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Publication numberUS1605947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1926
Filing dateSep 29, 1925
Publication numberUS 1605947 A, US 1605947A, US-A-1605947, US1605947 A, US1605947A
InventorsH. Heady
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Harry heady
US 1605947 A
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emilieetim). ileil 29 feifie me. F53 31.-?.

:is :m :ulti kid er non-slipping device.

lt is e, well known 'fact that these whese occupation makes it necessary im' them te seminal er welk upon cement ileeis e1' 1mm ei iii feel; other liiiiil luoi's er mwis s, we subject te the (liszulvuuizi e ei f r achingi burning nml, sere feci, :mil ii lie purpose of relieving such @libellciizi my invention proposes ai cusii- 'icc which may be se :applied le the. fie eeiisitue mi ei'eirlive cusliieii lei: substantiel spilspnces beiwecii per 'ieiis ci cushion., che device icl :ilse .lfunctieiiiiig lic avciil climgei ci cut e ze .Eiie betteln ci e slice? :ii-rc :heie mfl ci' ille siiee, se cept ,simply asie is i'ecuii'eci iii ille sip-- flee ie a slice. proposes le'vice ci *che 1.71? "iaifwei which is nel; only effective bul; .is et the Seme Mme ceiivei'iand. inexpensive .iii he accompanying dimming' which iiiusbiaes 1115, present iiveiitiezi and forms a part ef this speciiiczieii9 l speclivef"few showing 0' il-' improves nis,

eic-ngvifilli transverse ceiiuggjatiens 12, und

provided with e transverse opening; i3 iewrli each eerugeiieii.

in i continuous strip. the piealuci ci' D" invention muy lie carried in stock' in ioiis "met legen?. lie size enti wilieut regard wlieie e sec'ieii ci ilie ship proposed iiy my inw Lien ie eirtendcri aramid @he periphemi pciinicn ci the' bail of iliesiiee soie, with :i feimimii perieii efieneiiiig centrally emi. longitudinally' ci the Sele, :i second end lliiiicl siiip lieiiig` ari-zuigeii seiiiewlizit siiiiiimly upon the licei section ci the soie. lli; is elo viens liewevci, limi ifzliieiis @their eienge .ii'ieiiis may lne iesei'ied te :imi Miet my iiiventina by vicine ef its iieri'ew eine eied ferm and its piiebie elesie materiel ef miie of i number of diiieiem aimiigemens, depending apen either 'libe chai-acier anal use oi? shoe ci upon the paiiicuiai: desires of ilic user.

'hi'ficusiy Qessible te cement selle ei: :secure it in place feet-encre, which lee empieyecl in the the coirugatiee 'this sti-ip as pmpesed by my that tiie iieeiis ei scelti fasteners will nel; came 11i cem-Lect Wii'sli 'iie ground. C

iiie ein amiens if ii in pxecice be munclee es' siie fix, emi. spaced apei; es

veise openings 13 iiiieugh these cociiige tiene9 be object 0:5 which openings is ie ferme en effec' and". al; iie same lime simple, economi Wes ci? preventing; slipping, and eveieis iiiie elisefiv'enegee ci? lmcwe cusliiening :mel nen-slipping devices which :require 'die frying in steek ci' a plurity' ci.' clii'l'eeiit sizes enel shapes. :it e pre ei'iiliie iliziii lille device in piaciice be made of ieeriiiy pliable ei* wlmi is known :is live rubber, .find it is also preferable that each ecii'ugetiori imve one of the beforementieiied epeninge 13.., which materially acids i0 "the-eieeticiiiy emi particularly the compression possibiiiiies of the cemfugw tiens themselves. l

i claim LA. crminumis ireml si'ip for slices formed ci piiiiule mmieiiai lie-,ving one fiel; fece em imisverseiy ceiiugated ieee,

ugziiecl snip. ei? my invention the cnrrugatins being rounded anti spaced apart forming valleys between'them adapt able to the reception of'stening members. 2. A continuous tread strip for shoes I 5 formed of pliable material having one lint face and onetmnsyersely corrugated fune, the corrugations bemg rounded sm spaced HARRY HEDY.

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U.S. Classification36/59.00C, D02/955
International ClassificationA43C13/00, A43C13/04
Cooperative ClassificationA43C13/04
European ClassificationA43C13/04