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Publication numberUS1604621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1926
Filing dateApr 23, 1923
Priority dateApr 23, 1923
Publication numberUS 1604621 A, US 1604621A, US-A-1604621, US1604621 A, US1604621A
InventorsWallace Arthur M
Original AssigneeWallace Arthur M
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Parsley-display holder
US 1604621 A
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Oct. 26 1926. 1,604,621

A. M. WALLACE PARSLEY DISPLAY HOLDER Filed April 25. 1923 E. fizz/111mm 1i 1 w Law) Patented Get. 26, i926.

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Application filed. April 23, 1923. Serial No. 634,057.

My present invention being referred to as a parsley display holder, it will be understood that it is a primary object of this invention to provide simple and effective means for spacing and securing parsley or a similar garnish material, as the same is used for decorative purposes in butcher shops, delicatessens, restaurant windows and the like, in which parsley is commonly distributed between and in front of the respective dishes containing meats or other foods for sale; and it should be understood that my invention may be employed for various similar purposes of exhibition or display.

It is a further object of this invention to provide, in addition to suitable plant engaging and supporting elements and securing means therefor, means to facilitate the loading of a parsley display holder of my improved design; and my invention comprises also the method of loading and the methods of employing my display holder hereinafter described, it being a general object of this invention to economize the use of parsley or other display material, to increase the attractiveness of displays of such material, to prolong the life of the material used, and to facilitate the handling thereof.

Other objects of my invention will appear from the following description of a pre ferred embodiment thereof and from the appended claims, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a plurality of dishes suitable for the retention of meats or other food materials within a showcase, the spaces between the respective dishes and in front thereof being occupied by display holders of my improved design, as the same may be used in the handling of parsley.

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of a single, complete holder, one sprig of parsley being shown in place.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section which may be regarded as taken on the line 33 of Figure 2. V

Fig. l is a perspectiveview showing a loading block suitable for use in the dispos ing of parsley, or, the like, within one of my novel holders, shown with parts broken away.

It is believed that the general character and advantages of my novel parsley holder will be readily understood from the detailed description of a preferred'embodiment thereof. In the form shown in the drawing, D may be regarded as CllSllGS adapted to contain meats or other foods, between or adjacent to whlch are shown holders H, re-

speotively comprising a "pair of parallel, up-

standing, stem-engaging elements, one of which may have the character of an angle bar 1, to which the stems of parsley sprigs may be applied in any suitable manner, and the other, 2, having the character of .a T bar, adapted to be so applied to the angle bar 1 as to bend the stems of the mentioned sprigs of parsley, or the like, the angle barfll and the T bar 2 beingthereafter secured to one another by any suitable means, such as the clips It will be obvious that the mentioned stemi engaging elements, which may advantageously be formed of sheet metal, such as galvanized iron, and may advantageously be painted green, are adapted to be retained in a vertical position by means of the later: i

ally extending flanges & and formed thereon; and to secure the mentioned parts in the relative position best shown in Figures 2 and 3, I prefer to adapt the latching clips 3, shown as pivoted at 6, to permit the stemengaging elements 1 and 2 to be spaced apart suiiiciently to provide for the retention of the stems therebet'ween, notches 7 being employed for this purpose, and the, sheet material of which the members 1 and 2 are formed. being sufficiently resilient to accominodate horizontal portions of the mentioned stems. j 7

As best shown in Figure 8, thestemengaging angle bar .1 may optionally be strengthened by the formation of a bead or return bend 8, at the top thereof, a similar return bend 9 being shown upon the cooperating T bar 2, which is shown as provided with a right angle bend at 10, and with' a bend of 180 degrees at 11, whereby this element is strengthened and providedwith a flange 13, adapted to underlie the flange 4 of the angle bar with which it cooperates.

In order to load a holder of my novel'de retention of an angle bar 1 thereon, in the manner best shown in Figure 4-. In order to temporarily hold such an angle bar in position during the distribution of sprigs of parsley therealong, with the stems of said sprigs overlying the angle bar in the manner shown, any suitable retaining means may be provided, and for this purpose I prefer to employ an upstanding pin or projection 17, which ma be a mere nail driven so near to the edge of the block 14L as to adapt the same to extend through a hole 18 in the mentioned angle bar.

vl hen'sprigs of parsley, or the like, have been distributed along the block 1a in the manner described, the separation and retention of the respective sprigs being facilitated by the mentioned projections 16, the Thai" 2 may be so applied as to bend the mentioned stems 19 from the position shown at the left of Figure 4, into the posit-ion shown at the right of said figure; and, the bars 1 and 2 being then looked together by means of the clips 3, the holders and the parsley engaged thereby may be lifted from the loading block 14: and employed for the intended purpose of display.

As willbe obvious from an inspection of F gures 2 and 3, the edges 20 of my holder may be employed as a gulde in cutting off the ends of the stems of the parsley, after the same have been secured in the manner described.

By means of a holder of the character above described, a relatively small quantity of parsley, not exceeding one'third of the quantity heretofore commonly used, may be so disposed as to secure a decorativeefl'ect distinctly superior to that which has heretofore customarily been obtained, and it will.

be obvious that the distribution of the parsley may be very quickly effected and that,v

although it is not liable to easy derangement, by withdrawal of a dish or otherwise, the respective holders andthe parsley retained thereby may be quickly removed I from a showcase or a counter when desired,

'as at the end of the days business,

immersing the bases of the respective holders, through. which the stems of the parsley may extend horizontally, in water.

Although l have herein described but one embodiment, it will be understood that various features thereof might be independently employed, and also that various modiiications might be made therein without departure from the sp it and scope of my invention, as the same is indicated above and in the fol owing claims.

v fhat I claim is:

1. A display holder comprising a pair of upstanding elements between which is retained the article to be displayed, one of said elements having a lateral flange and pivoted clips mounted upon said lateral flange, said clips adapted to embrace both sides of said. lateral flange and engage the other element. i

2. A display holder comprising a pair of upright elements, one of said elements having lateral flanges extending upon both sides thereof, the other of said elements having a lat ral flange adapted to rest upon one of the lateral flanges of the first element, and means for detachably securing said elements together.

3. A disnlay holder comprising a pair of upright elements, one of said elements having lateral flanges extending upon both sides thereof, the other of said elements having a lateral flange adapted to rest upon one of the lateral flanges of the first element and pivoted clips carried by the first mentioned element adapted to engage the second element. 7

l. A display holder comprising a pair of upright elements, one of said elements having lateral flanges extending ipon both sides thereof, the other of said elements aving a lateral flange adapted to rest upon one of the lateral flanges of the first element, and notched pivoted clips carried by the first element adapted to embrace the flanges'of both of said elements.

5. A display holder comprising an angle bar and a T bar, the legs of said angle bar being adapted to engage one horizontal leg and the vertical leg of said T bar and means forclamping said bars together.

6. i i-display holdercomprising an angle bar and a fl bar, the legs of said angle bar being adapted to engage one horizontal leg and the vertical leg of said l bar and means for clamping said bars together, an aperture formed in the upright legs of said bar and fastening means extending through said aperture for temporarily holding said legs apart.

name to this specification.


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