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Publication numberUS1605737 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1926
Filing dateMay 26, 1926
Priority dateMay 26, 1926
Publication numberUS 1605737 A, US 1605737A, US-A-1605737, US1605737 A, US1605737A
InventorsHume George C
Original AssigneeHume George C
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Paper holder
US 1605737 A
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- Nov'.` 2 1926.

G. C. HLJME PAPER HOLDER Filed May 26 1,926




`Application filed May 2G, 1926. Serial No. 111,765.

This invention relates to portable holders A helical spring 29 encircles the rod 27 beo1' clips used on desks for holding checks and tween the offset portion and the top arm, other similar papers; and it consists in the and presses the clip plate downwardly. novel construction and combination of the The checks or other papers to be held are parts hereinafter fully described and slipped under the block 15 when the clip claimed. plate is raised a little t0 receive them, and

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a side view are then securely held as the angle-shaped of a paper 'fastener constructed according to form of the block 15 operates like a pawl, this invention. F ig. 2 is a plan view of the and prevents them from being moved 1o saine. Fig. 8 is a front View, and Fig, 11 is easily in the reverse direction. The block a vertical cross-section taken on the line 15 is raised by hand to release the papers,

4-1 in Fig. 1. and the clip plate can also be raised if neces- A 'base plate 6 is provided, and has a sary.

sheet of soft material 7 on its underside to TWhen a quantity of papers have been in- 'f 15 keep it from scratching the desk or table. serted in the holder, the lower part or face An upright 8 projects from the back edge of of the block 15 is raised to a horizontal pothe base plate, and has a vertical slot 9 in sition, and both pads 18 bear on the papers it. A horizontal arm 10 projects forwardly and assist in holding' them. The block 15 is from the top of the upright, over the base spaced at a suflicient distance from the cli 2o plate., and has a longitudinal slot 12 in it. plate to prevent its lower part from strik- Two arms 14 project forwardly from the ing the clip plate, when raised to hold a side edges of the upright al little below the large number of papers. The upper end of level of the top arm 10. the curved spring 22 slid-es against the un- An angle-shaped block 15 is pivoted at its derside of the top arm when the curved rod tween the free end portions of the side arms arm. 14. The lower portion of the block 15 has I/Vhat I claim is:

25 upper end portion to a pin 16 extending be- 1s raised and slides along the slot in the top undercut recesses 17 formed in its face, and 1. A paper holder, comprising a base 18 are cylindrical pads of india rubber or provided with an upright and having also 150 similar soft material secured in the recesses, side arms and a slotted top arm which proand projecting below the level of the face of jects from the upright over the base, an anthe block. A curved rod 20 is secured to the gie-shaped block pivoted` to the side arms block 15 at one end, and projects upwardly and provided with a lifting rod which prothrough the slot 12 in the top arm. A jects through the slot in the top arm, a 35 curved helical spring 22 is arranged loosely spring which presses the said block downaround the curved rod 2O between the block wardly, and a slidable spring-pressed clip 15 and the top arm 10, and normally presses plate arranged adjacent to the said upright the lowest pad against the base plate. The over the base plate. rod 2O has a knob 21 at its top. 2. A paper holder as set forth in claim 1, A clip plate 24 is arranged above the base the lower part of the angle-shaped block beplate adjacent to the upright, and has an ing provided with undercut recesses, and upwardly offset portion 25 at its middle pads engaging with the recesses and projectpart. A guide 26 has a T-shaped head ing from the block. works in the slot 9 of the upright, and is 3. A paper holder as set forth in claim 1, r riveted to the underside of the offset portion the said upright having a vertical slot, and 25, so that the clip plate is slidably connectthe said clip plate having a guide which is ed to the upright. A rod 27 is secured to the slidable in the said slot. offset portion 25, and projects through a hole In testimony whereof I have afIiXed my in the top arm 10, and has a knob 28 at its signature. top which bears on the top arm and holds the clip plate a little above the base plate. GEORGE C. HUME.

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U.S. Classification24/67.7, 24/509, 24/523
International ClassificationB42F9/00, B42F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F9/00
European ClassificationB42F9/00