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Publication numberUS1603612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1926
Filing dateSep 14, 1925
Priority dateOct 31, 1924
Publication numberUS 1603612 A, US 1603612A, US-A-1603612, US1603612 A, US1603612A
InventorsAlbert Krautzberger
Original AssigneeAlbert Krautzberger
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Air and color spraying apparatus
US 1603612 A
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Oct. 19, 1926,

A. KRAUTZBEI'QGERv AIR AND COLOR SPRAYING APPARATUS 'Filed Septll* 1925' fait? latentetl Cet. 19, 1926.




Application filed Septeniberv 1li, 1925, Serial No. 56,312, and in Germany October 31, 1924.

The present invention relates to an appliance 'lor spraying colors by means of compressed air, in which the spindle of the air valve and the color needle valve lie in line one behind the other. Such appliances are known. rllhe purpose of the present invention is to construct such an appliance so that the passage through which the air flows shall allow a clear vieiv to be obtained through it; further that the said air passage shall be capable of being cleaned by putting straight brushes through it. Furthern'i'ore, it can easily be ascertained, With apparatus according to the ii'ivention Whether the said cleaning has been effectively performed. The air flowing through the apparatus does not ,need to be throttled until it iioivs through the nozzle, Where a conicalspace is Jformed in which is a. partial vacuum. rlChis partial vacuum exerts a suction which draws the fiuid to be sprayed from a container arranged on one side in a known manner.

The invention is illustrated diagrammatically, by Way oi example, in Figs. 1 and 2, in which Fig. l is a vertical section; v

Fig'. 2 is a vertical section through the air inlet valve, on the line AB ot Fig. 1.

The compressed air enters the appliance thi-ouh the pipe 6b, which is attached on the lower side, and then iiows round a pipe which is provided with an internal screw thread and which is closed by means oi' the closing member 29. By removing the closing member 29 the passage 6d, hereinafter more particularly referred to, is rendered accessible. The air next iioivs into the valve chamber G, and to the air valve 20, which is arranged on a spindle, then into a short straight pipe which is parallel to (3b, and then into the air passage 6d. rihe above mentioned short pipe projects beyond Gd to the outside of the appliance, being closed at this outer end by means oi the closing member ducing at 6 a rarecation of the air Which has a suction eiieot. In this Way the fluid which is to be sprayed is drawn from the container' 3; the fluid ilovvs through the passage 3u surrounding the color valve needle 5, iinally arriving at 6. is the hand lever which controls the valves. 1t has been proposed, in the case of this type of apparatus, to maire the front parts Which form the nozzle, the baclr parts which itorm the air valve, as vfeil as the air and color valve spindles, removable. iith such apparatus, as hitherto constructed, it was not possible to have a free view through the air passage. It is, however, necessary to obtain such a view, in order to be able to clean the apparatus effectively. This is made possible by the present invention, in Which the air passages are laid free by the removal of the closing members.


A. color spraying apparatus, having an air valve` a color needle valve, a spindle on which the said air valve is mounted, ,the axes oi the said spindle and needle valve being in line with each other7 an inlet passage for the compressed air perpendicular to the line contai. ing` the said axes, a valve chamber for the air valve, a pipe which is perpendicular to the line containing the said axes and which leads from the said valve chamber, an open communication between the said pipe and the valve chamber, a member closing the end of the said pipe, an air passage slightly inclined to the line containing the said axes, a nozzle, the air passage lying be tvv-een the said nozzleand the rear end oi the apparatus, an opening at the rear end ot' the apparatus in alignment with the air passage, a closing member in the said opening whereby the said air passage can be laid bare for inspective and for cleaning purposes, after the removal of the said closing members, as set forth.

in testimony whereof l have signed my name to this specification.

,aLnsnr Knaurzsnaena.

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U.S. Classification239/110, 239/424, 239/414, 239/345, 239/353
International ClassificationB05B7/24
Cooperative ClassificationB05B7/2478, B05B7/2435
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