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Publication numberUS1603954 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 19, 1926
Filing dateDec 4, 1925
Priority dateDec 4, 1925
Publication numberUS 1603954 A, US 1603954A, US-A-1603954, US1603954 A, US1603954A
InventorsTom Huston
Original AssigneeTom Huston
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Display stand
US 1603954 A
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ou. 19 192e. 1,603,954

T. HUSTON DISPLAY STAND Filed Deo. 4, 1925 mlm/IW i lllHll-Illlllllli..

h "nl I l a i l i i l l l l I hl -l wp; i y i l 5 1 I 4 8 6 "5 llllll-T-U' 'l' l m\\\\\\/'||l|` I Hl Patented Oct. 19, '1926.




Application led December 4, 1925. Serial No. 73,160.

My invention relates to a display stand for merchandise, and particularly for small package goods such as salted peanuts, candy` chewing gum and the like.

The object of my invention is to provide a combined 'ar holder and advertising display stand w ich will not only hold the glass jar containing the merchandise securely in position 011 the counter but will also serve to display both permanent and changeable advertising matter relative to the merdise so as to make the display more attractive and increase the sale of the articles displayed.

My invention further comprises the novel details of construction and arrangements of parts, which in their referred embodiment only are illustrated 1n the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specicat-ion, and in which:-

Fig. 1 is a vertical cross-section through y a show case with my improved display stand shown partly in side elevation and partly in section.

FigfQ is a perspective view of the base or stand with its advertising displays.

Similar reference numerals refer to similar parts throughout the drawings.

In the embodiment of my invention illustrated, I show a glass jar or container 1 having` a removabe top 2 and which is adapted to be filled wlth the goods to be displayed. This jar will fit snugly in a seat 3 provided in a base or stand 4, the seat being formed by a downwardly and inwardly curved flange carried by an annular substantially' vertical flange 5. I cast integral with the base' ahorizontal fori ward extension or neck 6 adapted to have its outer edge overhang the front edge ofthe counter 7 upon which the device 1s placed. This neck 6 carries a wedge sha ed exten sion 8 which is made wide enoug to carry on its 11 per bevelled lsurface suitable permanent isplay matter, such as a trade-name for the goods on display in the` jar. The

outer forward edge of the extension 8 is integral with a downwardly depenhng backing plate 9 having attached to its front face a window frame 10 formed with a top slot 11 through which an interchangeable advertising sign or display card 12 is adapted to be dropped and to be displayed in vertical position in the frame which hangs parallel with and close to the front 13 of the counter. All of the base as thus far described is preferably in the form of an integral casting and is suitably ornamented so as to make a very attractive and effective display.

Though I have described with great particularity the details of lthe embodiment of the invention herein shown, it is notto be construed that I am limited thereto, "as changes in arrangement and substitution ol equivalents may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the invention as defined in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent', is

1. An advertising display stand, coinprising the horizontally disposed seat for a display container for wares, and a depending front flange adapted to overhang the counter and provided with means for the reception of a dis lay.

2. An advertising display stand according to claim 1` in which the flange is connected with the seat by a neck and adapted to receive an advertising display card.

3. An advertising display stand comprising a glass jar, and a base providing a countersunk seat for a display jar adapted to rest on a counter, an integral neck adapted tooverhang theI counter, and a dependentdisplay card holder adapted to underhang from said neck and to be disposed in front of the counter.

In testimony whereof I aix my signature.


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