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Publication numberUS1606519 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 9, 1926
Filing dateJan 6, 1926
Priority dateJan 6, 1926
Publication numberUS 1606519 A, US 1606519A, US-A-1606519, US1606519 A, US1606519A
InventorsExten Rudolph P
Original AssigneeClimax Engineering Company
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Combination drain plug and liquid-filling valve
US 1606519 A
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Nov. 9,1926. 7 1,606,519

R. P. EXTEN COMBINATION DRAIN PLUG AND LIQUID FILLING VALVE Filed Jan. 6, 1926 III @ddpiz P Exfen manna Nov. a, ma




Application filed January This invention relates primarily to a com bination drain plug and liquid filling valve of atype adapted for use in connection with engines, refrigerating machines, compressors, and pumps, said combination plug and valve adapted to serve as a means for draining liquid from a container and also adapted to permit replenis ing of the supply of liquid or lubricant un er pressure in a con tainer.

lit is an object of this invention to pro-.

vide unimproved plug constructed to permit draining of -a liquid under pressure in an enclosed vessel or liquid in an open vesselwhen not under pressure.

It is also an object of this invention to provide a combination plug and valve device adapted to permit replenishment of a liquid under pressure in a container by removing \a pipe plug engaged in the head of the main plug. 1;

it is an important object of this invention to provide an improved plug adapted to 'beremovably engaged as a unit in an opening of a compressor housing or the like, said plug having a drain port therein and also being equipped with a spring pressed ball. check valve and with a removable pipe plug to afiord an arrangement whereby the liquid or lubricant when under pressure within a containenmay be readily replenished and furthermore afiording an ar rangement whereby the liquid under pressure in the container may be drained od either slowly or rapidly, depending upon the position of a drain port provided in the threaded opening of a machine housing.

Figure 2 is a reduced side elevation of the combination plug and valve removed from I the housing. w

c, 1926. Serial no. 79,600.

The reference numeral 1 indicates .a compressor or machine casing or housing provided with an integral boss or extension 2 having an internally threaded passage 3 therein, the outer end of which is enlarged to alford a recess 4, within which a packing ring or washer 5 is adapted to be seated.

The combination plug and valve device of this invention comprises an externally threaded shank or valve body 6 having a chamber i' therein which opens through the end of said shank. Provided in the wall of the shank 6 is an inclined draining port or passage 8. lntegrally formed on one end of the shank 6 is a head 9 provided with a shoulder or boss 10 integrally formed on the inner side of said head. The boss 10 1s adapted to engage in the recess 4 of the housing against the packing ring or washer 5, as illustrated in Figure 1. The lug head 9 is provided with a conical threaded recess llfor the purpose of receiving the tapered externally threadedv shank 12 of a pipe plug having a nut head 13 integrally formed on one end thereof. The inner end of the recess 11 in the plug head is of a tapered construction and communicates with a valve passage M which connects the chambers 'i' and 11. The end of the valve passage 1-l connecting up with the inner endof the chamber 7 adords'a valve seatfor a ball valve 15 which is adapted to be resiliently held against the valve seat by means of a coiled spring 16 positioned within the chamher 7 and having he outer end thereof held in position against. a pin 17 engaged transversely through the end of the shank portion 6 oi the combination? plug and valve device. 1

The improved combination plug and valve device is adapted to be threaded into the opening 3 of the machine or compressor casing 1 as illustrated in Figure l with the boss portion or shoulder 10 of the plug head seated against the packing ring or washer 5 to afiorda non-leaking joint. Under normal conditions the coiled spring 16 acts to hold the ball valve 15 seated in the end of the valve passage 14, thereby preventing the escape of liquid and gas from the interior of the housing 11. I

When it is desired to admit the liquid or lubricant into the housing l the pipe plug 12-13 is removed and a pipe nipple is screwed into its phice in the recess 11 of the head 9, saidipipe nipple being connected with a suitablepump. to permit the liquid orlu bricant to be pumped under pressure through the valve passage 14, thereby causing release of, the spring controlled ball check valve 15 so that the liquidor lubricant is permitted to enter the interior of the housing 1 when the liquid or lubricant within said housing is under pressure. The ball check valve 15, which is spring controlled, acts automatically to prevent the liquid and gas in the housing 1 from escaping.

In case it is desired to drain a liquid under pressure within the enclosed housing 1 the combination plug and valve device is screwed out of the housing opening?) and exposed sufiiciently to bring the drain port 8 into communication with the recess 4. there-' by permitting the liquid or gas to be drained 0E through the chamber 7 and the drain port 8 either rapidly or slowly, as required, depending upon how much of theouter end of the drain port 8 is exposed.

. It will thus be seen that a simplified irn-' proved combination drain plug and liquid filling valve device is provided that is adapted for application in various types of engines, refrigerating machines, reciprocating and rotary type compressors, and in pumps and similar mechanical devices to permit dramiilg of a liquid under pressure in an enclosed vessel, or draining of a liquid which comprising a threaded shank havin an inclined drain port therein and a c amber openingthrough one-end or said shank, a ball check valve in said chamber, a pin secured to said shank, a coiled spring positioned between said pin and said ball check valve, a chambered headintegrally formed on said shank having a Valve passage com Gil whereby liquid may be admitted under pressure a 2. A combination plug and valve device of the class described comprising a lug member having communicating cham ers therein, there being an inclined port communicating withone of said chambers, a

valve means in said last mentionedchamher for shutting 0a communication-between said chambers, and a plug removably engaged in the other of said chambers.

3. A combination plug and valve device of the class described comprising a plug member having communicating chambers therein, there being an inclined port communicating with one of said chambers, and a valve means in said last mentioned chamber for shutting off communication between said chambers.

4:. A combination plug and valve device of the class described comprising a plug member having communicating chambers therein, a valve, there being an inclined drain port communicating with one of said chambers whereby communication may be established between one of said chambers and the exterior of the plug without interference by said valve.

5. The combination with a housing, of a valve body removably associated therewith, a one-way check valve in said valve body, and means independent of said valve for selectively efl ecting communication between said housing and the exterior thereof by partially removing said valve body from said housing.


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