Ifiit is so desired, a gasket 7 or washer may be placed between the-collars-2'and SI W i n is, or course, tote understood, that the I invention may beconstructed in @various other manners andfthe-parts associated in diflierent relations, and-thereforel' donot desire to be limited in any manner, except as set forth in thecl'aims hereunto appended. I

overflow bowl having a water supply pipe connected therewith, a centrally disposed boss extending 'into said "overflow bowl, "a

drinking bowl smaller in'diameter than the overflow bowl, Q a depending boss onfi the I '85 said' drinking bowl to said overflow bowl,

drinking bowl,'avalv-e structure connecting and adapted to'regulate the flow of water within the overflow said central boss.

Intestimonycwhereof ,I aflix' signature,

into,the drinking'bow'l, and a filtering screen;

bowl and resting upon r v i 'R E TM. mama; j V

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U.S. Classification119/74, 119/900
International ClassificationA01K39/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10S119/90, A01K39/02
European ClassificationA01K39/02