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Publication numberUS1605749 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 2, 1926
Filing dateAug 4, 1923
Priority dateAug 4, 1923
Publication numberUS 1605749 A, US 1605749A, US-A-1605749, US1605749 A, US1605749A
InventorsHenry Mccarthy William
Original AssigneeJohn R Dulany
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Pipe-cleaning appliance
US 1605749 A
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Nov- 2 1926.

Patented Nov.l 2 1926.


` 1,605,749H PATENT OFFICE.



Application filed August 4, 192,3. Serial No. 655,789,

This invention relates to improvements in pipe cleaning appliances and more particu-l larly to means for supplying chemical material to pipesto be cleaned,-the object 'of 5 the invention being to provide simple and eflicient means to facilitate the supplying of a chemical pipe cleaning material to soil, sewer and drain or other pipes comprised in plumbing structure. u With this and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain -novel features of construction' and combinations of parts y, as hereinafter set f forth and pointed out in the claim.

' portion 2, a bottom head 3 secured thereto and having an internally threaded projec` tion 4 constituting a nipple for thereception of a pipe connection, and an upper head 5 having a peripheral flange 6 to encircle the upper end of the tubular body 2 and is removably connected with the latter, preferably by means of a threaded lconnection. The flanged portion of the head 5 is @o formed as to provide an internal shoulder 7- for the accommodation of aV gasket 8 (preferably of leather) whichl is disposed between said shoulder and the upper edge portion of the cylindrical body portion. The head 5 is provided with an annular projection 9 threaded interiorly for the reception of the threaded portion 10 of a nipple 11, said nipple having an enlargement 12 forming a shoulder which bears against the free e of the annular enlargement k2) and is preferably made rigid with the latter by means of solder or otherwise. Connected with the nipple 11 is a flexible (preferably lead)' pipe e 13 and the' connection of this pi e with t nipple will preferably be forme by means of a wiped joint, suchfas indicated at 14. The container is provided near its' lower` portion with a drain-cock 15.

When my improvements are to be applied for use in cleaning a soil pipe, a pipe connection 16 is made to communicate lwith the nipple 4 at the bottom of the .container In the accbmpanying drawingsf-r.V e"

and is passed through a plug 17 having.a rubber gasket `18 thereon and, after having removed the solid plug usually employed in the clean out hole of a soil pipe, the plug 17 will be inserted in said hole.

For the purpose of filling the container with chemical cleaning material, the upper head 5 of said contain-er will be removed. After the container shall have been filled .Y and the head 5 replaced, the flexible pipe 13 will be connected with a suitable source of watersupply. As a matter of fact when the appliances are installed in the cellar of the building, the flexible pipe Vmay have permanent connection with a water supply pipe and any suitable valve means provided to -control the passage of water through said flexible pipe to"` the container. When the f appliances are thus installed, I lprefer to employ a `valve 19 Vinthe pipe connection 16.

It will be understood that when wateris permitted .to fiow to the upper end of the container, the chemical material in the latter will be caused to pass to the pipeto be cleaned.

When my improvements are to be employed for supplying chemical cleaning 4Inaterial to a drain pipe, such as the drain pipe from a basin or sink, I may employ a metal plate or `disk 20 to'be disposed over the out- 85 let opening of the basin or sink and provided with a rubbergasket 21 to form a tightv connection with the bottom of the basin or sink. The cover device 20-21 will preferably be clamped in -place and to effect such clamping, a threaded rod 22 passes through said disk or cover member and is provided at its lower end with a lateral arm 23 to engage under the spider usually employed in the drain outlets ofy sinks and basins and an L-shaped arm 24 is loosely mounted onthe rod",22 so that it may engage between members of said spider and prevent the rod from turning. A thumb nut 25 is screwed on the rod 22 and engages the upper face of the disk or cover 20. The disk or cover is provided with an upwardly projecting externally threaded nipple 26 to be connected by a pipe L16a with the lnternally threaded nipple 4 devalvev of said spigot. 11o

Having fully described my invention What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, is:

A 'device for cleaning waste-pipes com` prising a cylindrical upright container adapted to receive a cleaning agent through its upper end, a head removably engaged over the upper end of the container, a Hexible metal pipe having one end permanently `secured in Said head andcommunicatng through the head With the interior of the container. the opposite end of said pipe being provided with means for connecting it with a wat-er supply whereby to supply Water under pressure to the container and the cleaning agent therein, a head secured over WKLLIAM HENRY McCARTHY. [1.. s]

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