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Publication numberUS1606258 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1926
Filing dateDec 9, 1924
Priority dateDec 9, 1924
Publication numberUS 1606258 A, US 1606258A, US-A-1606258, US1606258 A, US1606258A
InventorsMorssen Charles M
Original AssigneeMorssen Charles M
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Antitheft device
US 1606258 A
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Nov. 9 1926. I 1,606,258

C. M. MOR SSEN ANTITHEFT DEVICE Filed Dec. 9, 1924 INVENTOR cmmssnnons flv BY %&@

.AITQRNL'Y v Patented Nov. 9, 1926.



Application filed December 9, 1924. Serial'No. 754,818.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in antitheft devices, and is particularly adapted for use by travellers, bank messengers, stockbrokers or persons dealing with negotiable securities, such as bank notes, bonds, drawings or material of like valuable character.

The object of the invention is to provide a device of the character stated which will be operable to deface said securities in such a manner that they will be invaluable to any other person than their owners.

Another object is to provide a device of the character stated, which will assist in tracing stolen securities by marking them so that they will be easily identified.

A further object is to provide a simple and efficient antitheft device against bank robbers, bandits or the like.

In my invention, I provide a container for a fluid of such character that, when it is released or broken by manual or mechanically operated means, the fluid will be sprayed or poured over the contents of a bag, brief case, safe or like apparatus for holding or carrying currency or valuable papers. The fluid stains or defaces the'papers in such a manner that they will be unfit for sale or for further use until replaced by their. owners.

In the drawings Figure 1 shows a perspective view, partly in section of a hand-bag with the antitheft device mounted therein. v

Figure 2 is a partial perspective view 0 one modification of the device appliedto a handbag.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 11 designates a hand-bag and 12 the contents thereof which may be bank notes, bonds, drawings or other valuable material. Secured to the bag framing 11 is the holder 13, which may be provided with perforations 14. Mounted in the holder is the container 15 which may be made of glass or such like fragile material and adapted to contain a fluid 16" such as aniline dye or any paper marking chemical. Slidably mounted in the handle 16 is the bent bar 17, the lower ends of which are formed with knife edges 18 or the like, so that they may penetrate or break the container when pressed against it. The bar 17 is made in the form of an inverted U, a portion 19 of which extends above the handle within easy reach of a person carrying the bag. In the modification shown in Figure 2, the handle 16 is made hollow to form a container for the fluid 16?. The idmftaa of the handle projects into the bag 11 and is I provided with perforated spraying nozzles 19 adapted to spread the contents of the handle over the inside of the bag.. Within the handle, valve seats 20 are formed for the valves 21, which are secured to a U-shaped member 22 slidably mounted within the handle. To told the valves in their closed position, a spring 23 engages with a portion 24:

of the rod 22. A press button valve 25 is mounted in the handle and engages with the portion 24L. The handle may be filled by removing the plug 26 closing the aperture 27.

The operation of the device is very simple. When a thief demands the. bag shown in Figures 1 and 2 from the rightful owner or custodian of same, the latter simply presses the leverv 19 or push button 25 to release the fluid in the container. The fluid is distributed over the contents of the bag and deb er movable in said handle and having a portion thereof extending exteriorlyof the iandle to facilitate manual movement of said member with reference to the handle and means controlled by movement of said member for causing a destructive fluid to be sprayed upon the contents of the holder.

2. A holder for valuable papers and the like equipped'with a hollow U-shaped handle terminally secured to said holder, a U-shaped member having the armsthereof enclosed within the arm portions of the U-shaped handle and movable relatively to said handle and means controlled by movement of said, member in one direction for causing a destructive fluid to be sprayed upon the contents of the holder.

3. A holder for valuable papers and the like equipped with a hollow handle containing a fluid adapted to destroy the contents of the holder when sprayed thereon, a normally closed valve serving to retain the fluid Within the handle and manually operable means carried by the handle for opening said valve.

4. A holder for valuable papers and the like equipped vvith a hollow U-shaPd handle containing a fluid adapted to destroy the contents of theholder When sprayed thereon, theterniinal portions of the handle being secured to the holder over suitable openings Q formed in the latter, spraying devi'oes'inounted in the holder at the inner ends of said openings, valve seats formed in the handle above said openings, downwardly opening valves normally engaging said seats and serving to retain the fluid Within the handle and manually operable means carried by the handle for opening said valves.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.


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U.S. Classification109/25, 190/101, 109/1.00R
International ClassificationA45C13/00, A45C13/24
Cooperative ClassificationA45C13/24
European ClassificationA45C13/24